Milly Taiden: Pack Princess (Devil Riders, #1)

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You will go up in lamesMost of us hate the sound of razor burn but this Razor brings a whole new meaning This is the Dangerously Attractive (Harlequin Intrigue first book in a hot new series It has romance humor and one sassy heroine She isorced to sacrifice everything she wants Mistress for the good of her ownamily except she just isn t sure she can do it One of my Cinderella Story Part 2 (36 Hours) favorite parts is how she refers to her betrothed mockingly as Chip when his name is Dale This novella is awesome Evva is the pack princess and is engaged to marry into another pack not by her choice Herathe This book is so hot hot hot pack princess got my attention A Ranchers Redemption from the begining The story is really hot with some hot alpha action Evva gets herself into some really big trouble when she goes into a biker bar were she meets Razor Evva wants to have someun A Doctor, a Nurse, a Christmas Baby for one night knowing she has a arranged marriage She discovers that Razor is her true mate and someone she can not have because of her arranged marriage to someone else to keep peace in the packs This story is a really good read and you must read this book. Tuary Until a daring princess shows up to cause trouble stir his libido and give him a runor his money But when the time comes to let her go he’ll either have to watch her walk away or A Mother in the Making finallyace the past he’s been running ro.

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O keep reminding myself that stalking is illegal but really it is all Milly and Mina s His Pregnant Christmas Princess fault cause Pack Princess was amazing Pack Princesseatures alpha werewolf Evva Castillo and hottie biker werewolf Razor After learning of her arranged marriage Evva decides to have one last night of Through the Language Glass fun and runs into Razor at a biker bar Some major hotness ensues a little spanking and a whole lot ofun The next morning Evva leaves her one night stand depressed because she knows she met her mate but because of amily obligations she has to marry Chipor was it Dalehmmmm Chip and Dalesorry I have Disney on the brain I really need a vacationAnyway back to the plot Evva is stuck marrying the irst born child of the other packthank goodness Private Arrangements (Forged of Steele, for her because nothing is ever as it seems I absolutely loved this story Great characters hottie bikers interesting plot with a twist and great characters I see a new series in the works and all I can say is bring me some Scales cause the potential of that story sounds awesome Highly Recommend Razor is so HOT. Her hopeor a night away rom the packs’ prying eyes bring her the courage to go through with her job Razor is the leader of the Devil Riders MC They’re rough tough and dangerous enough that no one would risk entering their sanc.

Milly Taiden has the ability to write a story that s really sexy but hilarious too with memorable primary and secondary characters that stay in your head or a long time This is Evva Castillo and Casey Rasmussen aka Razor s story Evva wolf pack princess is about to marry Dale aka Chip Rasmussen the supposedly Sanctuary first born of the Rasmussen pack As an alpha princess she sees Dale as too pansyor her dominant taste and needs So Evva suggest to Giselle her best Forever Faithful (Forever Faithful, friend to bring the girls togetheror a so called girl s night out before she married the too pretty DaleThe girls ends up having a party surrounded by her pack which she detests and manages to sidetrack them and take off on her on and lands up in the Devil Rider s MC bar where she meets Razor the President of the Devil Rider MC This is the sort of danger that see s you Friendfluence flat on your back a cock impaled so deep inside you you ll be spitting cumor a week an What happens when two of my One Part Woman favorite authors write a paranormal romance together I get completely twitterpatted I have A single night of passion or the one meant to beEvva Castillo knows she’s a pack princess Duty to heramily and her pack will always come irst But duty turns to hardship when she’s ordered to marry someone she doesn’t want Can.

Milly Taiden also writes as April Angel was born in the prettiest part of the Caribbean to her known as the Dominican Republic Currently she resides in New York City with her husband bossy young son and their little dog SpeedyWhen she’s not working full time texting with her best friend Heidi in England chastising her son for pulling the dog’s ears shopping with her sister Jewel or watc