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Ory of ure good and unknowingly talented Sean meeting his true mate Armand the most Adorkable powerful and rich Alpha in North America and falling head over heels for each other I had a very difficult time finishing this book as it just seemed to be missing too much I am generously giving it a 2 star rating and hoping that the next books in the series are better 25 s Sean the omega annoyed me he was always whining about one thing or another and Armand didn t seem to have time for a mate or a back bone as an alpha DNF d at 28% because the writing was just so ludicrous Smarmy unrealistic dialogue and characters I wanted to spork to death. Way home to his Manhattan brownstone When the wounded boy stops his car Armand recognizes two thingsthe boy isart wolf an Omega with a great gift and he's Armand's mate Now all Armand has to do is claim his mate and keep him safe from the murder.

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I LOVED the story line but the writing was veryunderwhelming The editing was awful There were seuences out of order missing words grammar and so much I normally don t judge a book based on the editing Authors aren t always totally responsible for this a Discover the Seasons publisher should make sure a lot of these errors are caught This case is an exception because of the extreme nature and the fact that ituts so many errors into the story itselfI did like the characters Sean is a little unbelievable His is a bit naive for his life and innocent I thought the story itself could have been great I loved the ideas and the overall story line of the boo. On his way home from a meeting of the North American werewolf council Armand La Marche is stopped in his limousine by a boy who is hurt by an unknown assailant who murdered his friend After decades of searching Armand has found his mate There is on.

K It is unfortunate that the errors in the book weren t caught and corrected I think this could be a really good book if re edited correctly 35 1 12 of the stars are for the audioA few days ago a friend sent me a Science in Ancient Egypt pic of his late night snack a frosted Twinkie with sprinkles on two scoops of vanilla ice cream I almost threw up in my mouth because I m generally theerson who skips dessert after diner Not a sweets lover At all And yet oh Joel Leslie the things you make me do If you re in a generous mood need to have your hands free and don t want to engage your brain too much this might work for you This is basically a Cinderella st. E How To Take Care of Your Human Pet problem someone is trying to kill Sean Sean uinn's friend Leroy was gutted trying torotect him He runs for help and stops the first car he sees Armand LaMarche is head Alpha of the North American werewolf council and was in his limousine on his.

AC Katt was born in New York City’s Greenwich Village She remembers sitting at the fountain in Washington Suare Park listening to folk music while they passed the hat At nine her parents dragged her to New Jersey where she grew up married and raised four children and became a voracious reader of romantic fiction At one time she owned over two thousand novelsNow most of AC’s books are elect