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Way he meets Abigail is not the way to meet a woman After meeting her and dealing with feeling for another he realizes that what he feels for Abi is the real deal Abigail is in a horrific situation where Elsa comes to her aid with the help of Xander and Rafael She finds that her reaction to him is not one she xpected While she is dealing with Her First Mother (Conveniently Wed, everything she finds out disturbing news I really like the way that the two of them come together and work throughverything I can t wait for the next one I received this book as an ARC in Welcome Home, Cowboy (Wed In The West, exchange of an honest review We have Raphael Castell is a spanish hottie with a great heart He thinks he s in love with his sister in law but he is he Alpha syndrome Now throw in Abigail a girl that came to Spain with her asshole boyfriend Callum to be slapped around She says no and asks her friend Elsa for help Elsa s brother in law Raphael makes sure to make that stop He takes her under his wing Our hero is an alpha male that falls for the damsel in distress Our heroine is the damsel in distress that won t stay in distress Its a great story and pretty hot Raphael ualifies as one of my alpha males but I m waiting for Andreo Sooooo HOTSooooo HOTI love this series so farthe hot alpha bad ass men drive me crazyugh nice story the only problem to me was the Spanish words you should ve make research because mostly r wrong is presiosA not presiosO and some other but besides that I really like the books This is a reread for me Read this a few years ago and had it on my mind I only rated the book and never reviewed it So here is my review It was still just as good as when I originally read it back in 2016 Characters 45Plot 45Romance 45Mystery 155Action 45Darkness 155Humor 15Stars 4 Would I recommend this book Yes Just like the first book in this series I throughlynjoyed this one too Abi and Raf are a perfect match Abi is in an abusive relationship and Raf saves her she becomes the center of his world The plot is fantastic and the romance that blooms between the two is hot I love the action that takes place. Trust again and fall for the alpa yet sweet Rafael and will her love for Rafael ventually put her in danger Please note this book contains adult content of a sexual nature and is aimed at an 18 audien.

Copy received in xchange for an honest review Book Basics Genre Contemporary Romance Series 2nd in the series but could be read as a stand alone Love triangle view spoilerNo hide spoiler FREE on today 822018 This book had great potential Girl is in abusive relationship Boy helps girl leave abusive relationship They fall in love Happily Ever Afterthe Cowboys Baby (Ranching Family, endAnd on it s basis this book had all of thatbut it was so disjointed The girl is in an abusive relationship for two years beaten so bad she s taken to a hospital but within a few days she is lusting after the hero I don t know anyone that has come out of a long term abusive relationship that hasver rebounded that uickly And apart from a few moments where she feels nervous around men she s totally fine No long term issues Sorry I just didn t buy that That kind of abuse takes months if not years to get overif Between the Land and the Sea (Marinas Tales, ever at all That was just wrapped up way to uicklyAnd I think it s a topic that should not be glossed over I realize it s a romance novelbut seriously Let s at least make this realisticlet s not dummy it down for the masses I don t knowit just left a bad taste in my mouthAnd thediting OMG Does no one proofread Even if I had loved the story the grammatical Gilligan Unbound errors were so bad they were distracting I wanted to get out a red pen anddit for this authorAll in all it was an okay read with potential I don t think I will read this author again however 4 Stars Rafael is an ALPHA and is of a good time kind of guy After his meeting with Abigail he realizes that what he feels for Abigail is true Abigail is in a situation where she follows her Gone for Soldiers ex boyfriend to Spain thinking that they will will the happilyver after but the abuse got worst But Elsa comes to her aid with the help of Xander and Rafael One look at Rafael and she did not Hotshot P.I. expected to be attracted to him This is my first time reviewing a book for honest feedback so hopefully those who read understand my pov First let me say that I didn t read the first book of the seriesvery character was new to me I njoyed the storyl. Abigail knows that she has to get out of her abusive relationship when her boyfriend takes it one step too far she takes the plunge calling on her friend Elsa for help Elsa comes to the rescue and takes.

Ine right off and was xcited about chemistry you knew would come of Raff and Abi The characters were perfect the plot was perfect but details were not I found myself asking uestions about previous scenes as the book progressed and sadly most of the uestions were left unanswered I like getting a chance to know the characters Moonlight and Mistletoe (Harlequin Historical, esp when there s someone as hott as Raff but my hopes kept getting cut short In visual terms it s like having a sparkling new Mercedes outside and when you get in its missing a cup holder radio and adjustable seats Things that you don t have to have but have become accustomed to But all in all I liked the book just wish it had I was provided a copy for an honest reviewThis was my firstxperience with the Castell brothers as I have not yet read In Too Deep which was the first novel in the series However Bulletproof is a standalone The Castell brothers are a family full of hot alphas in Spain Yum This story was based around the love of Rafael and Abigail They meet in a tragic situation where Abigail has been beaten by her boyfriend Callum It follows their story from that terrible incident I really liked the characters that Izzy Williams has developed in this series You have the strong female bonds of Elsa Abigail and Kelly And of course the brothers Xander Rafael and Andreo This story contained Duty to Protect everything I love in a good romance story such as passion mind blowing sex and a little bit of jealousy But what I did find lacking for me were details I felt some of the story was rushed and just missing thatxtra information that I crave ie why Abi stayed in an abusive relationship for so long did she get the STD test she said she should get did her family know that she had moved on from Callum to Raff I plan to read In Too Deep and I also hope that we get to read about Andreo as he is a dangerous character that I d like to know about I received an ARC in The Surprise Triplets (Safe Harbor Medical exchange for an honest review I really liked itRafael is good looking big and very ALPHA He comes from a not so clean family and is of a good time kind of guy The. The Castell brothers with her Rafael's protective instincts rise to the surface immediately when he meets a battered Abi he feels the urge to protect the beautiful and frail girl Will shever learn to.

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