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Wow Great collection of books So far I am 5 books in with this collection of Aussie authors I have found some hidden gems in this collection Love Love Love so far How can you ate this great selection of books less than 5 stars Brilliant collection of my favourites and new authors I will now be eading of This is a great collection of Aussie authors. Ten books Ten Authors Ten Alpha males Ten juicy tales The set includes novels from NYT USA Today Bestselling and International Bestselling authors.

And worth your time and money I got a new favorite author out of this bookand some authors got of my because I HAD to ead the 2nd book so I think it was a winwin for allBewareI will A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners read ANYTHING so nothing bothers me but to the sensitiveeaders out there I think you should esearch a couple of books in here before you dive in and get upset Love these. Number Thirteen Bella Jewel Friend Zoned Belle Aurora Welcome To Sugartown Carmen Jenner Chantal Fernando Maybe This Time Jennifer Ryder Spark Ka.

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CollectionsI ve purchased a few of these ecently the last one being Born to Ride which was 6 full length books for 77p these collections are fantastic value this one in particular since I ve been wanting to Au bagne read Number Thirteen for a while now and this whole collection is cheaper than just buying that one book which is 248 so I meally glad I held off. Sey Millstead Illicit Desire Kate McCarthy Give Me Love Pepper Winters Tears Of Tess Rachel Brookes Just Breathe TJ Hamilton You Can Call Me Miran.

Heya My name is Bella I'm a new aussie author and I am as crazy as they come I'm playful friendly and always up for a chat so stop on by x