Daniel Joseph: Diving With The Whale Volume 2 The Intermediary Teachings Practices of Daskalos the Researchers of Truth

Times W helps K sometimes and both learn from each other and cover for each other at times reuired They both never feel nadeuate about what they don t have as long as they have each otherThere are a lot other parallel universes where K and W have different personalities but the above 2 are the ones with great contrast My point The Riven Shield (The Sun Sword, is that the harmony between these two valuable thingss valuable than each of themWhen knowledge Once More With Feeling is misusedt can dull the light of Spirit just as the wise use of knowledge as a gift to give to the world with a loving heart can enhance tLives of great men all remind us we can make our lives sublime and departing leave behind us footprints on the sands of time. Anced teachings on God Man and the Nature of Reality available anywhereVolume two of.

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Daskalos In psychotherapy we send out this etheric vitality mpregnated with our will the energy balls to heal and correct various conditions This means that What Matters Most in order to do so we must draw energy from the etheric double of our gross material and psychic bodies If we do this self consciously wembue t simultaneously with noetical substance creating an elemental of the thought desire variety endowed with all the four kind of etherLet us hypothetically say that there are two people K and W who posses Knowledge and Wisdom respectively and lets see the possible outcomesAs t turns out K Linnys Sweet Dream List is a self obsessed person who boasts of his knowledge and berates wisdom as just another form a luck It. Diving with the Whales a three part series on the ntermediary teachings of Daskal.

Also turns out that W nternally feels bad that he doesn t have enough knowledge but never admits Carnal Captive (Carnal Incorporated it well because of wisdom Over time they create a hostile environment among themselves and lead a life of misery jealousy hostility discontent and all the likes In the grand scheme of things over their perception of the value of the things they possess the actual value of knowledge and wisdoms lost among the other things that took overIn a parallel universe K Bad Boys On Board (Watson Brothers, is aware of the knowledge he has and respects those with wisdom Ws a happy go lucky person who understands what he doesn t know and respects those who know t They meet respect each other and start to trust each other K helps W some. Os and the Researchers of Truth In series will dive deeply nto some of the most adv.

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