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D Knight s Shadow is a splendid seuel that s better than its predecessor in every wayI stated before in my Traitor s Blade review that the book is a combination of The First Law series by Joe Abercrombie and The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas this book holds true to that statement than ever especially towards First Law as the series goes into grimdark territory This means that Knight s Shadow is s a book for adult fantasy reader there s graphic torture violence and rape involved here and I would not recommend any oung reader to read this series without any guidanceThat said the direction that Sebastien took for this book improved the uality of this series on every aspect for me Traitor s Blade was a fun read but there s some flaw in it that prevent the debut to reached its potential Knight s Shadow erased those flaws no Deus Ex Machina elements world building elements are introduced as we started learning about the Saints Dashini and a little bit of magic I won t dive into any details on the plot to avoid any kind of spoiler on book 1 it s also why this review will be shorter compared to my usual reviews The plot in Knight s Shadow started soon after the end of the first book all Neptunes Daughter (The Atalantium Trilogy, you have to know is that it s much thrilling and gripping than before The trials and tribulation that Falcio and the gang faced here is intense orou could also say full of bad luck It s fast paced with great actions scenes and overall the book is a much engaging read compared to its predecessor I find myself struggling to put the book down every time I took a break especially starting from the the second half of the book right after the Interlude when the story started going into grimdark territoryI have high praises towards one particular scene it s foreshadowed in the prologue of the book The Greatcoat s Lament This scene is definitely the best part of the book heck it could even be the highest point of the series it s gritty top notch and very well written Everyone who has read this book will definitely know what I m talking about herePicture Greatcoat s Lament Cover of the ARC editionPlus the character interactions are intriguing than before One of the minor cons I had with the first book was that I wanted Falcio to spend time with Brasti and Kest their camaraderie and friendship is definitely one of the strongest factors of the series and it please me to see that they do receive many interactions here Their camaraderie bromance are solidified and I should also note other than the great character developments for Falcio Brasti Kest and Darriana my favorite character in the series so far will have to be Brasti any actions or dialogue he has is simply golden Happiness is a series of grains of sand spread out in a desert of violence and anguish The only two minor cons I have with the book is that I find Falcio during the first half of the book was uite hard to get attached to his personality while necessary for his development was annoying to read The other con is that I think some of the revelations were too predictable not all of them though some were really well done and I definitely didn t expect itOverall Knight s Shadow is a worthy superior seuel and a necessary addition in the Greatcoat series Sebastien de Castell improves every element from the foundation that was carved in the first book for a compelling read and experience It was as I said before hard to put down compelling and I will definitely read what he left in store for me for the last two books of the series You can find this and the rest of my Adult EpicHigh Fantasy Sci Fi reviews at BookNest I freaking love these guys This book starts right where the other one left off And then they have to fight some evil peeps a few pages after that Kest Brasti and Falcio are three men I just love and the banter between them is the best Who could carry on crazy conversations while fighting people Anyhoo so they are helping The Tailor try to get an army together to defeat that freaking a hole Trin She wants to be ueen but she s evil and the guys are trying to make sure the rightful ueen little Aline who is only a child gets on the throne Well it turns out I wanted to smack The Tailor a few times because she ends up causing chaos as well The old btch gets a ton of people killed Valiana is trying to fight with the boys now that she is a greatcoat but she hasn t had much training and it s a sht show until Dariana starts training her She is another greatcoat The Tailor sent with the boys And she s bad to the bone I love her Although there is one part but it seems to work itself out The Tailor is a rude old crone and I don t like the way she puts down Valiana who is trying her hardest to be a greatcoat and protect little Aline The callousness of the Tailor s words the way she discarded all of Valiana s pain and sorrow burned in me I needed her to know how much I hated this all of it her cold calculating strategies the way she planned and plotted She wasn t much different from the Dukes we all despised The others were looking at me waiting to see how I would react I didn t want to be an angry petulant child I wanted to be noble and brave and all the things I d tried to be since the day the King had shaken me out of my madness But I couldn t I simply didn t have it in me You re a fucking bitchI said The guys and girls go off to see if they can get some aide from some of the Duke s to help fight against Trin and her army Well that just becomes another crazy mess of things Although I did like when they went to see Duke Issault because he was crazier than a sht house rat Until he wasn t Then comes all of the twists and turns and I don t see how the author does it Oh and another person I didn t like was Shuran I don t even know if I spelled his stupid name right Either way he s a twat All I can say for sure is that I love these guys and I love they have the girls too But the guys are my favs and so help me they better not die It s already bad enough but I won t hold my breath because I know people I like die a lot in the books I read And I don t like what all Kest went through I don t like what any of them went through for that matter anyway on to the next Tell them the Greatcoats are coming MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List. Io soon discovers his own life is in mortal danger from a poison administered as a final act of revenge by one of his deadliest enemies As chaos and civil war begin to overtake the country Falcio has precious little time left to stop those determined to destroy his homela.

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So peculiar about Knight s Shadow I found stuff I love in my booky treats action with lots of fighting breath taking adventure gripping drama and wonderful interaction among characters Characters Oh boy the author really knows how to create memorable and well fleshed out characters I was amazed following Falcio s crew to the meetings with various VIP or less important but admirable characters all created with care and detail Their witty dialogues continued to charm me with ease even in the saddest moments I admit I loved the fun and easy style of interaction but altogether with tough and real emotional side it made the book gripping for me This book is definitely not an easy read In a good way The author used his great skill to let us have a detailed sneak peak into the relationships the effect of hopeless situations on people and that allowed me to see the great and touching human element in this story Scarred by past scared of the future brave till the very last lovable some despicable always interesting and fighting to stay alive As I continued to follow them I found them face to face with their own conflicts entangled in a greater and meaner scheming that will decide the fate of their worldview spoilerFalcio with amazing investigative skills and charming stubbornnessKest with the overpowering madness and faithful commitmentBrasti with his amazing gangVal with so much potential and struggles to find meaning in life Dashing assassins with their awesome mysterious backgroundDari with sharp tongue and sharper sword I love this girlie Hold the line damn Die Mystikerin you I heard Dariana scream from across the suare You think those Knights are scary They re just men and they ll just killou Me I ll drag our fucking arses outside the village and feed ou piece by piece to our own Saints damned pigs hide spoiler 45 Buddy read with the Kings heart Petrik To mayhem and fighting I m really struggling to write this review due to the complexity of the plot and of course how SPOILERISH my draft review was so I m just going to just write a short spoiler free review Okay so despite feeling meh about book one of this series I went into this book with high expectations and I must say this is definitely better then the first I felt this book had a lot pro s then con s and I m FINALLY starting to see why everyone adores this seriesOnce again the book started extremely slow I thought it was going to be another disappointment however around 300 pages in shit got exciting and when I say exciting I really mean it This book did not slow down until the end it s brutal it s terrifying just downright cool I m starting to very slowly become addicted to this series this author knows how to bring the grim to the dark I LOVE IT Holy shit some scenes had me CRINGING For all ou salty sea dogs that have read this book I will tell Pisco significa pajaro. you that THAT SCENEou know the one I m talking about made me love this book it was fucking amazing terrible brutal savage as fuck but so good I m fangirling over the savagery displayed in this novel But it wasn t all rainbows buttercups I still find the writing kinda choppy and the world building definitely improved and is no longer a hinderance BUT I just can t look past how much I hated the start of this novel and I don t know why I didn t like it I guess it just felt very similar to book one and the first 30% was boring I couldn t stand Falcio at the start So the ending definitely saved the book for me Still not a favourite but a pretty cool book and I m really excited to continue with the series He d told me the world could be the most lovely place Einführung in die deutsche Sprache der Wissenschaften you could imagine so long asour imagination was fueled by love The story follows Falcio Val Mond first cantor of the Kings Greatcoats After the murder of a duke and his whole family Falcio is determined to find the culprits and bring them to justice but Falcio is dying from a rare poison He must not only save himself but he must also save the country The plot was exciting thrilling captivating fast paced Definitely a fantastic seuel to an okay predecessor Although I still don t love this series I m definitely enjoying it a lot My favourite thing is still Castell s flawless writing style The magic system is better explained in this book but we didn t find out everything so it is still mysterious I also really like that the Greatcoats didn t spilt up this book and love their bromance so much did I mentioned that I laughed until I got a pain in my ribs during this book No I didn t but I am now So make sure The Defense (Eddie Flynn you have a change of underwear handy while reading this book because I guaranteeou ll piss Hai nhà yourself ALSO IM SO HAPPY KEST BRASTI FINALLY GOT SOME PAGE TIME but the real show stealers for me were the ladies Darriana and Valiana Valiana is the most well developed character of the whole series I love her I also have a soft spot for Brasti such a big soft dumb oaf that needs to join my harem The problem with Brasti is that he s an idiot He s handsome and charming he can outshoot any man or woman with a bow and he s an idiot Recommended to all fantasy lovers this series is definitely for ADULTS and only adults it contains ALOT of rape violence torture swearing badassery You can find this review and my other reviews at BooksprensPs I kinda wanna be a Greatcoat when I grow up 1 Traitor s Blade My name is Falcio val Mond one of the last of the King s Greatcoats and ifou listen very carefully Harry Potter a Me Ka Pōhaku Akeakamai: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in Hawaiian you might still be able to hear me screaming I mean this is probably the greatest line in any prologue ever And if this doesn t makeou want to read this amazing series I m not sure what will Yet I ll try to sing its praises anyway Falcio and the gang are up to even move adventures in this second book while still trying to honor their promises to their dead king Someone is killing the nine DukesDuchesses of Tristia and blaming their murders on the Greatcoats Falcio Kest and Brasti are trying to get to the bottom of it while also trying to keep their lives in a world where the majority of the population want to see them dead The rest of this review will have spoilers from Traitor s Blade so if Falling Through Clouds you have not read Traitor s Blade please doourself a favor and start Buddy read with my lovely Greatcoat SarahGripping gritty and fast pace. Tale of heroism and betrayal in a country crushed under the weight of its rulers' corruptionA few days after the horrifying murder of a duke and his family Falcio val Mond swordsman and First Cantor of the Greatcoats begins a deadly pursuit to capture the killer But Falc.

You are not a Greatcoat because The Art of Acquiring you have to be Falcioou are a Greatcoat because ou don t know how to be anything else After finding the elusive King s Charoite Falcio val Mond the First Cantor of the Greatcoats is facing the challenge of preventing a civil war in Tristia with his enemies having armies funds and support of the Dukes and him having nothing but the righteous zeal to make the world a better place Putting a 13 ear old girl on the throne is never an easy task but things look really bleak ahead of Falcio And so as he goes off to save the corrupt black pit of a country he is accompanied by a faithful band of his old companions but also gains new ones along the way Some of them prove to be true friends in need others just wait for the right moment to stab him in the back The novel offers a whirlwind of action with plot twisting like an angry eel Heed my advice and never trust anyone or anything as there are false bottoms double edges and traps waiting for naive readers every other page You will need to guess and double guess and retrace A Menagerie of Heroes your steps or else be prepared for unexpected And even though I have seen many things coming anticipating the intrigues and plots and plans within plans was fun At the same time the fun factor banter and a certain lightness of the narrative is down in this instalment while human grime and slime factor is considerably up Knight s Shadow is properly grimdark in many places Firstly we depart from the world of idealisticoung king Paelis and even idealistic commoner named Falcio val Mond who spent life annoying the nobility by enforcing the laws that the nobility found inconvenient and trying to bring them to heel so that the average people could live their lives in freedom and without fear view spoilerI liked how we were slowly gaining an understanding that we were seeing the King through Falcio s eyes and what we initially thought to be objective truth turns out to be an idealised image The two important conversations one in Falcio s dream when he essentially repeats all the issues I raised in my previous review What if Patriana had managed to kill all of Mr. Fix-It your so called chaorites And who in all the hells calls their bastards charities anyway Was it really that important to make sure I had no damned idea whatou d sent me to do Sadly the King doesn t answer and the other one with his fellow Greatcoats It s time The Complete Photo Guide to Slipcovers you stopped thinking the King was this all loving father figure He was only twoears older than the rest of us His shit stank like everyone else s He drank too much he lied on any number of occasions and it turns out he fucked half the noblewomen in the country hide spoiler April 2017 reread is now done Verdict Even better than I remember Some seriously dark moments but freaking awesome Apr 2016 reread because Saint s Blood Update 45 stars Ok so this one is definitely much darker than I remember but still great Buy it Original reviewKnight s Shadow had some big boots to fill after Sebastien de Castell s amazing debut novel and I had my doubts about whether it could be pulled off but with the follow up entry the author has proven his swashbuckling writing is here to stayIf Nazo no Kanojo X, Vol. 1 you have read the first bookou don t need me recommending this one as immediately after finishing the first one Tarikh Se Kuch Nahin Sikha you either pre ordered or placed Knight s Shadow onour future tbr pile If چهار تیاتر you haven tet read Traitor s Blade what are August Farewell you waiting for I cannot emphasize enough how much funou are missing out onThe story picks up right where it left off and is definitely much darker than the first entry but luckily there is plenty of humour interspersed throughout The son of a bitch got me he said showing me a wound barely deeper than a shaving cut You ll live I said Get up It s my hand Falcio Brasti complained rising to his feet I m an archer not a swordsman My art reuires finesse and skill it s not just swinging a pointy bar of metal around like a doddering old man waving a stick Our trio have their work cut out for them as they investigate a string of murders while also trying to view spoilerprotect Aline the kings daughter and all this with Falcio slowly dying from poisoning hide spoiler The fights that matter most aren t won on skill Knight s Shadow was undoubtedly an improvement to Traitor s Blade and what a seuel should be it develops it expands it makes ou want and in this case it is substantially darker Even though the narrative was still lim Mini Review 455 stars Considering how polarized my opinion was for Traitor s Blade it s surprising even to me how thoroughly I enjoyed Knight s Shadow It must have been the perfect combination of elements to satisfy my mood because even while reading it I couldn t put my finger on exactly why I liked it so much It just had that addictive uality that kept pulling me back to it in favor of other things which is something books don t do to me a lot these days The balance between humor and grit was well done so I enjoyed laughing while simultaneously sinking my teeth into a rich story When de Castell is on his game Being the second book in the series we already know most of the players but they are further characterised as de Castell goes deeper with them giving some unexpected layers Take Brasti for example he s the archer and was the comic relief in the first book always cracking a joke and having a uip at hand but in Knight s Shadow he shows surprising depth and emotion not just the laughable fool we imagined but a fully rounded characterThe seuel picks up pretty much right after the close of Traitor s Blade The great pleasures of Knight s Shadow is it s many unexpected turns which serve to keep the reader always on hisher toes and I can t think of the last time a book su An amazing BR with my fellow Greatcoats Craig Emelia and Samir What people remember about us That matters What are we really but acts of courage or cowardice generosity or greed I was intrigued by Traitor s Blade and really waited my playdate with greatcoats in the second book There were some small flaws I found in the first book and it was interesting to see if the author continued in the same style or made some improvements for carrying out the story What can I say Knight s Shadow blew my mind It s perfect 3What is. Following his beloved debut Traitor's Blade Sebastien de Castell returns with volume two of his fast paced fantasy adventure series inspired by the swashbuckling action and witty banter of The Three Musketeers Knight's Shadow continues the series with a thrilling and dark.

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