James Spurgeon: The Texas Baptist Crucible Tales from the Temple

Book though it brought back some painful memories of the past at another fundamentalist college the author James Spurgeon is recounting his xperiences at Texas Baptist College This book is very hard to find as it is out of print However Interlibrary Loan obtained a reading copy through the local library I read James chronicles several times from the week he first introduced them on the old Fighting Fundamentalist Forum The very f Fa. Hat cult like nvironment with his spirituality and sanity intact This is his story a story of struggle courage faith and perseverance It will make you laugh and cry make you angry make you cheer The Texas Baptist Crucible.

I ordered this book from BarnesNoble yesterday and they canceled the order today Can someone please tell me how to get this book Tom Sawyer goes to fundamentalist Bible college Hijinks nsue This book does a good job of showing what happens to any place where the judgments and opinions of men or one man are held to same level as God and the Bible I applaud the author for calling out a place that has clearly become a cult Excellent. When he was ten years old James converted to Christianity in a Southern California Baptist church After graduating from high school in 1987 James Wrangled (Whitehorse, MT: Chisholm Cattle Co., enrolled in Texas Baptist College Seven harrowing years later Jamesscaped

Ntastic read that you will not want to put down This is the account of the author s Her Cowboy Hero (Refuge Ranch experience at fundamentalist Texas Baptist College a ministry of Longview Baptist Temple At the helm of LBT and TBC was Bob Gray the other fundamentalist Bob Gray If you have never seen fundamentalism from the inside you will probably think Spurgeon isxaggerating Those who have been inside will know better It is an ye opening book and I recommend it. Illustrates the ugly side of legalism misguided zeal and misplaced priorities But it is also a story of grace and how God often takes us through difficult paths so that we will learn to appreciate what real grace is all abo.

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