Tallia Ravejoy: Ridden by the Griffin Prince

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Se genres I m writing this to save others like me Ugh gross I love abduction romance and H that are different However there is no romance other than the H claiming the h as his mate The poor virgin Loadsliterally of cum and an impossibly largelong penis I was so distracted by these that the rest of the story was left behind It was not arousing I m still grossed outRead in kindle unlimited if that interests you Hot and sexy uick read via Kindle Unlimited Okay Fantasy sex at its bestThis author is uickly becoming one of my avorites The writing is so vivid and creative a breath of Velvet Moon (Annwyn Chronicles, fresh air after reading many books that have not expanded my imagination Emily s experience with herriend Nancy in the beginning reminded me of an incident I had with an old Kine (The Kine Saga, friend of mine I loved the description of the griffin and the rough sex between him and Emily was very erotic Good short story. Lake is a Prince and auture she never thought possible WARNING This short story has intense scenes of graphic sex ADULTS ONLY.

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Consensual bits The History of Dark Corner Campbell County, Ga forceful seduction abduction extraordinary unusual male genitalia and graphical sex scenes Disturbing entertaining and evenunny at times I think with the steamy parts it all depends on the mood and personal taste really Or else the world would be a boring place indeedFor me at least it travels a Q-Squared fine line between erotica and porn Those not into these genres mightind this perverse or comically grotesue No matter who you are you have been warned I personally had 천년구미호 [Cheonnyeon Kumiho] fun with this sample For those who areamiliar with Nikita King s work you will probably like this author Though I d like to clarify that Tallia has a raw style of writing and she doesn t seem to Coots focus on the romance aspect as Nikita To summarize its a RAW short steamy read that I enjoyed Griffin Prince be nasty D3 Stars on this one I will be checking her other books Recommendedor those who ollow the. Hears an ethereal song drifting among the mountain walls No one else notices it but her At its source shadowed on the bank of

An interesting indMrs Tallia Ravejoy surprised me The premise intrigued me but I didn t have high expectations when I started reading it I m glad I did though It wasn t mind blowing but it was a good start to get to know the author As you can see there might be many contradicting reviews regarding this book and in all honesty it s understandable For one the genre categories are insanely vague It s listed as False Witness fantasy short stories That needs to beixed Not only is it misleading but it doesn t help the author or her book The warning under the blurb doesn t help either In no way will the readers know what they re getting into Even if they re into Pandaimonion fantasy erotica this book clearly needs specificsIt might be an ADULT read but it s clearly notor everyone So allow me to enlighten youThe genres this book delves into are EroticaFantasyParanormalAdult FictionMonster EroticaThere are non. After hiking all day through the mountains of Greece Emily and her college group settle or the night As the night deepens Emily.

I'm a lover of fantastical tales and vivid worlds I love to write erotica that pushes the limitations of the imagination and wows my readers along with turning them on ;