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Rose and Walugo seemed to me very believable and authentic And again they are generally happy throughout the novel with a deep christian faith strong family bonds and good sense of community Don t get that too often in westerns In that way this novel was a breath of fresh air Did not realize this was a Christian book but enjoyed it Book 3 of 3Needed story I am a born again Christian But it seemed ike every chapter in all 3 books was devoted to stories of helping people get right with God The title of this series should have been calledSaving Soul. Bank robbery he didn’t commit travels with his oyal wife Gloria from Missouri And so many others They all come for and and a new beginning yet face so much that is unexpected fraudulent sooners funnel clouds rattlesnakes even oil And of course unexpected kindness and God’s provisionWill the Cherokees and the settlers all find a home in the and of promise And perhaps a spiritual home as wel.

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The Land of Promise was an okay read for me but I m sure people who ove this genre might enjoy it Even though I Battleground Chicago love Christian Fiction and for the Gospel message to be shared in books I feltike this book was a Albert Camus little too preachy and things turned out aittle too perfectI did Bitter Choices like the characters especially Cherokee Rose and Britt I also thought parts of the book were interesting but the writing style and point of view changes kept me fromiking it I did not get this book for review I borrowed the book from my Bill Veecks Crosstown Classic library As always all thoughts and. LAND RUSHBritt Clairborne United Cherokee Nation Chief of Police and his sweet wife Cherokee Rose face challenging times It’s 1889 and the Cherokees are being moved onto reservations within the Oklahoma District The remainder of theand promised to them decades ago is being opened for white settlers to homestead Of course the Cherokees are unhappy Some are outraged and want to stand and fight?.

Opinions expressed are my own Rated it A very relaxing and peaceful book for a western what The characters actually Blood, Milk, Ink, Gold live peaceful and happyives Didn t mind the christian Mikhail Bakhtin lifestyles of the characters though there was too much emphasis on them going to church probably 15 times throughout the book converting other characters to their church etc and because of this the authors gotost from any real plot in the book or further character developmentSeriously the book could have been titled Going to ChurchThat being said The characters Britt Cherokee. ?despite Britt’s warning that they will be punished swiftly and severely by the US ArmyBefore Carnival long white settlers converge from all directions Lee and Kathy Belden and their two children come from Texas where theyost their farm after years of drought Martha Ackerman newly widowed arrives from Kansas with her three young children and her parents Craig Parker fresh out of prison and cleared of

JoAnna Lacy are coauthors of the Mail Order Bride Hannah of Fort Bridger and Shadow of Liberty series The Lacys make their home in the Colorado Rockies