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Uantitative study and contemporary interview spontaneous worldplay in childhood develops creative potential and strategic worldplay in adulthood inspires innovations in the sciences and social sciences as well as the arts and literature Inventing imaginary worlds develops the skills society needs for inventing the future For on Inventing Imaginary Worlds check out wwwinventingimaginaryworldscom Check out Michele's website wwwinventingimaginaryworldsc.

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How can parents educators business leaders and policy makers nurture creativity prepare for inventiveness and stimulate innovation One compelling answer this book argues lies in fostering the invention of imaginary worlds aka worldplay First emerging in middle childhood this complex form of make believe draws lifelong energy from the fruitful combustions of play imagination and creativity Unfortunately trends in modern life conspire to break down the.

Synergies of creative play with imaginary worlds Unstructured playtime in childhood as all but disappeared Invent it yourself make believe places The Cruel Empress (W.I.T.C.H. Adventures, have all but succumbed in adolescence to ready made computer games Adults are discouraged from playing as a waste of time with no relevance to the workplace Narrow notions of creativity exile the fictive imagination to fantasy arts And yet as Michele Root Bernstein demonstrates by means ofistorical inuiry.