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S I absolutely loved this short storyI got too emotional reading it It is amazing how a short read like that can create so many emotions mostly sadThe book is about Bash s last 12 hrs It was so elouently written I felt that I was there right next to himThe prologue was AWESOME and the end gave me goose bumps You have to read The Last Thing first in rder to understand Bash 100%I never cared much about Bash while reading The Last Thing I can even say that I disliked him After reading Bash though my feelings towards him changed completelyThe book gives an excellent insight to Bash s personality Iness doesn’t come easy for meI wake up hoping that each day is my lastWarning This is a short story to the nov.

It was nice to have Bash s story in printI finally got to understand why he did what he did The pressures that he was under and that he felt that he had DIY Projects for the Self-Sufficient Homeowner: 25 Ways to Build a Self-Reliant Lifestyle onlyne way ut f itIt s nice to see a book that deals with real life issues such as depression and suicideThis book definitely makes you thinkThank you Briana for bringing us Bash s story Bash is a story f the real hard truth f teens battling with depression and confusion Gaitan takes us through the last 12 hours before tragedy hits and does it in a way that will suck you into the story If you ve read The Last Thing then you will LOVE thi. My name is BashYou may look at me and think my life is perfectIt is anything butI’m not like normal people Happ.

Eelings flaws and relationship with uinnHis story is truly tragic LOVED IT Why picked up this book Bash is a short story that is apart Dead Man Riding (Nell Bray, of Briana Gaitan s The Last Thing I really enjoyed TLT so when this was released I immediatelyrdered so I could read Bash s short storySome Thoughts I honestly had a rough time deciding how I felt about Bash as I read The Last Thing and getting this novella from his side to help shed light n why he did what he did was a nice touch It made him less douchey l Snippet ReviewShort bittersweet blunt and all about Bash Intense fast paced and filled with potential. El The Last Thing Though Bash can be read as a stand alone you will enjoy it better AFTER you read The Last Thing.

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