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S ike to be young and struggling to find yourself and your place in a very big worldI enjoy Chick Lit and it s not uncommon for me to find Charlie and the Christmas Kitty laugh outoud scenes in such books Often the genre contains positively humiliating events that make us cringe as well However it is not typical in my experience to find a Chick Lit novel that will make you cry This one will The authenticity of Hannah s broken heart brought tears to my eyes and many memories to mind of my own struggles with finding Il sale della vita love at her age Gorman has nailed it spot on and while it doesn t detract at all from the overallightheartedness of the novel it does add a certain depth that isn t always present in the genre Because of Gorman s ability to portray Hannah s struggles and development so realistically as well as the detailed and engrossing descriptions of Hong Kong I rate this novel higher than her previous work and higher than the typical Chick Lit submission Bravo Michelle thanks for a nice trip A Buddha is someone who finds freedom in good fortune and bad BodhidharmaI reuested to review MISFORTUNE COOKIE for its uniue storyline an American in Hong Kong I am a Haole in Hawaii and have become fascinated with Asian culture MISFORTUNE COOKIE is the second book about Hannah a twenty something American seeking fulfillment in far flung places The first book SINGLE IN THE CITY details why Hannah moved to London and how she coped with the culture shock The second book MISFORTUNE COOKIE chronicles Hannah following her London boyfriend Sam to Hong Kong without a work visa or even a formal commitment Even though I have not read the first book the second book can be read as a standalone story The author Michele Gorman reveals the back story in the first chaptersstart uote from the bookBut she Hannah s mother should know me well enough to understand that it s no use trying. Gs definitely My Favorite Things look up when she finds a great boss to work for and her best friend Stacy moves to the city too But alarm bells ring as Sam seems to be getting a bit too cozy with his boss And when things start going wrong at work Hannah can't help but wonder if she's made the biggest mistake of heri.

I read it uite uickly after receiving it but real ife has got in the way of me writing a full review any sooner for which I apologiseMisfortune Cookie is a fun read falling clearly into the chicklit genre It is a testament to Michele s writing ability that at the same time time that she makes her main character Hannah a rather selfish and uite self centred person you still want to find out what happens to her and despite her ways you want things to turn out right for herI think this dichotomy may be because although Hannah displays ots of selfish behaviour she can also be very kind and rarely sets out to hurt or harm anyone She is The Nine of Us loyal to those she regards as friendsOne thing that made this book for me was Michele s description of Hong Kong I have never yet visited Hong Kong so Misfortune Cookie gave me a flav Misfortune Cookie is the follow up to Michelle Gorman s Chick Lit debut Single in the City Like its predecessor this novel follows the international meanderings of somewhat ditzy protagonist Hannah her variedove interests and her best friend Stacy While Chick Lit isn t typically a heavy genre and Hannah isn t a deep girl Misfortune Cookie is a cut above the typical novel of its typeOne of the beauties of the book is its ess common setting in Hong Kong rather than the standard Chick Lit ocale of London Gorman s descriptions of Hong Kong its culture and people are not only fascinating but also Hiding in the Bathroom lovely The respect and understanding that Hannah gains as she discovers both her new home and her somewhat new self are appealing and help hold our interest in a way that the same character development wouldn t in aess exotic The Perils of Pursuing a Prince (Desperate Debutantes, locale Hannah s glimpses into Hong Kong might not be earth shattering just as her discoveries about herself aren t but they are sweet and oftenovely and they honestly and accurately evoke what it feel. Casional weekends with Sam when he can get away from an unanticipated work assignment on the opposite side of the South China Sea Still she's optimistic if woefully unprepared for the intricacies of Hong Kong Stumbling through the alien city which she The Barracks Thief and Selected Stories loves she starts to build aife for herself Thin.

Loved it from beginning to endI ve read Single in the City not Becca and the Prisoners Cross (The Copernicus Legacy long ago andoved the fact that Michele Gorman decided to write a seuel I was eagerly waiting and voting watching her homepage for updates I ve never been to Hong Kong but it wasn t hard to get a picture of the city the way Gorman described it I could see myself wandering the streets with Hannah and StacyHannah has new adventures before her job and The Commodore (Aubrey/Maturin, love wise And while I found her in Single in the City really fun but also a bit on the clumsy side I had a feeling of her growing up in Hong Kong Iove the way she changes in the course of the two booksThank you Michele Gorman Oh how I Dare Mighty Things love Hannah and her adventures Misfortune Cookie was an amazing book it was not as funny as Single in the City but it was totally worth my time This book picks up right where single in the cityeft usHannah was asked by her boyfriend to move to Hong Kong and she does Things don t go out the way she expects them to at firstespecially when it to comes to her relationship with Sam Along the way we not only get to know Hong Kong and various parts of China once again just The Texas Rangers Heiress Wife like the first book the details of each place Hannah visited were amazing so well described that it feltike you were there in person but we also get to see Hannah grow mature and Her Outback Protector (Men of the Outback learn so many things aboutife relationships and second chances Once again I must praise Gorman s ability to write such amazing storiesI was glued to this book I sure hope there s a third installment to this story because judging by the way it ended it seems Eternal Quest like there might be space for Ioooved the ending but it also raised some uestions I would ike to have the answers toAll in all a perfect read Totally worth it 2012 04 29Excellent book2012 05 26Misfortune Cookie by Michele GormanI received this ebook from Michele Gorman to read and review. Librarian note alternate cover edition of B00I6GE074Would you move 6000 miles to be with the ove of your Resurrection Year life Hannah did Unfortunately her plan isn't going terribly well What was supposed to be a move to Hong Kong to start a wonderful newife with Sam is turning into a move to Hong Kong to spend oc.

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