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Emistry goes there were times I really wanted to shake these two and show them how good they could be or each other But of course with Javier and Melissa both keeping secrets it was close to impossible Faith Fairies for them to really give themselves to each other There was a lot of angst with them both wanting so bad to just tell each other but they couldn t It was disheartening to read but it was so well written that I just kept on goingWithout the deeper understanding that would have no doubt come had I read Before You I d like to still say that Miss Hart did a great job providing enough information about Diego and Faith s story too I didn t know anything about them in the beginning AT ALL but by the end of After Us I knew enough about them to know that had I read their story I d have loved them as much as I do Melissa and Javier Reading After Us has made me aan of a completely different style of writing than I m usually used to In the Greetings from Witness Protection! first chapters of the book I thought of Amber Hart s writing as maybe stilted and slow But it really suited the pace of the story itself and she deserves a big big thumbs upor her writing in After UsI d recommend After Us to everyone who likes secrets and angst and protective alpha male heroes I was provided a Spot free ecopy of this book in exchange of an honest review This did not in any way however influence the content of this review ARC PROVIDED BY NETGALLEY FOR AN HONEST REVIEWAfter us is an amazing tale between two different people connected by one tragic event and by a painful stronglyorbidden kissThis book totally wrecked me the story of Melissa and Javier was still present on my mind and i can t get out of itBoth sharing a common pain sorrow they reconnected again when Javier met Melissa at her workAnd then everything clicked and the story continue uite uickly through this sea of violence pain hate loss destructionMelissa was devastated after her best The Hotel New Hampshire friend s departure She was left here alone with news and ariend acting like a shadow All of this made her so A Dangerous Man (Women and Men, flustered agitated When wasn t there to help herriend and when she needed her she wasn t thereHer scars reminded her everyday all the Sizzling Seduction fear darkness inside her and how alone sheeltAll her anger Her Secret Husband (Secrets of Eden, fear was well hidden behind herlirtatious attitude As a bartender she had to act like this if she wanted saving moneyJavier was also devastated by his best Takedown friend s murder And he had one goal revenge and wouldn t stop until the death of the murderer When he met Melissa again he couldn t lose the opportunity to ask her about the murder of his bestriendIn his Baby, Im Yours (Guys And Daughters, family he couldn t date a girl who wasn t latino but he couldn t denied this powerful intense connection they shared since the kiss But he tried to hide their relationship to hisamily because her mother wouldn t understandAt the same time he wanted to respect his Her Counterfeit Husband family but hiseelings were so strong that he couldn t stay away Heart of the Night (Secret Agent from herIn this story of revenge at any price Javier would do anything to make his plan work and would definitely being an outlaw being a bad guy everything leading to kill his target Andor a young man seeing how precise his plan is was giving me chills He was sharp evil violent to get noticed by the bad guysLife isn t easy and in his world he had to be tough to survive But with Melissa he was kind caring aware of her presence every time he was near When they were together everything seemed so right giving a meaning to his lifeTheir love was so powerful intense It was the light in his world surrounding by the shadows All those events make them grow together Melissa was showing him that he could have a better The Greek Bosss Demand future with choices on his own Javier was helping her to get through the scars that she was beautifulI can say how much i love this beautiful heart breaking gut wrenching love story of those two young people sharing both pain and trying to survive into the reality of this worldinding hope again It was just magnificent lyrical a story you won t February or Forever (Tarrins Bay forgetFull review here. Ican dream To honor hisamilia Javier joins the gang who set up his cousin's murder The entrance price is blood Death is the only escapeThese two broken souls could make each other whole again or be shattered orever Our time will come And we'll be rea.

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Know of Theirs and mineFour Guys circling A slowing pace Three Taps on my steering wheel Im almost readyTwo Steady breaths In and Out One Person s revenge Almost servedZero Time Remaining Hello Gang Initiation CountdownJavier Were left with no words Motor Running Water Lapping Gulls screeching This isn t how I was expecting things to go Life doesn t give a shit about what I want Overall the A Virgin For The Taking (Clemenger Sisters forced Spanglish is utterly annoying to me It may have something to do with me speaking and understanding the language because speaking Spanglish is something me and myriends commonly do typically in What She Saw / Operation Reunion fun or weorget how to say words I am entering this book as a Bi Lingual but English being my primary language I can also speak Hebrew but Chanukah or not there usually aren t any books out there where I need too bust that knowledge out anyways I digress I think this would be better with The Moretti Marriage full Spanish sentences at least aew times or none at all Only Javier speaks the Spanglish sentences like Within hours his mama mi tia was murdered mi mama would kill me if I dated a gringa im at the beach with mi The Dark Duke familiaI answer bien almost done what are you hiding mi hijo and many like this This book is constantighting A Measure Of Love (Kincaid Trilogy feelings between the two characters and the entire book you are just like hurry and do this Revenge is a dangerous thingbecauseDiego view spoilerISNT dead hide spoiler This review is also available on my blog Bows Bullets ReviewsMelissa is alirt The entire world is aware of this What the entire world is not aware of is what she hides behind that Starting Over on Blackberry Lane (Life in Icicle Falls flirty persona They don t know how broken and scarred she is They don t know the pain she s suffered and what it ll take to recoverrom the blow the world has dealt her Javier is also scarred He escaped The Soul Of A Thief from a life in Cuba without beingorced into a gang but that is exactly what he ll do now It s been 8 months since MS 13 ratted Diego out and got him killed In that time Javier has made a decision He ll do whatever is necessary to Claiming His Desert Princess (Hot Arabian Nights find Wink the asshole who is responsibleor Diego s death and take him out Nothing else matters To do this he ll need to talk to Diego s girl Faith who witnessed his death To get to Faith he ll need to befriend Melissa What he doesn t expect is his attraction to Secret Baby, Surprise Parents flair up so uickly and with suchorce Can they make it workMelissa was a I have a knack Mystify (Mystyx, for starting books in the middle of a series and then cribbing about not having read theirst book The New Baby first Because I m a totalailure btwAfter Us is the second book in the Before After series and after reading itdayum I totally want to read Before UsOn Wild Streak first glance Melisa looks like just another teenager at the beach she s a waitress so she smiles and shelirts and she laughs and she looks normal But she s ar rom it Along the course of After Us Amber Hart skillfully dodges and jumps over details about Melissa giving just the right amount of information and then when you think you have it all she withdraws and you re left wondering again I loved the whole push and pull territory that came with Melissa As a character too she was smart and capable of standing up Say Youll Stay And Marry Me for herself She didn t take any shitrom anyone and even in the Rafaellos Mistress face of danger she made the right decisionsor herself She misses her best The Boleyn King (The Boleyn Trilogy, friend Faith like hell and she doesn t once give up Not onceOn the other hand playing Melissa s love interest is Javier Now Javier is on what I d like to call self destruct mode He s understandably angry about the murder of his cousin Diego and decides to do something about the murderers who seem to be roaming about unpunished His planor revenge includes joining the same gang that killed his brother and rupturing them Rascal from withinMelissa and Javier together were beautiful They understood where the other camerom having gone through a lot of pain themselves Javier lost his brother and Melissa s Another Day of Life friend Faith won t talk to anyone preferring to grieve alone So where it came to kind of you know getting each otherthey didAsar as their ch. Rage and the painful memory of a single What Would You Like? forbidden kiss Javier has scars of his own a bullet wound and the memory of a cousin shot in the heart Life in the States was supposed to be a new beginning but a boy obsessed by vengeance has no timeor the Amer.

BLOG TOUR ARC received in exchange of an honest reviewI could give this book a MILLION stars I loved it so muchThis is my Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, first book by Amber Hart and it certainly won t be the last Her writing is so good and it reads very smoothly The dual POV is amazingly done And the plot twists Oh my god I just can t This Is So Perfect What then I ask Then May says a glint in her eye you make that boy remember what your lipseel like This book was a roller coaster of Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, feelings It s so intense it grips yourom the beginning and leaves you breathless in the end All the characters are Friend Foe flawed and complex Youall in love with them so uickly Especially Javier Hot body tattoo and an Spanish accent and I m completely in love Also I have the same name as the main character so whenever he said things like Some things aren t worth the trouble But Melissa She does something to me Or I The Longevity Diet feel it in my bones I know it like I know the curves of Melissa s body well then I m basically melting in my chair What I want isor you to want me like I want you Melissa is such an amazing character And so strong An insane amount of things happened to her in such a short time and yet she keeps her head up and goes on with her life I love her so much and Javier is the perfect match Grassroots Innovation for her His lips soull so perfect press into mine I m sitting on what I imagine to be the top of the world because nothing is better than this The story is so complex and it never ever bores you There s a lot of Spanish but I didn t mind at all because it gave the book a special touch Also everything that was said in Spanish was either explained or easy enough or you to understand on your own so you are never clueless about what something means Life gives you things you never asked or and takes away things you always dreamed of I wonder where life gets the nerve This book includes so many themes cultural differences health Architecture and Utopia family revenge death and so on Add a hot romance in it and you have the perfect combination Even with the serious subjects you are never bored because Amber combined it with an amazing romance Is happiness what your mama says it it Maybe it isor her But what is happiness to you Happiness is Melissa s laugh Finding Wink Knowing that Diego is in a better place though I miss him Melissa s touch and soccer and Cuban Perfect Cities food Oh man I just love this book so much I really really recommend this bookThis is the second book in the After Before series but it can be read as a stand alone I haven t read theirst book yet but now I certainly will I m very curious to Prometheus Wired find out about Diego and Faith I reuested this because Amber Hart s Until you Find me book WAS AMAZING35 The big C Stars As anyone knows I love titles That s what draws me to a book I don t read blurbsreviews prior to reading because I like to dive into things I read because you never really know what you like until you do it After us I just love that title This story is about two minor charactersrom the irst book trying to cope with life after each losing their best riend to death and depression This is a story about Special Topics in Calamity Physics finding eachother in the mayhem of the aftermath of gang violence Javier If I tell you about cuba will you tell me the truth aboutaith My demons Seven More Languages in Seven Weeks for yours Javier America is kind of like Cuba Only America is dressed in prettier clothes Its robed in a promise ofreedom but tell me someone please tell me how being locked in a coffin six Scenes from a Revolution feet under eualsreedom America is a liar Javier He lets go of Melissa crumples in a bloody heap his nose broken I know because ive been training in the art of breaking bones Melissa lives in ear of being judged or her cancer scars and Javier lives in Microsoft Visual C fear of loss of life and liking someone who is not latino and neither willess up their Soulprint fears And Melissa is seriously hard on herself about these scars She is uick to make sure Javier doesn t call her aull package makes sure he doenst think she looks that good makes sure he doesn t see her scars or touch them Five Guys that Sometimes secrets kill Maybe slowly maybe painfully Maybe all at onceMelissa smiles She Blah Blah Black Sheep flirts She jokes But she never shows her scars Eight months after tragedy ripped herrom her closest riend Melissa is broken Inside her grows a tumor ed by grief.

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