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Ow its coming The characterizations are good enough If you re making your way through the Pulitzers you ll be glad to have this ne Melody's Key on the list For me just a good solid 4 stars but I m glad not to have missed it Normally I am not a fanf early 20th century novels because they are very melodramatic full f pathos and not very relatable This was not the case here The writing was lean and pleasant the plot while dated was not exactly cliche I found myself invested in the lives f the Pentlands in a way that doesn t happen ften Good book Louis Bromfield won the Pulitzer Prize for Early Autumn in 1927 The book is about a wealthy family in New England with a double life It chronicles the struggle as in many families between the family which the world sees and the ne which remains hidden The story telling is great and is filled with secrets infighting deception and a keen focus n maintaining the family name at all cost This book surprised me and I enjoyed it very much I give it 5 stars Yuck There were a lot f good elements here in the setting and the backstory but nce I knew Olivia would be sacrificed to endless Duty I felt like it was pointless And that happened pretty early in the book The ending was weak and the moral was dissatisfying and murky Even the vocabulary was so limited repetitive and predictable It seemed like a nondescript 1925 melodrama and nothing that history can t easily leave behind Jacob picked this up from the library to read for himself but I commandeered it for the weekend It took me a while to get into It was written in the late 1920s which I found this book n my uest for a classic written by an author who lived in Ohio After doing a bit The Wallflower's Revenge of research I came across Louis Bromfield I learned he was born in Mansfield Ohio and that he wrote several books including thisne a Pulitzer Prize winner I m happy to say that I found a gem in. Ld's elouence when describing both his characters and their surroundings is breathtaking and his accuracy in describing the characters' complicated emotions ma.

The winner f the 1927 Pulitzer Prize Beautiful kind Olivia Penfield lives a stifling existence with a soulless husband and his puritanical New England family Unable to stand a life with no joy r even diversion she starts an affair although it s pretty tame by today s standards with a wealthy up and coming politician and they fall passionately in love Will Olivia leave the lies and War to the Knife: Bleeding Kansas, 1854-1861 oppressionf her miserable in laws Leaving Mother Lake: A Girlhood at the Edge of the World or will a sensef duty compel her to stay Early Autumn is nly an OK book The plot meanders along until reaching a very predictable ending and unlike ther novels that tread this familiar ground Edith Wharton s brilliant Age f Innocence comes to mind the writing is ften plodding and Introductory Algebra: Models Concepts Skills old fashioned Also for some reason many descriptions and ideas are repeated numerous times which slows down the actionThat said there are some great passages and somef the characters especially Olivia s conflicted father in law are wonderfully well drawn I suspect happy people don t make especially good stories and you Marriage After God: Chasing Boldly After God’s Purpose for Your Life Together ought not to expect manyf them in this Oh there are a couple f them but they try not to penly flaunt it The Blue Blood others realize they gave up their shot at happiness when they were young and married the wrong people for the wrong reasons So they were stuck Stuck because they believed and lived as if family and appearances count for a lot than happinessThe prose is interesting enough to tell the story without getting in the wayf telling the story I ve read books where good prose made up for a less than great story but not here It s not necessarily a great story but good enough In the beginning I was curious why the Pulitzer Committee thought it worthy The Gollywhopper Games: Friend or Foe of its prize Do not be fooled all those pagesf laying a foundation makes the latter third very good reading Even so the ending is a bit predictable It s not the ending you want but you sort f kn. Bromfield takes a close look at the Pentlands a fictional rich family in New England exposing the hypocrisy and ignorance behind their luxurious facade Bromfie.

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Ways than ne the book was fantastic and the author was uite enjoyable I will definitely read Bromfield So this book struck me as something that transcends its time He won the Pulitzer Prize in 1927 for this book and it was easy for me to see how this book was the winner Bromfield focuses his story The Mirage on a rich Puritan New England family the Pentlands We get a glimpse into the Puritan world and the families daily livesI think what set this apart for me was the explorationf gender roles in relation to Puritan society view spoilerThe reader is thrust into the struggle f Olivia who was in an unhappy marriage contrasted with the freedom f Sabine after the end Rituels secrets des Templiers of marriage she didn t want to end It was fascinating to me as Bromfield explored their emotional feelings as these two very different women who each face theirwn challenges I appreciated seeing Olivia displayed as the strong character whom was relied upon by the patriarch hide spoiler I m not really sure what to say about this Pulitzer Prize Winner What I can say is that I really wonder how this book won the prize in the first place By 100 pages I really wanted to stop reading the book all together but struggled n First there were too many characters all who I didn t care about at all And secondly to me it seemed that there really wasn t much f story here Not A Mild Suicide one that really kept my interest I don t think I had ever heardf this book Beethoven for a Later Age: The Journey of a String Quartet or this author before I started my Pulitzer challenge and I wonder why It is my favorite Pulitzer winner to date The writing and the story flowed effortlessly for me and I felt that in Olivia the author created a character who felt very real and timeless I highlighted many passages and could relate to manyf Olivia s thoughts and emotions despite the nearly 90 years which have elapsed since the writing Born to Ride: A Story About Bicycle Face of this book I found it to be a truly brilliant workf literature. Kes it apparent that he knows human nature very well A fascinating study Origen: Scholarship in the Service of the Church on the strugglef ne woman to escape the stifling influence f her husband and in la.

Louis Bromfield was an American author and conservationist who gained international recognition winning the Pulitzer Prize and pioneering innovative scientific farming conceptsBromfield studied agriculture at Cornell University from 1914 to 19161 but transferred to Columbia University to study journalism While at Columbia University Louis Bromfield was initiated into the fraternal organizati