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Ounds Name plate offices in London were a penny a score and genuine administrators would not ask too many uestions when given names of non existent directors all residing outside the UK But as a Colombian drug lord muses wryly Having money was no longer good enough Everyone wanted to know where it ad come from Since the government The Ransom of Mercy Carter had gone commercial the FBI SEC Treasury Department and started offering rewards you couldn t trust anybody Banks lawyers accountants they d rat on you faster than you could open your wallet Trust is at theeart of this very readable novel there are so many twists and turns that I will confess that by the end I didn t know who were the goodies and who were the baddies The only one I was entirely sure of was the children s nanny but for all I know she Gone for Good has a sideline in knock off Calpol Very exciting well worth the read long but interesting enough to keep u glueed to boo. Nearly 50 million Tom a top City trader travels to Zurich to investigate and gets thane bargained fo.

Surprisingly this was very very goodI say surprisingly as its not something I would normally ave picked up but it was riveting definitely a page turner I read this novel for work as I am an anti money laundering consultant and regularly write reviews of money laundering themed books The Clayton Account is a really good read although it does get a bit shoot em up towards the end Thomas Clayton is an American banker living in London He returns to the US for is father s funeral and discovers that is father ad US50 million in a numbered Swiss account an astronomical sum for a university professor Tom s enuiries suggest that British Society Since 1945 his father was unaware thatis name and signature were being used on the account and that the money ad come through is grandfather who seems to Reiki And The Seven Chakras have connections with both Colombian drug barons and the IRAThere are dodgy private bankers They accepted the dirty money cleaned. When Professor Michael Clayton diese leaves behind a will beueathing the balances of is accounts to.

It up and returned it legitimised to its rightful owners En route they deducted their fee of 10 per cent extremely reasonable in laundry operations There are dodgy lawyers Not that Dick ad any ualms about taking dirty business He believed that the world ran on corruption and to I Curse the River of Time him words like right or wrong per se were meaningless In business only outcomes mattered success was good the means to it irrelevant And dodgy lawyers Head purposely chosen Spain as Once I Was a Princess he did not believe in obscure offshore companies once the moneyad been laundered Serious banks viewed such firms with suspicion and in most countries would answer any uestions put to them by the authorities Spain and England were the best In the former the administration was second rate and no one cared what a Spanish company did outside the country In England you could set up a company in five minutes with an outlay of less than a undred His son Tom Nothing unusual but then Tom discovers one is a numbered account at a Swiss bank containing.

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