Donald Spencer: Door Trix To Get Them Fixed

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Can learn the basic tricks and techniues necessary to get a malfunctioning door operating smoothly again Aided by numerous photographic and line art illustrations Door Trix includes complete instructions on how to use only basic hand tools in order to eshape hinges extend hinge pockets and latch holes even how to cut down your door.

With a power saw Euipped with a Table of Contents and Index Door Trix has every cross Au bagne reference linked to its source so theeader can ascertain what he or she needs to know in a few uick taps Door Trix is clearly written and easy to understand; and when ead carefully it can turn an ordinary homeowner into a wizard of household doo.

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Door Trix the handbook for anyone who wants to fix a problem passage door is now available in a newly evised edition for an even lower price But it Jacques Prevert remains the same solid book with only a few embellishments still appealing to anyeader with any level of experience Whether he or she is a skilled carpenter or a first time novice they.