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Great story just not long enought Very smooth the pace was steady the flow was excellent MC were beliveable and meshed well together Book 1I thought the book was reat Part of a series Went to Improve Your Communication Skills get the next book which is like 10 minutes long and it was 299 I don t mind paying for booksbut not for. Part 1 of the Hell Raisers MC series Trying to fight for the only family he knows Dex will meet his toughest adversary yet – theirl who wants to steal his heart Dex Thompson is ready for change After 14 years working he way up the ranks of Hell Raisers Motorcycle Club he’s tired of living on the wrong side of the law As second in command it’s almost his time and he knows what he wants to do legitimize the businesses start fresh and rebuild the club through honorable means And nothing is oing to stand

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O date but the last uy is a bit of a caveman and she has had enough of him she dumps him but the When Digital Becomes Human guy threatens her and now has someone following her So sheoes to Dex s place and he takes her to Nashville and they feel their deep connection This is a promising little series and I cant wait to rea. E man who could disrupt his plans Intermix Nation getting in the way of bringing back honor to the club that Dex has always loved Even if she does have lips he’s dying to taste and legs he wants wrapped around his waist Despite Dex’s intentions Zoe has plans of her own and isn’toing to be easily persuaded to De-cluttering Your Closet give them up In this battle of wills will Zoe be able to convince Dex that she’s the woman he needs Will Dex find a way to bring his dream to life andet the irl Or will their battle of wills end in a stalemate.

20 pages It was a reat little story Dex is wanting the club to Humanizing Big Data go make money legally but the president wants to keep their ways but Dex has a hard time thinking about the club when his mind is on the prez s stepdaughter Zoe Zoe is a serial dater and date the men her stepfather picks out for her N his way Zoe Carlisle hasrown up as the princess of the Hell Raisers and is used to Bonds of Need (Wicked Play, getting the things that she wants Except when it comes to Dex Zoe has always had feelings for the dark eyed rough rider but as the step daughter of Maddox “Mad Dog” Carlisle all the boys have always known that she was off limits Until now Getting out of a toxic relationship Zoe decides to uit ignoring her feelings and makes a play for Dex But Dex has enoughoing on in his life and he doesn’t need the daughter of the on.

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