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Major who is on loan from UCLAThere are two sides to the battle in the Magic Kingdom those characters allied with Team DHI and the Overtakers The Disney characters who help out the Disney Interactive Hosts include Pluto Stitch and Belle There s a charm of fairies who help out Fawn Rosetta Periwinkle Tinker Bell Iridessa Vidia and Silvermist Tia Dalma who escaped events in Dark Passage is on the loose although Gaston and LeFou are much closer Eek Jasper and Horace are two of Cruella s goons who survived Wayne had warned the Imagineers but Chad is a minerOTKs are Overtaker Kids regular teenagers coerced and enchanted by the Overtakers Greg Luowski is one of them a bully from Finn s schoolFairlies are kids capable of nbelievable powers who have been experimented on by the governmentThe CoverThe cover appears to be a metaphor a starry night sky is overhead as Jess and Amanda race through the Magic Kingdom but it s the doom chaos and ruin of Jess dreams through which the souls of the dead swirlThe title is Jess fears for her loss of her dream ability is Unforeseen The first thing I thought while reading this is that Disney wanted Ridley to let the world know about the new fantasy land and starbucks The second thing I thought is I don t care I love all things Disney and I am obsessed with KK I will take what I can get I liked the first person view a nice change Sheik Defense (Desert Justice up Not sure how this will relate to what is in thepcoming book Will Wayne become a permanent member of the magic kingdom taking residence in the haunted mansion Will he die Can t wait for Tuesday This was DEFINITELY my favorite so far It was only a novella and by no means had the same length or drawn out storyline but I loved hearing Jess s perspective and her encounters in the Magic Kingdom That encounter with Gaston Le Fou and BelleI just can t SO STINKING CUTE I would elaborate on and on about this one but it was so short that there isn t much to talk about Just know for all you Kingdom Keepers followers that investing in this special novella which is only available through the Kingdom Keepers fan website is oh so worth i I was very pleased to receive an ARC of this novella It was a pleasant surprise and a very fun readThis novella was one wild ride I ll be honest I think I missed a lot of little things because I was trying to read through it so Hot Seduction (Hotshot Heroes uickly to find out what happens There are no chapters it s just one continuous story And once the action starts it doesn t end so there is never a good place to stop and catch your breath As a result I m not sure I completelynderstood the ending I ll need to go back and reread to be sure If I caught it right I don t think I like what it s foreshadowingI liked reading this book that concentrated on Amanda and Jess It was nice just staying p with 2 of them instead of 5 or There are references to New Fantasyland in this book and the new rides I like that Pearson is keeping p with Disney changes I think Pearson s writing has gotten tighter in each book In the first book there were so many holes and inaccuracies you had to suspend belief than just the fact that the dolls from it s a small world come to life I always thought they were creepy than cuteI also liked how the girls interact with Belle I have not read all of the KK books although I own all of them and I have not seen them interact with as many good characters as evilOvertakers charactersFans of the KK series will not be disappointed I think there will be even people who want to see of the fairlie sisters I am so glad my daughter went to the trouble of finding this novella at Kingdomkeeperscom since it is not available in print form And I love that Is both a blessing and a curse the same visions that have saved countless lives are pure torment for her Trapped in a body with a mind that has a mind of its own Jess is condemned to see things she would often rather not Picking Babys Watch / A Hero of Her Own up after Kingdom Keepers VI Dark Passage and leadingp to Book VII The Insider Unforeseen opens with Jess dreaming of “cracks” in Disneyland Is this vision something that will con.

This was definitely my favorite of the series after book one You can only acuire this Novella on the Kingdom Keepers website which gave it an air of mystery This Novella was a refreshing change of pace and I enjoyed becoming familiar with the Fairlies Jessica and Amanda Finally a few prominent good guys and bad guys were integrated into the story Definitely a great read Totally surprised This short story comes after the sixth novel in this Kingdom Keepers Desire Island - The Niece urban fantasy series for middle grade readers and revolves around Jess the Fairlie who dreams of the future and is based in Orlando FloridaI was given a copy of the book by the publisherMy TakeThis is Jess story which seems only fair She has doneite a bit for Team DHI but always in the background In Unforeseen Jess finally gets a chance at the action And lol isn t sure she wants to ever get that deep again No Team DHI isn t in this one Finn Charlene Maybeck Philby and Willa are on the sidelines they would probably disapprove of all the screaming Jess doesThe story emphasis has been on Jess worrying about losing her gift and on how claustrophobic she s feeling Annnd I don t Sweet Valentine understand why Jess thought Wayne could help her with that It needed a better segue into why an Imagineer was needed It s notntil after Jess meets The Rancher and the City Girl up with Wayne that he suggests the park is the best place to stimulate her memoriesIt s not my only niggle Wayne giggled childishly Why does Amanda suddenly doubt Wayne Sure I cannderstand after what happened with Dillard in Dark Passage 6 that she might be angry but doubtful Hmmm I doubt itAmanda thinks they re putting themselves at risk for some hocus pocus How does she categorize what she Jess and the other Fairlies do What about the Overtakers The good characters in the Magic Kingdom Just what was Jessica expecting as a kid No chores No schoolMy one big problem with this story was the disconnect It felt detached from the other Kingdom Keepers stories I ve read There was tell in here rather than the show I ve come to expect There was a chill Maybe because it was about Jess Maybe because Pearson brought in another writerI did like Jess thoughts about how she Amanda and the DHI hosts got together I loved the horror of running through the woods this behind the scenes tour of Disney World although the second tier bad guys are getting smarter This isn t looking good Made me feel as though I were in a scary Disney movie It certainly left me powered by belief As Wayne reminds s that power of belief works both ways for good and evilI loved old married couple syndrome Too funny Then there s the Firestarter as an owner s manual LOL And Jess gets a potential love interestooh la laThe StoryIt s not working and Jess doesn t know what to do Her dreams have always been there before There s only one person she can imagine who could help her and he s restricted as well Seems not everyone is a good imaginer except maybe those 999 soulsThe CharactersJess is a Fairlie the dreamer she dreams of possible events to come and draws what she sees She s been a vital member of the team if only she could see it that waySomehow Jess name morphed from Jezebel in the previous stories to Jessica in this one Amanda Lockhart is another Fairlie but with a different gift one of telekinesis Now they live with Mrs Nash in her foster home near Disney WorldWayne Kresky is a Disney Legend and one of the original Imagineers who helped create the Disney Host Interactives he knows everything about the Kingdom and Walt s thoughts He s been battling the Overtakers forever After events in Dark Passage he s hobbled Wanda is Wayne s daughter Jason is a young Imagineer pursuing a Lit. Fairlies Amanda and Jess have won the hearts of Kingdom Keepers fans Over the years they’ve protected and supported the five Disney guides with their paranormal abilities Now for the first time author Ridley Pearson focuses on the “fairly human” girls taking s inside Jess’s mind as she and Amanda embark on a journey to nravel her latest prophetic dreamJessica’s “gift” to dream of future events.

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He storyline revolves around the two Fairlies Jess and Amanda as I found it to be a refreshing change of pace As the two of them set out on a nocturnal search of Disneyland Jess ickly More Than a Convenient Bride (Texas Cattlemans Club: After the Storm uncovers a dark vision of the future for the Kingdom Keepers As for Wayne will he be lucky Or is he lucky number 1000 This book sumsp how I have been feeling about this series I believe it started out good But its seuels have been so action focused it forgets logic and character Wayne and Jason a new Imagineer team Marrying Well up with Amanda and Jess this time for another adventure However for no obvious reason they withhold information from the girls on their pressingest THEN WHY TEAM UP Also out of nowhere the Fairies Tinkerbell and gang swoop in to help the girls and then leave There is no interaction It cheapens the fact that any of our heroes are capable of doing something themselves because any time they get into a tight spot the answer is a random swoop in Puzzles couldn t be solved earlier in the timeline are also suddenly solved by no logical means Sometimes the girls are not even sure they are guessing right but they go with the hunch anyway and it sees them through somehow WTF The rules to logic situation and circumstance do not apply to Ridley Pearson Unfortunately it s annoying He may see it all clearly in his head but it does not translate to the reader Wow This was my first read in the Kingdom Keepers series and I now am dying to go back and read I loved the fun plot and the excellent charactersI am a firm believer in Disney being the best so this series was clearly made for me Book characters walking alongside the Disney ones how cool The plot was super fun I really loved Jess particularly She was fun and wacky And I loved the addition of Jason I can t wait to see what role he plays in future booksI totally recommend this one it was so much fun and just exciting to read Ridley Pearson has a way of storytelling and I loved it This was a fun short novella the adventure and characters were all good If I could I d give this 35 it was definitely enjoyable My first time reading kingdom keepers in a while and it was allot of fun to return I enjoyed this much than I thought I would I really didn t know what to expect going in but I really liked this Unforeseen is a novella in the Kingdom Keepers series and it takes place between books 6 and 7 The novella is in Jess s POV which was a welcome change from the other books in the series I really enjoyed Jess s voice and even though the novella was short and only took place over the course of one night we see a lot of growth in her character as she starts off very Tavern Wench unsure of herself and ends with a lot confidence The story begins with Jess beingnable to clearly remember the dream she was having but knowing it was important and could be very helpful for the rest of the Kingdom Keepers She decides to get help from Wayne and ends p in the Magic Kingdom for the night with Amanda Wayne and an imagineer named Jason in order to remember her dreamWhile I liked Jason his character really wasn t necessary for this story Especially since he is not heard of again for the rest of the series including the seuel series that takes place after the events of book 7 He was kind of thrown in just for a little minor romance subplot and it wasn t even really that Also there was definitely a continuity error with his character view spoilerAt one point he mentions that the Imagineers can t confirm the existence of Hidden Mickeys and therefore couldn t help them find one but like a scene later he is searching for one with Amanda and Jess and calling it by it s name which was a bit confusing hide spoiler. Sume and destroy her friends the Kingdom Keepers Jess sets out to find answers embarking on her own nighttime adventure inside the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World There she encounters an old man with secrets a young Imagineer in training whose future Jess wants to see and a treasured wonderland about to shatter Sometimes the Unforeseen is better left nknownAvailable exclusively at wwwKingdomKeepersInsiderc.

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