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D his parents are killed in a car accident with him being the only survivor Sean is soon adopted but because he was so young he only discovers his adoption as a teenager and this is where the novel starts asking the reader uestions I do not want to spoil what happens next as it is brilliant as well as heartbreaking but what I will say is that Sean soon travels the world to finally settle in a mysterious place called Janus and this is where our xcellent story beginsTo say The Mark of Janus is an Zoete tranen excellent book is an understatement and in no way does that one word do this novel justice Instead this novel is thrillingnchanting mystical mysterious and above all incredible and no words will be able to Water Music express how much I adored this book I loved how this novel followed one character on his journey as he grew and began to understand himself it was really poignant and beautiful to read and to see him searching for the meaning to his life was beautiful and captivating It is not only a character study but rather this novel is also a story of mystery it is very mysterious and fromarly on your mind is already whizzing with uestions The Mark of Janus does pose some really interesting concepts and presents moral messages and uestions that will keep you captivated until the very Revived endThe novel s author Patrick David Daley is anxceptional writer one that kept me hooked with his writing from beginning to Student Research Projects in Calculus end His writing was visually descriptive and I imaginedverything he had written so wonderfully it was like I was watching a movie when I read this book that is how captivated I was and how ngrossed I was in the mystical story I loved how Daley has managed to create a wonderful but also erie world that will keep the reader hooked he has built a fascinating world one that he can Love for Imperfect Things expand on beautifully and I truly am soxcited to see what he can do with itTo summarise my thoughts on The Mark of Janus I would say If you adore musical stories that have depth and intrigue that will captivate you from beginning to A Heart of Stone end then you will adore this wonderful novel The Mark of Janus gets Five Stars from me. He soon discovers a peaceful society committed to remaining isolated from the world As Sean immerses himself in a new life he is unaware that beneath the peaceful charm lies a hidden truth the island'snigmatic leader a beautiful woman and The Spirit know about him than he doesThe Mark of Janus is the compelling tale of one man's journey to fulfill a purpose two centuries in the making as the future of the world wai.

The story of Sean and his agerness to xplore life beyond his own world and find some truth is one that speaks to the heart of all those searching for a place to belong The book allows readers to Language and Linguistics engage in a mysterious and meaningful uest of one s identity making it hard to put down Anticipating book number two I m not one to pick up a book from authors I don t know but this was given to me as a gift I have to admit at the start I wasn t sure but as I kept reading I found myself relating to some of the lifevents of Sean the main character and his ponderings as his story unfolds The story takes us through the birth of Sean as a teenager hearing information that would come as a shock to anyone the breakdown of one relationship and the Divertimento eventual start of another and his life choices his or the manipulation of others to fulfill a larger plan that take him on a journey to Janus The concept and Sean sventual conversation with the spirit does make one wonder about God s larger plan in our own lives As I said to the friend who gave me the book I became intrigued to see where this story would go Now on to the second book Thanks Patrick for a great story An intriguing read but only for the first half Read my full review at The Mark of Janus begins with Sean s birth and the observation that he has the same triangular birth mark as his father and grandfather Shortly thereafter his parents are in a car accident and he is the sole survivor He is adopted as an infant and only learns of the adoption as a teenager He tells his friend Hilary and then clings to and marries her working in the law firm of their parents One day Hilary decides he s not devoted Love Is a Fairy Tale enough to the jobven though he loves her and kicks him out such that they become legally separated She subseuently fires him from the firmSean s friend Larry reaches out with a life raft he offers him a job with the UN and then helps him to get a job as a writer for a newspaper In the meantime Hilary gets sick and dies Sean is somewhat set adrift when the opportunity for travel comes and he goes to Janus Janus is an island utopia where all Sean Kilgore born with the same distinctive birthmark as his father grandfather and great grandfather has no idea that he belongs to the world not just his parents Months later after a car accident robs him of his parents and his history little Sean is adopted by his father's colleague Sean Kilgore is now Sean Brennan As Sean grows older and learns he is adopted he cannot scape the belief that his triangular birthmar.

He people live simply and in harmony Janus is being threatened Sean s role is clear but his involvement changes throughout the book This first book is just to slowly set up the sceneI found the writing to be somewhat cold and distant from these vents Sean seems like a drifter through his own life rather than a participant Hilary seemed really cold and cruel your husband is having some doubts about his career so you kick him out I didn t understand why he liked her I liked the idea of the new romance later but it was short and just as distantly written as the rest Sean flits from job to job and task to task It s hard to believe he could do much if any good for Janus I assume he will grow as a character in later booksI d like to rate this 25 stars I finished it it s a uick read with large font but I am not interested in reading future books in the series I found it hard to like the main character and to understand his role It was tough to get motionally involved with him or the vents on Janus for me Please note that I received this bo Just finished reading The Mark of Janus an Bangkok Wakes to Rain excellent book The story about Sean Brennan who is searching for a meaning to his life is captivating The book presents a well thought out and interesting story It has intrigue and mystery but also presents a moral message andxplores the concept of a peaceful planet The relationship people on the secluded island of Janus have with The Spirit is uniue It is the first in a series Can t wait for book two The Mark of Janus is fascinating intriguing story that has sent my thinking mind into overdrive This novel is a novel full of possibility and The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery endlessnjoyment it is a novel that Darkmere enthralled me from beginning tond and already I implore you lovely readers to read itThe Mark of Janus follows the novel s protagonist Sean Kilgore from birth to adulthood on his journey of self discovery When Sean is born it is apparent straight away that he has an unusual triangular shaped birth mark on him a birth mark which is identical to his fathers and his grandfathers and so on However soon after his birth tragedy strikes an. K has significance Yet his attempts at discovering what it means only deepen the mysteryYears later Sean feels like a stranger in his own life Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? encumbered by a restlessness that beckons him into the unknown Seeking toscape a past marred with disappointment and tragedy Sean leaves a life of certainty behind and travels from Toronto to Kabul to London and finally to Janus an uncharted island in the North Atlantic where.

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Patrick David Daley is a former journalist columnist publisher and corporate speechwriter whose career has spanned than four decades He currently resides in Toronto Canada with his wife Wendy where he is writing the final book in the four novel Janus Chronicles The Time of Janus