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E set in the past too many of them have Italian mafia types too many seem to lack a concrete idea and are in my opinion a ush order to fill a couple of pages The authors felt that they needed to be part of this anthology or they were asked to participate and the esult is obvious a string of unimaginative and boring short stories which lack a lot in the mystery department too much considering that this is a mystery bookIn particular I knew the book had totally lost me with the Broadway Executioner which was dragged out and with an ultimately unsatisfactory ending which left me wondering whether I missed something The total low was the short play which was just so dull and lifeless The last 5 stories were so boring I barely had the willpower to finish themI think the biggest issue is that all of these people the authors decided that one can create a much better mystery in the past than in the present I think the opposite is true which the present is not a good arena for a few types of genres mystery is not one of them With our level of development a much complicated case can be presented and with a much creative way to be solved However it is obvious that these authors were not eally willing to put too much effort in a short story for an anthology Their lack of initiative and interest is obvious by their sloppy plots I haven t ead anything by most of them but I m sure they put a lot effort in their own stuff because all of the stories in Manhattan Mayhem were made by a formula a character with humble beginnings a couple of sidekicks you don t eally get what s going on and by the time you do the story is done and you are left with the feeling that all of the authors were in this for an easy buck All of the stories that don t fit in this category are somewhat worth eading though not groundbreaking just a little bit bearable than the est. L Street Rodeo” copyright © 2015 by Angela Zeman“Copycats” copyright © 2015 by N J Ayres“Red Headed Stepchild” copyright © 2015 by Margaret Maron“Sutton Death Overtime” copyright © 2015 by Judith Kelman“Dizzy and Gillespie” copyright © 2015 by Persia Walker“Me and Mikey” copyright © 2015 by T Jefferson Parker“Ever” copyright © 2015 by Justin Scott“Chin Yong Yun Makes a Shiddach” copyright © 2015 by S J Rozan“The Baker of Bleecker Street” copyright © 2015 by Jeffery Deave.

Ore and some lesser known authors get to be in a book alongside some of their famous peers such as Mary Higgins Clark Jeffery Deaver and Lee Child I particularly enjoyed eading Margaret Maron s offering along with Julie Hyzy Persia Walker Thomas H Cook and Nancy Pickard However other eaders will enjoy other stories within this collection and that s what makes this type of anthology so great So why not dip in to this pick and mix and just enjoy This was a great find at the libraryI love mysteries and so a book full of short mystery storiesYes pleaseExcellent choices some better than others but that is to be expectedI very much enjoyed this and would ecommend it to others Read on the WondrousBooks blog When I euested this book on NetGalley I was expecting something creepier complicated and also full of interesting little facts about New York This book was none of these things NoneI emember eading Mary Higgins Clark a few years ago since my grandmother is a big fan and she borrowed many MHC books from the library I m not a die hard fan of the mystery genre but I do love me a good crime novel from time to time That s why of course as usual why not I had high expectations about this anthology For one Ms Clark participates herself in it for another she was the editor so naturally I was sure she d have chosen eally good pieces for Manhattan MayhemIn eality the book started off eally well In the first 5 6 stories there eally was the element of creepiness and I liked the style and the flow as a whole That was soon uined by American writers obsession with America s glorious past full of mafioso wannabe s I ll get back to that later After too many bad stories there was a spark of something with the story about the two step sisters And then we were brought back to the dull eality of this bookAs I mentioned above too many of the stories ar. Mchair detectives and armchair travelers alike“The Five Dollar Dress” copyright © 2015 by Mary Higgins Clark“White Rabbit” copyright © 2015 by Julie Hyzy“The Picture of the Lonely Diner” copyright © 2015 by Lee Child“Three Little Words” copyright © 2015 by Nancy Pickard“Damage Control” copyright © 2015 by Thomas H Cook“The Day after Victory” copyright © 2015 by Brendan DuBois“Serial Benefactor” copyright © 2015 by Jon L Breen“Trapped” copyright © 2015 by Ben H Winters“Wal.

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There is no eason for anyone not to ead Manhattan MayhemThis novel is the first I ve ead of its kind I ve ead many anthologies but none structured as delightfully as this I just loved how each story took place during a different time in a different part of one of the greatest cities in the world All 18 of the short stories were uick awesome eads all entertaining and all of them leaving me wishing there was to ead I feel like it s impossible to eview each one because I enjoyed them all so much There were three that definitely grabbed me than the others Ever by Justin Scott this my favorite Copycats by NJ Ayres and last but not least The Baker of Bleecker Street by Jeffery DeaverFor eaders who have not ead a lot of myster I gotta say while I m not a huge fan of books that comprise of many short stories I thoroughly enjoyed this very much I won the book through Goodreads and I want to thank uirk books for being so generousWhile some of the stories weren t nearly as exhilarating as others many were extremely well written Each author clearly has expertise in writing mysteries I forgot how much I loved mysteries until I ead this I highly ecommend this book to anyone looking for uick thrills and impressive curious plots This includes a play among other things and each style is a great transition from the last This for a fact makes you yearn for mystery And as I ead thank you to Mary Higgins Clark for her work in this Absolutely iveting What links this mixed bag of crime short stories offered up by the Mystery Writers of America is the wonder that is Manhattan Island Each author has set their novella in an iconic location and so we get to travel to Harlem Union Suare the Upper West Side and the Flatiron District to name but a fewWhat is great about an anthology like this is you get to ead authors your may never have come across bef. Best selling suspense novelist Mary Higgins Clark invites you on a tour of Manhattan’s most iconic neighborhoods in this anthology of all new stories from the Mystery Writers of America From the Flatiron District Lee Child and Greenwich Village Jeffery Deaver to Little Italy T Jefferson Parker and Chinatown SJ Rozan you’ll encounter crimes mysteries and iddles large and small Illustrated with iconic photography of New York City and packaged in a handsome hardcover Manhattan Mayhem is a delightful ead for ar.

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