Patrick Fillion: Stripshow #2

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Ad. For 2 years now Class Comics Newsletter subscribers have been treated to the STRIPSHOW a monthly 1 page comics featuring all your favorite Boytoons with stories written by Patrick Fillion and exuisite art by terrific artists like Leon de Leon Jacob Mott Eric Mars Bryce Peters and Patrick FillionNow for the first time ever STRIPSHOW The Collection Volume 1 is available.

Ded. As a beautiful printed comic book as well as a high es Easy PDF digital comic The STRIPSHOW Collection features strips that have never been eleased beforeIn an exclusive 2 part episode entitled “The Card” Camili Cat is on a uest to clone Locus whom he believes has been killed Written by Patrick Fillion and beautifully illustrated by Leon de Leon to serve as a

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It. Reuel to the up coming Camili Cat comic entitled “Love Lost“Meanwhile Patrick draws as Bryce Peters to bring us a fresh new Diablo Boytoon Adventures style episode which is as funny as it is steamy There’s all that plus cool new art to enjoy including some gorgeous pin up work by Leon de Leon and of course Patrick Fillion’s stunning new cover for the collectio.

Born in uebec in 1973 Patrick Fillion discovered his love for drawing comics at the tender age of fi ve Today he draws for a wide variety of gay magazines in the USA Works by Fillion previously published by Bruno Gmünder Publishing include HEROES HOT CHOCOLATE and the comic strip MIGHTY MALEShttpwwwclasscomicscom