Alicia Taylor: Warped Manipulaion Trilogy Corrupted #2

Y that blows your mind For two authors to come together to put a brilliant book together is fantastic This book flowed together so well It really is a story I had to read in ne sitting These characters would not let me put my kindle down As much as I loved book Cómo ligar con esa chica que tanto te gusta y a la que le gusta otro one I loved this even The storyline is gripping Love Damon and Ella I so wanted to jump into my kindle and slap Leona a few times I really didn t know how it was gonna panut This book doesn t end in a throw the kindle kinda cliffhanger however it does leave me hoping we don t have to wait too long for the conclusion Well done Natalie and Alicia Death Threat on a brilliant story I m so looking forward to reading from you I really wanted to like this But it didn t work for me At all The storyline as a whole had me very intrigued but the female MC disappointed me The prologue was great I was instantly interested and wanted to readn but then it personally didn t hold my attention after that Ella wants revenge for her sister and tries to seduce the guy that was responsible for her sister s death She kept going n about how she would destroy him and then as soon as she sees him r well interacts it s like there s attraction straight away and it wasn t built up it happened so instantly and then all f a sudden her heads too messed up to carry ut her revenge It didn t feel believable in ther words And her sister s diary entry they made her seem a little crazy bsessive and like Porter Rockwell: A Biography onef those girlfriend that get way to clingy and in Satire over their heads It was a bit worrying Her sister s love for Damon just felt like a creepybsession than love The story personally didn t work for me it might work for thers But I felt a real disconnection with the characters and their actions If it s even possible I enjoyed this book than Corrupted I can t rate it any higher than 5 although I thought it stepped up a gear from Corrupted Part f that reason I think are the chapters from Damon s POV There s something about a male POV that improves a book It also gave me an insight as to what was going through his mind Is he playing the player Or is he genuineWhat Hebrew magic amulets on earth is goingn between Damon and Leona She needs a huge throat punch What a bitch It s great to read a true bitch who is totally focussed n throwing as many spanners in the works as she can She s ut for her Being There own gains and doesn t care how she gets there What exactly has she gotn DamonElla هذه بلادنا: الجواء oh poor sweet Ella You have to feel for her So conflicted about everything she believed She findsut that maybe she didn t know her sister as well as she thought she did and what with her blossoming relationship with Damon she really is at Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom odds with herselfTom is a great best friend to Ella He really has her back and it s good to know she has someone she can truly trust who isnly interested in what s best for EllaThese two authors must have a load f fun writing this trilogy They have excelled at writing a great villain They have mastered the art f creating conflict They write a good steamy scene They write great I was gifted a copy by the authorsWarped is book 2 in The Manipulation Trilogy It picks up exactly where the cliffhanger left usAll this man does is cause hurt and heartbreak He is like a tornado destroying anything and anyone who gets in his wayI will not let him destroy me That was never the planElla has fallen in love with Damon and she is fighting am inner war with herself She is struggling to reconcile the truth as written by her sister and Damons actions with Leona to the way her heart feels This novel also has chapters written from Damon s pov which gives us a greater insight into his character She ll know what a monster I amDamon is fighting his wn demons and is her playing her at her wn game The plot twists and turns and keeps you n the edg. Ted games Leona is first His touch repulses me His fake affection disgusts me He sickens me I need to get my head in the game I need to be smart and break their bond to easily.

6 star review hands down This book will totally rock your world and tilt it n its axis Alicia and Natalie weave a suspenseful tale that will have your heart racing and your knuckles white from gripping your ereader I could not put it down for even ne second Just when Ella thought all was right in the world her entire universe was turned upside down She and Damon had an argument which is something couples do but to come home and find him lip locked with Leona made her world as she knew it come to a screeching halt Ella knew she had to get her head back into the game There was no happy ending for her She is n a mission and it is time to take Damon down There is nly ne problem here She loves him and no matter how much she tries to deny it she can t Damon right away is remorseful for the kiss He knew he screwed up and will do anything to win Ella s heart back When Ella lets him in n a secret she has been hiding ne he is furious He wants to hate her and believe that she used him but it does not take too long for Damon to figure ut that she was an innocent This series is really uite magnificent Alicia and Natalie are two The War at Home: One Family's Fight Against PTSD of the kindest and sweet bloggers that I have the privilege to know I would have never thought the twof them had this story hidden deep inside f their brilliant minds This series will grip you from the very first chapter f Corrupted to the very last chapter f Warped I am n the edge f my seat as I wait for Avowed So many secrets are revealed in Warped and at the very end f this read your mind will be completely blown away You will be telling yourself no way When people ask what they should read this series is the first thing Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle: A History of the American Cowboy in Song, Story and Verse off the tipf my tongue This is a story that will stay with you The hero is also the villain and that will mess with your head a bit I love it It is so refreshing to find such a uniue storylineLet s talk about heat This read gets 5 scorching hot flames Damon knows what he wants and Ella gives it to him Their chemistry is Set Theory, Logic and Their Limitations off the charts hot This is certifiable panty melting read If you want to read something that is uniue that will have you uestioning what is going to happen next and when it does you tell yourself no way that just happened then you mustne click Corrupted and Warped Bravo ladies n a job well done I need Avowed now There s a lot f going n for this second book such a roller coaster f emotionsThe push and pull really tiring to read at some point and some scenes is cliche but it s not that badI hate that I felt the heroine slowly turn to look pathetic with her hot and cold towards The Stringbean Murders our heroNot to forget the Hero fucked up in this book as well and I think he need grovel to earn heroine trustOverall this still an enjoyable read and I need to start with third book Wow everything come to a head about Ella and how she feels so aloneDamon finally got his headut أساطير شعبية من قلب جزيرة العرب: الجزء الرابع of his ass Ok and Leona I really wish someone would knock her down a few pegs This series is amazing good Can not wait for the third book in serie Els Damon pick up right where they leftff in Corrupted Els has her secrets and Damon has his Stricken (Asphalt Cowboys, own Leona is still constantly getting in the wayDamon keeps picking Leonaver ElsThe night Damon was proposing for real he left Asshole move in my The Sporty Game opinion All becausef LeonaSo Els left him Although she wasn t alone Damon fucked up He lost the woman he loved She told him something He didn t believe her He fucked upEls is broken Feels totally aloneShe goes to visit her dad Damon finds her They make up He becomes the man she needed Now I m totally waiting to see what happens next I hate being left in the loop Blah I rate Warped 5 stars This is the second book in The Manipulation Trilogy and what a fantastic story this is I find it amazing that an author can sit down and write a stor. I won’t be caught ff guard again I won’t let them win They played the first round and won Now it’s time for me to even the score Damon and Leona will pay for their twis.

E f your seat Leona has a hold Inventions That Changed the World: Working Wonders on Damon and the reason is always just keptut Love Onboard: Cupid's Caribbean Cruise of reach The lengths that woman goes to in this installment had me shaking my head and screaming at Damon to see her for what she really isElla has a break through moment and the scene blew me away Spoiler alertyou will need a whole boxf tissuesI m sorry daddy I ve been badI ll be good I promise I ll be who I was who I am I went down the wrong path but I m correcting it now I want happiness again please daddy help meWe drive into a world Vertical Mind: Psychological Approaches for Optimal Rock Climbing of fractured minds and explore the truth from different perspectiveshow truth can be warped bythers How Blood Love obsession can ruin lives and the lengths people go to believing it s love There are explosive moments and times when you sit back and think wowI did not see that coming I could notut this downThe ending Ella Knight knew nothingElla Hunt will know everythingIt s time I Avow my sinsHad me shaking my head in frustrationoh no they didn tnot again I NEEEEDDDD to knowcan not wait to read the final chapter in Ella s and Damon s story f self discovery and her journey through grief Amazing five star read This second instalment in the Manipulation Trilogy by Alicia and Natalie lives up to it s title f Warped It immediately starts from where Corrupted ended and has the added difference f Damon s point f view to some chapters also His insight and viewpoint n events and what he actually sees and thinks is an additional benefit I loved Ella s journey in this book is an emotional ne she realises many things she was lead to believe were corrupted how she s dealt with her past and grief Warped her behaviour and utlook and she has a difficult time nce she realises this as the past can never be washed away forever She has Tom as a constant to help her through as her and Damon s relationship has many factors to contend with past secrets exes and ne constant Leona They both are scared f their feelings for each DIY, Dammit!: A Practical Guide to Curse-Free Crafting other andnce Ella sees the truth she fears all that she wants maybe lost Damon has many demons he s trying to keep Ella from many f which we re still kept in the dark about but his pov made me feel so much f a connection to him this time his realisation f Leona s intentions was a great moment but I fear that malicious character won t leave uietly Damon has two women as a constant in his life both with agendas and means f manipulation to get their Civil rights, tool of communist deception own way One is determined and warpedn getting her wn way and the ther just wants to be loved and chosen first for Cutthroat once Who will Damon choose to haven his life forever I was fortunate to beta read this book Warped takes right An Eastern Orthodox Response to Evangelical Claims off from Corrupted I was really excited things were coming undone for Ella and Damon Ella s plan is backn to break Damon She accepts his The Claiming of the Shrew offer but she is going to twist hisffer into heartbreak Evil planning hormonal revenge seeking woman Summoned on the loose YESwait No Yep that was a big fat No What we get for a good 70%f the book is Ella s doubt about everything She has a lot f self pity that was ver doneand ver and ver As I began to skim most Baghdad, Mon Amour: A Journey of Exile and Return of the book I finally get to some real drama The real good stuff when skimming can t be done The final pagesf this book grab you and the lies and secrets begin to loosen When Damon and Ella start to accept their lives with real honesty this story flows These two are meant for each Dead Inside other All the vengeful planning actually created loven different levels Celebration and happiness is short lived when a woman scorned from Damon s past and present explodes things start unraveling for Ella Ella Knight knew nothing Ella Hunt will know everythingIt s time I avow my sins This ending The author gets youyou have to start book 3 no matter how frustrated you are with this story 3 Bored But There Has To Be More Stars. Crush them Damon is clever He knows what he’s doing He’s been playing the game long enough He’s twisted I’m warped It’s time to finally end this Time to finally win.

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