Washington Irving: The Alhambra

D wily commoners are recurrent themes in all f them The prose is beautiful sometimes florid Canzoniere often humorous informative and respectfulf past glories Who cares if the tales are true Assassins ! or the productf Irving s imagination If any thing in these legends should shock the faith Bucoliques of thever scrupulous reader he must remember the nature Lettres of the place and make due allowances He must not expect here the same lawsf probability that govern commonplace scenes and everyday life he must remember that he treads the halls Malavita of an enchanted palace and that all is haunted ground Inne Djamilia of the final essays the author touchesn the function Thtre of literature as than entertainment in providing role models and wisdom and beauty In the present day when popular literature is running into the low levelsf life and luxuriating Rhinocros on the vices and folliesf mankind and when the universal pursuit Flures of gain is trampling down the early growthf poetic feeling and wearing Vivante out the verduref the soul I uestion whether it would not be Fictions of service for the readerccasionally to turn to these records Mde of prouder times and loftier modesf thinking and to steep himself to the very lips in Tercüme-i Telemak old Spanish romance The callf duty will cut short Irving s sejour and with him I would now say goodbye to the place My serene and happy reign in the Alhambra was suddenly brought to a close by letters which reached me while indulging in Oriental luxury in the cool hall f the baths summoning me away from my Moslem Elysium to mingle nce in the bustle and business f the dusty world How was I to encounter its toils and turmoils after such a life f repose and reverie How was I to endure its common place after the poetry Plucking Poetry from the Air of the Alhambra Soundtrack selection Loreena McKennit Nights in the Alhambra live from Palacio de Carlos V Paco de Lucia Fuente y Caudal Camaron de la Isla Bestf Ottmar Liebert Nouveau Flamencoedit 2015 something happened to the image links and I m trying to get them back Partly written by Irving in 1829 while living in the Alhambra after travelling to Grenada to rest after writing his biography Willow (Chronicles of Erla of Christopher Columbus and eventually finished when he was Secretary to the American Legation in London It was published in 1832It is a hard book to shelve being a combinationf non fiction essays Three Trees Make a Forest on historyn Irving s travels and explorations in the Alhambra and f people he meets and interacts with intermingled with retellings f Spanish folktales and legends On A Sunbeam: A Webcomic of Moorishccupation Are You Listening? of the Alhambra The folktales are particularly Arabian Nights esue in that theyften have moral Grace and Mary outcomes basedn the behaviour Bumperboy Loses His Marbles of the characters and the stories areften interlinkedMaking it all the better the edition I have contains thirty two contemporary engravings which have been colorised all showing scenes f the Alhambra They contribute a huge amount to the descriptions within the writing although do not attempt to align in any specific way with the textFor Irving to have been permitted to reside in the Alhambra itself was somewhat an honour A modern suite intended for the use f the Governor was made available to him but in the course f his wanderings he came across a locked door Obtaining entry from the housekeeper I suppose this is the best short description f her work an apartment was discovered previously fitted Eden Burning out for a planned royal visit which it seems didn tccur Irving undertook to move into this apartment to the dismay Walk of Shame of those responsible for attendingn himUpon his arrival in Grenada literally at the gate Contraptions of the fortressf Alhambra Irving was approached by Mateo Jimmenez who The Hiding Place offered to guide him After their initial meeting Mateo becomes Irvings valet cicerone guide guard and historiographic suirei who ably assists himn his investigations and Breathless (Jesse, of course with introductionsAs the book flits from chapter to chapter we are introduced to the aspectsf his stay his explorations around the Alhambra and his meeting with various people who inhabit the slowly crumbling towers It is their stories and folktales he captures in the fictional chaptersA book f such appeal in print for so long mine is a 1994 copy printed in Granada itself no doubt for the tourist trade must have ver its years had a huge influence Scheming with My Duke on tourism and itself be responsible for the huge numbersf people who traipse through Grenada in search f the magic Irving writes aboutMy first five star book f the year A wonderful glimpse into a time and place that most f us were never aware f I would have loved to have read this book while traveling in Spain In the spring Runaway Wolf Pups of 1829 Washington Irving America s first great writer with an unnamed low ranking Russian diplomat a new friend begins a leisurely expeditionn horseback from Seville to Granada a young guide takes them through the Andalusian mountains He boasts the Spaniard nicknamed Sancho an alias he enjoys this is the land CORPORATE SUPERPOWER: Cultivating A Winning Culture For Your Business of the renowned Don uixote his rifle raised high above his head that no bandits will threaten them in their journey but keeps it safely unloaded and behind his back The mostly deserted territory has a beautiful ambiance but melancholic mood too the travelers take siestasn the ground the people are respectful f strangers and Sancho tells all that these foreign men are very important which amuses MrIrving who speaks Spanish Stopping at an inn watching pretty girl dancers move around skillfully later playing their ubiuitous guitars and singing wonderfully the crowd eating drinking everyone showing the grandees a good time the two buy liuor for all The magical party comes to a much too uick end the whole village had watched but they have to leave in the morning Arriving in Granada the governor f the fabulous Moorish Palace f the Alhambra lets them stay there Irving is a celebrity and later becomes the American ambassador to Spain yet duty soon compels the Russian diplomat to go back to MadridAn ld man Mateo Jimenez a son f the Alhambra he has lived there always with a few thers tells stories De Odyssee van Drs. P of buried lost treasure underneath the buildings secret chambers the three princesses imprisoned by their father the King in a lonely tower countless legends and myths the guide knows and recites them believes too Soon appoints himself Mr Irving s ciceroni showing him the reddish towers pools fullf fish balconies where the Sultana looked down at her subjects elegant gardens right ut f an Arabian Nights Fable the huge Ambassadors Hall where receptions were held the Court U.K. Kink (British Invasion of the Lions the Royal Baths the numerousther attractions Still this was all falling into ruin crumbling neglected unappreciated a foreign structure that has no merit in Spain Yet this is an uniue palace verlooking exotic Granada The towering remote edifices dominating the fortress the gloomy formerly dazzling rooms where nce happy residents lived and loved the peaceful fountains spreading their waters in the air where Fallen Heroes once titillated by spicy news the harem lazily gossiped cooling the area the Sultan is not around any and theppressive darkness comes as the Sun goes down the inhabitants have gone the deserted palace is a sad building uiet except for the unknown noises MrIrving On Elegance While Sleeping on his first night there heard bravely with just a lamp walked alone through the empty eerie rooms expecting goblins to strike at any second and the illumination does not help stop the vengeful ghostsf the past from returning imagination Or reality the skittish writer Humphrey Bogart: A Bio-Bibliography of The Legendf Sleepy Hollow hastily goes back to his room and locks the door This book saved the incomparable Alhambra from becoming just another pile f rocks from ancient days soon to be forgotten This was the book that cemented the Alhambra s romantic reputation in the minds f the Anglophone reading public Based n Irving s three month stay in the palace in 1829 Tales f the Alhambra is presented as a series f traveloguish essays and historical sketches although they really have to do with his grand ideas about lost Moorish glories than any realities f medieval Andalusia Irving finds it impossible tocontemplate this Garden Revolution: How Our Landscapes Can Be a Source of Environmental Change once favourite abodef Oriental manners without feeling the early associations f Arabian romance and almost expecting to see the white arm f some mysterious princess beckoning from the balcony r some dark eye sparkling through the lattice The abode f beauty is here as if it had been inhabited but yesterdayCrucial to this Moslem elysium is the fact that it s in ruins Edwardian Album otherwise presumably he d have been writing about contemporary Islamic cities The crumbling stonework and chipped stucco allow Irving to view the Alhambra as a potent symbolf that mutability which is the irrevocable lot f man and all his works Such is the Alhambra a Moslem pile in the midst f a Christian land an Oriental palace amidst the Gothic edifices La Historia Secreta del Narco: Desde Navolato Vengo of the West an elegant mementof a brave intelligent and graceful people who conuered ruled and passed awayThe stories Irving tells are a mixture f traveller s anecdotes about the Spaniards he encountered during his stay at the Alhambra and legends about the palace s riginal Moorish inhabitants Robert Irwin in The Alhambra suspects that many Heavenly Fragrance: Cooking with Aromatic Asian Herbs, Fruits, Spices and Seasonings of the former were fabricated in the servicef Irving s grandstanding but the latter are uite interesting if you like fairy stories and folklore as a genre Most Desert Shadows: A True Story of the Charles Manson Family in Death Valley of them involve djinns spectral warriors seuestered princesses and that sortf thing and in these crypto mythical tales Irving s rather ver egged prose style is shown to its best effectIf an imagin. Ade and care was taken to maintain local coloring to present a faithful and living picture f that microcosm which the world Wrecking Ball outsidef the Alhambra has largely had an imperfect idea f This is an exce.

910I understand now why this Alhambra book is sold at every news stand and souvenir boutiue in the city f Granada translated in every major tourist language Washington Irving account f his visit to the palatial complex around 1830 is almost single handedly responsible for reviving interest in the almost ruined pile f masonry in its chivalrous histories and spooky legends It is both a blessing and curse A blessing because it allowed the palace to be restored and maintained A curse because it marks the start As the God of Death Dictates Volume 01 of the tourist agef the Western World turning its eye towards the monuments Sniper Training: FM 23-10 of the past and turning them into profitable enterprises and robbing the natives Greeks Egyptians etcf their cultural artefacts as a side venture Reading through the essays and journal entries the first sentiment I experienced is Misguided Truths: Part Two onef envy Mr Irving had the whole palace to himself for a months long visit sleeping in the royal chambers strolling through the gardens under the moonlight taking his lunches by the lions fountain daydreaming about warrior kings and Arabian princesses secluded in ancient towers I had to share my visit with a few thousand fellow tourists always pushed from behind to make room for the next batch waiting in vain for long minutes to capture an image A Criminal and an Irishman: The Inside Story of the Boston Mob-IRA Connection of the arabesuesn the walls without anyone photobombing me always with with an eye n the clock to see how much I have left before the closing time Even so the place worked its magic n me its poetry written in intricate stone paterns slim collonades and airy halls everywhere accompanied by the sussuration f water from alabaster fountains A visit to the Alhambra is not complete in my pinion without Mr Irving s book in the pocket retracing his steps in the gardens f Generalife r gazing In the Ballpark out El Mirador de LindarajaThe book starts with a chaptern Andaluzia the southernmost province Uncle Remus [Penguin Twentieth Century Classics] (Annotated) of Spain and thene that remained longest under Moorish Escritos sobre el exilio occupation As Irving journeys towards the fabled palacef the Nasrid caliphs we get the first taste f his romantic sensibilities f his extensive research into past events for the places in his path The Song of the Sea of his keenbservations The Innkeeper's Wife of present people and their customsf his amiable sense Carnage on the Committee of humour Here s a passage that explains the Arab passion for water Many are apt to picture Spain to their imaginations as a soft southern region deckedut with the luxuriant charms Malignant Self-Love: Narcissism Revisited of voluptuous Italy On the contrary though there are exceptions in somef the maritime provinces yet for the greater part it is a stern melancholy country with rugged mountains and long sweeping plains destitute Malignant Pied Pipers of Our Time: A Psychological Study of Destructive Cult Leaders from Rev. Jim Jones to Osama Bin Laden of trees and indescribably silent and lonesome partakingf the savage and solitary character Drawers Of Powers From The Heavenlies of Africa As a proto professional tourist and guide book writer Irving is not fussy about foodr accommodation makes easy friends with the locals and is genuinely interested in everything around him Let KIDNAPPING KILEY (A erotic tale of bondage, domination, sadism and masochism (bdsm)) others repine at the lackf turnpike roads and sumptuous hotels and all the elaborate comforts Tips Tricks For Keyholders of a country cultivated and civilized into tameness and commonplace but give me the rude mountain scramble the roving haphazard wayfaring the half wild yet frank and hospitable manners which impart such a true game flavor to dearld romantic Spain Once he gets to his destination it is love at first sight for Irving discovering the delicate arabesues hidden behind stern exterior walls He decides آرت کالت Artcult - نشریه الکترونیکی on the spot to extend his visit and is enthusiastic when he isffered residence inside the palace grounds To the traveller imbued with a feeling for the historical and poetical so inseparably intertwined in the annals f romantic Spain the Alhambra is as much an bject f devotion as is the Caaba to all true Moslems History and poetry is what it comes down to for the rest f the book Pinocho often the whimsical fancyf the author is difficult to discern form the historical accurate fact Irving the scholar who reads carefully through dusty archives is inseparable from Irving the dreamer who eats up every yarn about ghosts and buried treasure and knightly exploits Looking across the Vega plain MPreg: Gaylord Of The Forest (Gay Male Pregnancy) of Granada from the topf the Torre de Comares he sees the armies f Christians and Muslims kings fighting for control f the richest province in Southern Spain He knows the story behind every tower and mountain peak and potentate that passed through here centuries agoThe present times are not ignored and some chapters deal with the current conditions inside the palace with the presentation f the ragged band f suatters and administrators in the site with the ccasional noble guest and his entourage Some passages illustrate the talent f the author to find the uirky and the funny side Odd Billy Todd of day to day trivia like The Truant a short piece about an adulterous pidgeonr this sketch about fishing It seems that the pure and airy situation f this fortress has rendered it like the castle f Macbeth a prolific breeding place for swallows and martlets who sport about its towers in myriads with the holiday glee راوی بهاران of urchins just let loose from school To entrap these birds in their giddy circlings with hooks baited with flies isne Real Dogs Don't Whisper: Life Lessons from a Larger Than Life Dog - And His Owner! of the favorite amusementsf the ragged sons f the Alhambra who with the good for nothing ingenuity f arrant idlers have thus invented the art Liber Lilith: A Gnostic Grimoire of angling in the sky Somebservations are well ahead f their time as this uote about graffity and the lack f respect from a certain category Incest of the Trinity of visitor The walls had evidently in ancient times been hung with damask but now were naked and scrawledver by that class The Bitchy Waiter: Life on the Other Side of the Menu of aspiring travellers who defile noble monuments with their worthless names Of particular interest in the presentation is Washington Irving s unbiased report even admiration for the superiorityf Arab civilization My Savior over their less developed at the time Northern neighbours acknowledging the economic scientific cultural and social achievementsf a people who have ften been maliciously slandered for their different religion History shows though that the Moorish domination f the Peninsula marks the longest period Return to Intimacy of civil cohabitation about 8 centuries between the three major monotheistic religions christians muslims and jews Cordoba Seville Granada were centersf learning famous the world A History Of Motion Picture Color Technology over well before Sorbonne and Cambridge Among the visitorsf medieval Alhambra Irving makes a special note for Ibn Battuta a Moroccan explorer He is known for his extensive travels accounts Digital Copyright of which were published in the Rihla lit Journey Over a periodf thirty years Battuta visited most f the known Islamic world as well as many non Muslim lands His journeys included trips to North Africa the Horn f Africa West Africa and Eastern Europe in the West and to the Middle East South Asia Central Asia Southeast Asia and China in the East a distance surpassing threefold his near contemporary Marco Polo source wikipediafrom the book Laying the foundations f their power in a system f wise and euitable laws diligently cultivating the arts and sciences and promoting agriculture manufactures and commerce they gradually formed an empire unrivalled for its prosperity by any Theogony and Works and Days of the empiresf Christendom and diligently drawing round them the graces and refinements which marked the Arabian empire in the East at the time The True Story of Ah Q of its greatest civilization they diffused the lightf Oriental knowledge through the Western regions f benighted Europe Regarding the journal and the historical notes I have nly Where To?: A Hack Memoir one small complaint I would have loved to have examplesf Arabian poetry translated How beauteous is this garden where the flowers f the earth vie with the stars f the heaven What can compare with the vase f yon alabaster fountain filled with crystal water Nothing but the moon in her fulness shining in the midst f an unclouded sky Let s say the reader is not as interested as me in travel journals The Orange Grove (Biblioasis International Translation Series Book 16) or in historical trivia I would still recommend reading the book for its fictional stories somef the best examples Album-guide illustr du littoral mditerranen. Hyres, Saint-Raphal, Cannes le Cannet, Grasse, Antibes, Nice, Monaco, Menton, Bordighera, San Remo, etc., par douard Langlois, 1883-1884 of Gothic Romantic prose here in a serendipitous cohabitation with theral storytelling techniues f the Arabian NightsA mason is waken up in the middle f the night by a ghost from the past and then led blindfolded to a secret court with a fountain where he is paid to bury a treasure An astrologer learns the secrets Saltare il Muro of the bookf the dead inside an Egyptian pyramid and later performs miracles for a king Filled By Five Alphas of Granada A Celtic enchantress puts same wizard to sleep with her harp music Prince Ahmed Al Kamel The Pilgrimf Love learns the language f birds and goes n a uest for his lovely Christian virgin in the company f a wise wl and a socialite parrot A poor laborer is rewarded for his kindness to a stranger with the key to another buried treasure and later uses his wits to utsmart a greedy governor His best friend is a donkey which reminds me f the popular Turkish folk tales featuring Nasreddin Hoca Three beautiful princesses Zayda Zorayda and Zorahayda are locked in a tower by their father They too utwit the plans f their king and master There is an admirable intrepidity in the female will particularly when about the marriageable age which is not to be deterred by dangers and prohibitions A poor student earns his keep by singing serenades at street corners while a lecherous priest keeps a nubile pet lamb with smouldering eyes around to warm his aged bonesThese are just a few examples The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: Commentary on the Raja Yoga Sutras by Sri Swami Satchidananda of my favorite stories in the book Ghosts ancient treasure beautiful and unavailable princesses wise alchemists proud warriors an. The Alhambra written by author Washington Irving is a collectionf tales and essays which he wrote during his residence in the Alhambra The writings are based largely based The First Year on notes andbservations

Ed and mostly fictional Moorish past is ne subject f the book present day Spain as the site f this glorious history is a close second Thanks to its lost Muslim verlords Spanish culture and people Irving suggests have something f the Arabian character to them Conseuently as ne f his fantastic characters relatesall Spain is a country under the power f enchantment There is not a mountain cave not a lonely watch tower in the plains nor ruined castle n the hills but has some spellbound warriors sleeping from age to age within its vaults until the sins are expiated for which Allah permitted the dominion to pass for a time ut His Impetuous Debutante of the handsf the faithfulThis is uite good fun if you like this sort f thing I do but it is probably f minor interest to those who are not planning a visit to the actual place themselves This particular edition is Sanctification in Reverse: The Essence of Satanic Ritual Abuse onef at least three that are sold in gift shops within the Alhambra grounds it s clearly been translated from Spanish as there are several Manic Love odd typos and all the speech is given in guillemets The editorial notes do not inspire confidencen the first page Scottish artist David Wilkie is glossed as an English painter but then again I found in a weird way that it added to the pleasingly alien effect Genghis Khan: 13th-Century Mongolian Tyrant of the whole ensemble Adding this book to my reading list after seeing Fanny Thornton gushing about it in North South to Margaret Hale Charming This book is sortf a mix between travelogue and mythical tales While in Grenada working Orchids on another book Irving became enchanted with the Alhambra and penned this book in tribute Such is the Alhambra a Moslem pile in the midstf a Christian land an Oriental palace amidst the Gothic edifices Strike Force of the West an elegant mementof a brave intelligent and graceful people who conuered ruled flourished and passed away First published in 1832 then later revised in 1851 this book can be somewhat f a challenge to read and fully appreciate This copy was laced with sketcheswatercolors f surrounding landscapes architecture and gardens It really was like entering another world I would not recommend reading it without the illustrations they are essential for the full allure Excerpt from chapter 1 Such were ur minor preparations for the journey but above all we laid in an ample stock f good humour and a genuine disposition to be pleased determining to travel in true contrabandista style taking things as we found them rough r smooth and mingling with all classes and conditions in a kind f vagabond companionship It is the true way to travel in Spain With such disposition and determination what a country is it for a traveller where the most miserable inn is as full The Rap Year Book: The Most Important Rap Song From Every Year Since 1979, Discussed, Debated, and Deconstructed of adventure as an enchanted castle and every meal is in itself an achievement Letthers repine at the lack The Battle for New York: The City at the Heart of the American Revolution of turnpike roads and sumptuous hotels and all the elaborate comfortsf a country cultivated and civilized into tameness and commonplace but give me the rude mountain scramble the roving hap hazard wayfaring the half wild yet frank and hospitable manners which impart such a true game flavour to dear Please Do Not Taunt the Octopus old romantic Spain The edition I read and have somewhere tucked away and hidden from mywn greedy fingers is a lovely little book illustrated with reproductions f contemporary lithographsIn 1829 when Irving visited the Alhambra it housed a small garrison f Spanish soldiers and wasn t a major tourist destination Tourism in those days being an eccentric pass time reserved for the wealthy Irving stayed in the Alhambra itself sleeping r less where he wanted in different parts f the palace bserving forgotten courtyards by moonlight and wandering about by day taking note f the life f the garrison which included using fishing rods to catch passing birds much no doubt to their relief as the alternatives would have included being shipped ff to the Americas to fight the armies Pipe Dreams of Simon Bolivar and friends however the description suggests that Spain was a uixotic backwater rather than a major empire convulsed with political turbulence a dream countryf the imagination in which windmilling giants Te vendo un perro or buried treasure is just a siesta away and I suppose it is in the naturef a travel book not to uncover r expose foreign lands and exotic places to its readers but actually to create them in their mindsInterspersed with his recollections are Spanish folktales involving either the Alhambra the Moors buried and forgotten treasures r combinations Il tait une fois dans l'est of all three Though I suppose given that Irving was somethingf a writer himself he might just have made them up not that it matters he makes the Alhambra a liminal space where past and present touch sliding past each ther shadows f the author s consciousness that return to life in his pages here again life is a dream view spoiler and dinner is a fine rod caught bird hide spoiler To the traveler imbued with a feeling for the historical and poetical so inseparably intertwined in the annals f romantic Spain the Alhambra is as much an bject f devotion as is the Caaba to all true Moslems The name Washington Irving has haunted me since I was a boy I went to a school named after him We visited his beautiful house Sunnyside n a field trip My childhood home is just 500 feet from Irving s grave in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery uite a modest grave My high school football team were the Headless HorsemenSo imagine how it felt after moving across an Breaking India: Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines ocean to see the name Washington Irving hanging above a door in the Alhambra Washington Irving wrote in this room his Talesf the Alhambra It was as if some circuit had been closed some cycle had been completed I d spent the previous week racing through the book in preparation for my visit And now here I was face to face with the same literary giant who hung Knave's Gambit over my childhood who had also managed to cast his spellver this magnificent palace That s my tale what Knave of Broken Hearts of the book The Talesf the Alhambra is something Iron Body Ninja: The Secrets of Superior Strength of a hodgepodge It begins as a travelogue and ends as a collectionf fables In 1829 Irving travelled from Seville to Granada apparently ut f simple curiosity Once he arrived he fell under the enchanting influence Parfois je suis un renard of the Alhambra and ended up residing there for several months At the time the Alhambra was in a sorry state Several centuriesf vandalism and neglect had reduced it to a ruin and dozens f poor suatters were its nly residents Probably its derelict condition added to the romantic wonder with which Irving beheld it The book is written in a high flown almost mystical tone with fact and fantasy woven into a vibrant fabric His wn bservations and experiences are interspersed with historical sketches and The Lottery Winner old legends which he purports to have learned from the residents The final impression isf supernatural beauty If you ve seen the Alhambra this is forgivable it s hard to exaggerate its splendor As Warwick points This Time It's Forever out Irving is most fascinated with the Moorsf Spain The fact that a people with enough culture and power to create the Alhambra could totally vanish beguiles him Who were they How did they live His vigorous imagination fills in the continent sized gaps in his knowledge allowing his fancy to run rampant It s Rosey wins over Bullies obvious that he considers the lost civilizationf the Moors to be a kind Gods, Gachupines and Gringos: A People's History of Mexico of forgotten paradise he has nothing but praise for the nobility and sophisticationf Spain s erstwhile inhabitants While he stayed there he grasped at whatever trace The Chalice of this civilization remained in architecture history and in the people Irving does his best to convince himself and the reader that the monumental dignityf the Moors f Spain can be seen still in the Spanish peasants f Andalusia He praises these people almost as highly as their predecessors saying with all their faults and they are many the Spaniards even at the present day are n many points the most high minded and proud spirited people f Europe The book is enjoyable in short doses but gets tiresome in big chunks Irving s tone though compelling is monotonous You can Erotic Slavehood: A Miss Abernathy Omnibus only tolerate breathless wonder for so long without craving something else His stories too are uite repetitive Hidden treasures enchanted warriors princesses in castles forbidden love between Christians and Muslims these make an appearance in nearly every tale Still this book is well worth reading notnly because Irving is a skillful and charming writer but also because it s a window into the cultural history The Prophet Outcast: Trotsky, 1929-1940 of the Alhambra how it has been interpreted and understood by Western writers For mef course this book has a personal significance that extends beyond the boundaries Sword and Lute: Stories of Healing from the Ancient Science of Chinese Acupuncture and Medicine of its pages Irving s stories may not have been real but his name is real enough which for me has takenn the semblance f a ghost As for you I hope you too get a chance to read this book and to visit the Alhambra A Moslem pile in the midst f a Christian land an Oriental palace amidst the Gothic edifices f the West an elegant memento f a brave intelligent and graceful people who conuered ruled flourished and passed away I picked up this beautiful volume Les Manuscrits Arabes de Rabat (Classic Reprint) on a lazy Sunday afternoon from The Strand theld ne in mid town in Manhattan when I was pretending to be a lawyer in that beguiling city f tall structures and sky scapes that appeared and disappeared through the clouds and the mist Published in Granada and with multiple exuisite engravings it is a paperback but has the heft and feel f a hardback I must have browsed through it several times but never read it cover to cover for it is a book meant to be savored intermittentl. Llent publication f writings by Washington Irving and had been very popular among fans The Rage of Plum Blossoms of his writings and also for those interested in his work from produced during the timef his stay at the Alhamb.

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Washington Irving was an American author essayist biographer and historian of the early 19th century He began his literary career at the age of nineteen by writing newspaper articles under the pseudonym Jonathan Oldstyle In 1809 he published The History of New York under his most popular public persona Diedrich Knickerbocker Irving is best known for his short stories The Legend of Sleepy Ho