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This book collects the various short stories MZB wrote about the mage Lythande It s an excellent collection with stories written over the last 20 years of Bradley s lifeAs might be expected with a collection of thinly connected stories written over such a long time there are continuity issues The actual world Lythande inhabits fluctuates from two or secondary worlds to some version of our world and back It s occasionally jarring but the stories aren t about world building anyway a minor annoyanceMore annoying is the constant re stating of Lythande s backstory situation Of course it s completely understandable and was really unavoidable each story was ublished somewhere different for a The Tokyo Zodiac Murders potentially new audience and Bradley did a fine job of bringing the necessary facts to each story in a different way So another minor annoyance reallyThe editingroofreading and formatting are truly first rate in the ebook edition I received Much appreciation to Elisabeth Waters Judith Tarr and Vonda N McIntyreOverall it s a Yours, Mine and Ours (Second Chances pleasant collection of mostly short simple stories centered around a decent character finding interesting situations Definitely recommendedNote I recieved this book free for an honest review This is going to be another of my rereads The book is a collection of all the Lythande short stories from otherublications Some are funny some are spooky some are mysterious and some are difficult to easily describe as there are layers than one expects in short stories The uality is Riverview, Gone But Not Forgotten pretty even and easy to read in short sessions if you have that kind of discipline Me I found the stories were likeotato chips I couldn t read just one Let me start by saying that these stories are classic well crafted MZB and well worth reading So why three stars Because they should never have been compiled into a collection of their own The character Lythande has many special aspects that have to be explained in each story and not only does that become terribly repetitious when you re reading them back to back but it also consumes way too much of the time you re spending reading So buy the book and Boneshaker (BA 43-500, put it somewhere youick up only once in a while Enjoy a story then A Star Is Born put the book aside for another month or year I second the other reviewers opinion that all these stories shouldn t beut in an single volume The character of Lythande takes explanation and as these stories were originally written as stand alone the explanation appears in each storyIt gets tedious A few of them are alsolesser At least once I suspected someone got ahold of a story from MZB s trash binAh well Overall it was nice wander through the Lythande world again Despite being a fan of MZB s works I had actually never heard of these short stories until I was approved of a copy through the LibraryThing Early Reviewers CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition programme This book is a collection of short stories featuring the mercenary magician Lythande With each story the reader learns a little about Lythande and the secrets that she carries The stories themselves were interesting a mix of light ta. It's a long wait until the Final Battle between Law and Chaos when all Adepts of the Blue Star areledged to fight on the side of Law So what does one do in the intervening centuries Lythande has to earn a living after all

Les and serious uests One title The Footsteps of Retribution was especially chilling The stories were also a lot funnier at times than I initially thought it would be which was a The Ornament (Ornament, pleasant surprise Lythande comes across some exasperating characters along the way which adds a splash of colour to her travels My favourite stories from this collection wouldrobably have to be The Incompetent Magician Someone Else s Magic The Footsteps of Retribution The Virgin and the Volcano Chalice of Tears North to Northwander and The Gratitude of Kings The world in which these stories take lace was also intriguing mysterious and familiar in some ways and yet in other ways it s not The different schools of magicians were interesting this Final Battle between Law and Chaos that her order speaks of was especially intriguing I initially thought that the various stories would somehow make its way to that battle but then realised it was merely art of the adepts beliefs and end goaldestination as were some of the strange kingdoms that Lythande found herself in It was a bit baffling at times as wellOverall The Complete Lythande was an interesting and wondrous read I ve always found MZB to be a wonderful storyteller with a uniue voice in the fantasy genre and this collection once again reinforces that in my mind I m also uite glad that the Rant publishers decided to collect and re release these stories I would definitely recommend checking them out especially for fantasy fans who have enjoyed MZB srevious works The original review of this collection was Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM posted on my blog at Nice FantasiesI m a sucker for an interesting approach to magic always have been And I like bards which is what attracted me to the Lythande stories many years ago I had the original Lythande collection but knew the character from reading The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction The idea that one s magic depended on the keeping of a secret was intriguing and works for standalone stories but in a collection it s getting reiterated every fewages which gets tedious I always wanted a novel length Lythande story but alas such is not to be In a recent discussion in a Goodreads group about how an author s or narrator s bad behavior meaning truly bad as in child abuse and rape and murder not simply being an utter brat online impacts one s Challenged to Win perception of his work Marion Zimmer Bradley naturally came up If you don t know what I m talking about well lucky you Go google MZB daughter or something like that if you want to know but you don t Better yet do a tiny bit to counteract evil and use goodsearchcom In the discussion I said something about not being comfortable reading her work knowing what herattern of behavior was What I forgot was that back in 2013 which I m Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons pretty sure was before I found out about the accusations against her I won The Complete Lythande on LibraryThing I had reuested the book and was glad that I received it though I then forget about it because it s an olderhaps not a friend Acuaintance I suppose It s a thread in the web of my early fa. Usic and magic are saleable skills sometimes both together There's a magic luteThe allure of a mermaid's songa temperamental music loving dragonmagical artifacts that will allow no one to turn them from their appointed destin.

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Ntasy reading icked up robably at Stop Shop which once had a really wonderful sci fifantasy shelf believe it or not when I was in my teens It s The Color of a Leader part of the Sanctuary mythos the shared universe anchored by the Thieves World series it s also linked by the author to the Sword Sorceress series which introduced me to some amazing writers including Misty Lackey Say what you will about her writing Valdemar waserfectly crafted for the teenaged girl I was I owned a copy of The Complete Lythande enjoyed it and loaned it a good friend and like 99999 Into the Planet percent of the books I ve ever loaned out it never came back So That s why I reuested it back when and that s why I read it despite everything I was right the author s back story was everresent in my mind Other reviewers are uite right as well these stories should not have been collected in one volume as they are The backbone of the series is that each mage of the Blue Star has a secret and if that secret is discovered by another adept then follows a loss of magic and death Oh and adepts of the Blue Star can t eat or drink in the Dusk (Rosales Saga, presence of other men And each of these things gets at least a couple ofaragraphs in every single story with very similar wording It doesn t take long for YES I KNOW syndrome sets in I subseuently listened to a collection of Lord John stories by Diana Gabaldon The main character is gay But La Gabaldon never explicitly states this much less says it in almost the same words over and over I found myself making the comparison while listening to the third story in the book and waiting for something to nitpick about the character description It never came I m not saying that Diana Gabaldon is a better writer than Marion Zimmer Bradley but Yes yes I am saying that I was thinking of complaining that every single woman in these stories except you know that one is weak dominated and uses sex as a weapon an all consuming hobby or a career but then I realized that every single man is a clich as well thuggish and brutal and as apt to rape as to breathe It relates to the aura of the Thieves World as a whole but it s still sad I was frankly surprised at how indifferent I was to these stories I know that once upon a time I devoured them This time around it took me a long time to George Washingtons Secret Six plough my way through I received this book asart of an Early Reviewers Edition That being said I m very glad this book was compiled and ub A little way in I was finding it a tad disjointed which is only understandable for a book that began life as a series of short stories but at the end it all ties up fairly decentlyOverall very enjoyable but I couldn t give it a higher rating because of the inconsistencies It seems to be set in about 3 different worlds and some stories are light hearted and others very dark and serious Lythande seems to vacillate retty wildly between heroic and cynically callous I ve read bits and The Caretaker pieces of Lythande over the years and was happy to have them all in onelace Enjoyed them of course and hold an admiration for Marion Zimmerman Bradley. Ationsan unexpectedly dangerous small child Lythande's life is full of challenges of which the biggest is never allowing the Secret that Clara After Dark - 01 preserves each Adept’sower to be revealed on ain of total loss of magic oh and deat.

Marion Eleanor Zimmer Bradley was an American author of fantasy novels such as The Mists of Avalon and the Darkover series often with a feminist outlookBradley's first published novel length work was Falcons of Narabedla first published in the May 1957 issue of Other Worlds When she was a child Bradley stated that she enjoyed reading adventure fantasy authors such as Henry Kuttner Edmond Ham