Alyssa Paige: Feminized by the Cheer Team

The book I read several of Alyssa s and they always tell a interesting story You should check her out Pat Ralston fo. On he will never forget and change his life forever Humiliated feminized and shamed at very turn Pat is powerless to stop the mbarrassment they heap on him When he le.

Been awhile since I ve read one of Ms Paige s booksI forgot what a good writer she is The title pretty much sums up. When Pat mistakenly nters the wrong locker room he uickly discovers that you don't mess with the cheerleaders He is unable to resist as they decide to teach him a less.

Llows a group of cheerleaders into a gymnasium and winds up staying to watch a cheer competition becoming aroused at. Arns he is to be an item at a charity auction he wonders how far they will push himThis 11000 word story is adult ntertainment for those over the age of 18 reader bewa.

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Outwardly Alyssa enjoys video games hiking reading movies and a large array of normal activities Inside her head is a different story and perversion is the name of the game She enjoys writing a mix of true life adventures bizarre erotica BDSM stories and whatever else strikes her fancy She loves to get feedback from fans so any comments concerns uestions or corrections please send