Mark R. Villegas: Empire of Funk

Y and culture It can be used in courses dealing with race and ethnicity American youth culture popular culture in America and immigrant communitiesHip op Gold Rush has long been a culture thatas brought together different types of people But what many do not know is the incredible and powerful contributions of the Asian community to Girl Reporter hipop the most dominant youth culture on the planet since the late 1970.

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Empire of Funk Hip Hop and Representation in Filipinao America gives long overdue attention to the most popular cultural art form practiced by recent generations of Filipinao American youth A pioneering work the anthology features the voices of artists scholars and activists to begin a dialogue on Filipinao American youth culture and its relationship to race ethnicity gender sexuality and class The.

Text also offers the opportunity to uestion the future of Hip Hop itself Chapters in Empire of Funk explore Filipinao American Hip Hop aesthetics community building the geography of Hip Hop in Filipinao America sexuality and power activism and praxis visual culture and navigating the Hip Hop industry This text gives readers a thoughtful introduction to an often overlooked aspect of American societ.

Mark R Villegas is a poet filmmaker blogger and PhD candidate in Culture and Theory at the University of California Irvine He is a navy brat who grew up in Yokosuka Japan; Pascagoula Mississippi; Long Beach California; and Jacksonville Florida