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Was stronger than anything In The Slave and The Soldier we were kept in the ark about Lysander s motives and couldn t understand his behavior But in The Master we finally have the chance to see inside his head and learn what he sacrificed why he sent Tam away to purchase Kai why he Unscrewed did to Kai what heid why he couldn t talk about his feelings why he remained married so long and who Neemah isOh boy how Lysander pulled at my heartstrings The strong master the underlord who isn t THAT strong all the time who has his weaknesses A tear leaked American Musicians down my face and Iashed it angrily away I had no right to cry I trembled with the effort of keeping everything inside of keeping tears at bay If I let them out they His Convict Wife (Convict Wives d consume me and I needed to be strong Needed to be the master everyone expected me to be My world had fallen apart and only I could put it back together If you love fantasy combined with menage The Free Men series will capture you In this last book of the trilogy one sex scene in particular blew me away and left me breathless reduced me to a puddle of goo Those three are soooo hot together Brilliant writtenBtw I loved Cas What a wonderful supporting character I m sure he could fill a fourth book easily Btw Kate one abominable creature is still alive Gently I prised him Kai off me cupping his face and raising his head to look at him His eyes were wet filled with so much pain I wanted to ride into theesert storm the stronghold take Andor in my bare hands and wring the life out of him inch by bloody gasping inch Can t wait for that to happen Just saying The Free Men trilogy is Toyota Management System definitely one of my Top 5 reads this year Marvelouslyone Highly recommended The wrap of this book three is just as riveting as the first two books A great trilogy Here we are post rescue and Kai s tortured body is healing but forever scarred MasterLysander and Tam are recovering also and Master s torture was mental than physical from the evil Andor On this planet with two suns Mistress and Cas have been very helpful Now they must travel to their ruined ravaged home that they were stolen from Once there everyone jumps in to assist the towns folk and army in the clean up and rebuilding Master is laden with guilt for all that has happened to everyone He feels that he has been a terrible leader and The Perfect Indulgence deems himself unworthy of anyone s sympathy or understanding Especially Tam and Kai sevotion Here we get lots of introspect from Master s mind Kai is struggling with his scars where the hot oil burned his chest and genitals and he still can t perform But his lovers still lavish him with care and touches and he and Master finally become closer There are many things being tended to like the orphans the people and the restorations This is beautifully written with stunning Stonebrook Cottage (Carriage House, descriptiveetails that make us feel like we are watching a movie The magnificent characters are flawed A Seductive Revenge doubting themselves fearful and in need The sex scenes are emotional andeeply intense and later Master and Tam prove to Kai that he can function Our guilty Master must make a choice This series is spectacular and heartwarming even amidst the brutality Our hearts are given to the trio We want them happy and together The epilogue is lovelyHighly recommended ENJOY I was sorely California Living disappointed with the ending of this Where the first two books had a taxing physical battle and soulrenching emotional battle the battle in this one was solely emotional as they all were So Damn Lucky (Lucky OToole, dealing with the conseuences of the attack on the compoundAnd I was uite fine with it too Except for when I felt too many sexy scenes in place of some progression and when Lysander attemped penetration with Kai andouble penetration with Tam without their all ever having Wild Embers: Poems of Rebellion, Fire, and Beauty discussed this topic That totally made me hate him I wanted their to be some conversation before the ventured into thiseeper intimacy and it was such a hurried and non thought out ecision and act that I almost abhorred Lysander. S experience at the hands of his enemies But with pressure piling up from every angle peace is the last thing he’s likely to find Suffocated by guilt Lysander begins to spiral How can he hold everything together when inside he’s falling apart 60000 wordsTHE FREE MEN SERIESTHE SLAVETHE SOLDIERTHE MAST.

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This book was a great conclusion to the series It largely revolves around The Masters history and the history of him purchasing Tam and Kai it was probably the most interesting back stories and I loved reading itHowever I felt the main focus was on The Master working out what he wanted from his relationship with his boys and having the courage to take it With that in mind this book is much centred around the threesome than The Soldier was and it was nice to see their relationship growThere was less sex in this one than the first but than the second and it was still smoking hot especially that scene at the end efinitely recommend this series 45 star review by The Blogger GirlsWhat a wonderful little fantasy series this has been This one as the title suggests is told in Lysander s point of view The guys are all on the mend but still recovering at the castleIt A Study in Scandal (Scandalous doesn t take long beforeoubts set in mostly from Lysander as he feels guilty for his role in the suffering of not only Tam and Kai but of the people of Otiz and his home as well This was the worst part for me his constant reminding us of this fact but the rest of the story is so wonderful that I was able to set it asideThere are uite a few character Letting it Go developments that happen this time around Kai is still trying toeal with his scars and how the guys see him but they The One Who Stays (Summer Island, do a fabulous job showing him how they see beyond them that he is notamaged goods and still a whole person Kai makes the biggest strides here both with himself and with his relationship with Lysander It takes a while but eventually that trust comes back stronger than beforeTam is still the same sweet guy but he comes out of his shell a bit when he is tasked with helping heal the people of Otiz They spend a considerable amount of time trying to help the people there and to rebuild the town There are some powerful scenes there especially involving Kai where he finds a purpose and acceptance among the children and peopleThe lies and secrets eventually come to a head I was turning pages very uickly to get to these Shadow of the Wolf (Hearts Desire, details They are the source of many of Lysander s problems but there is alsoevelopment here that includes his wife and her lover Everything just really came together even though at times it wasn t easy for any of them In the end true feelings won out as everyone realized what was important and what they cared about the mostI m a bit sad to see the end of this I couldn t read it fast enough but I Smijurija u mjerama didn t want to let these guys go It was truly a fabulous read from beginning to end I loved getting each of the guys perspectives and watching them grow and end up loving each other Fantastic world building vividetails and even some smexy to go along with it I highly recommend this to anyone looking for an interesting fantasy that has a little bit of everything to offer Review is for the series as a whole rather than the individual books that comprise itGah sooo Speer damn good Without aoubt the sweetest slave story I ve ever read happy sigh 4 StarsI liked this installmentbut I think I was hoping for I Ultralearning don t know specifically what I wanted out of it but most of this was just Lysander s thoughts and innerialogue with some input from Tam Kai and a few of the other characters Through their every The Ring Of The Dove day interactions andecisionsrebuilding reconnecting rebelling a bit On occasion it felt like some sort of extra long epilogue instead of a its own bookPart of what bothered me was that nothing was ever The Lost Literature of Medieval England done about the banditsbad guys in theesert lair An off handed mention of how Lysander wanted to slaughter them all for what was A Curse of Kings done to Kai plus using their existence to bolster the strategic position of staying in Otizand that s about it No resolution or routing no revenge Also I kind of wanted it to extend further into the future to see how Neemah handled view spoilerbecoming ueen and whether she had the balls to set Lysander aside for Cas hide spoiler Too bad that it s overA. Being rescued was only the start Otiz lies in ruins As underlord of the region Lysander knows where his responsibilities lie He has an obligation to the survivors to rebuild their homes and their lives But what about his home his life Kai needs help Theamage inflicted on him goes beyond the marks left.

N entertaining trilogy which spreads a wonderful 1001 Arabian nights moodOne must have experienced this You can feel it smell it experience it for yourself That s Lysander s bookIt is the story of a Garfield Dishes It Out (Garfield, deep friendship that ends in an ill fated marriage of convenience Both partners are unhappy A solution is not in sightAnd it is the story of two slaves who love their master to self abandonmentOne is a blond youthThe other is a fierce soldierAnd the big uestion is Who is the Prince in this spectacleThe prince who not wants to be one It was like a fairy taleAnd fairy tales always end wellSomething for the heartI loved it Very loved itAnd so farewell What an amazing journey for these three men Lysander Tamelik and Kai What a fabulous fantasy series Free Men has been for this reader Captivating atmospheric wonderful world building and superb characterisations Magnificent 5 brilliantly shiny stars from me and many congrats Kate Tamelik The Slave book 1 of Free Men captured as a boy his family slain the fates were smiling on him theay he was sent to Lysander s house where he was treated gently and sympathetically and eventually became Lysander s pleasure slave and loverKai The Soldier book 2 of Free Men a soldier who was captured and sold into slavery was bought by Tamelik at the slave market Tam had not even considered anyone else once he caught sight of Kai and Kai was furious with himself and everyone else anger spilling over like a spoilt child but he soon grew to understand that no one would Im a Narwhal deliberately hurt him at the Master s house until that fatefulay when the compound where they lived was overrun by a small army of mercenaries and killers greedy for the ransom they would get for capturing Lysander The Master book 3 of Free Men who they believed to be the missing prince of Thirsk Kai was badly tortured by one particularly brutal sadist called Andor Madame Timide don t think I ve forgotten who YOU are you bastard in the hope that he would reveal Lysander s true identityhe hadn t a clue Tam and Lysander were imprisoned many of the compound s other inhabitants were slaughtered Someisgruntled members of the mercenaries were afraid that they would never see any share of whatever ransom they could get and Kai therefore played upon their greed suggesting that he go to Lysander s wife Neemah and obtain money for their release My brave Kai Of course nothing is as it seems and this last book in the series puts us all through the wringer until the endand no I m not going into any Girl, Woman, Other detail uotes We were than a master and his slaves than pawns being manoeuvred in someone else s game We were free men who had chosen each other for love and love alone We might never be seen as euals in the eyes of outsiders but in these moments THEY were the masters and I their slave As it is the last book of Free Men series this review will be as much about The Master its last part as the whole trilogySo Lysander s book nowAfter all the emotional and nerve wrecking turmoil of The Soldier in The Master our three MCs are finally togetherThey re working hard to rebuild th Best fantasy series everKate Aaron hasone it againIn this third part of the Free Men trilogy FINALLY Master Lysander is the narrator Oh how I waited for him to spill the beans And how he A South African Night did Iidn t think I Bismillah Soup d ever be all right againThis was all my fault I had known we were inanger known it for months Wasn t that why I had sent Tam to find another slave in the first place Someone of his choosing so when I set him free he wouldn t be completely alone in the world The fantasy world Kate has woven around our three heroes Tam Kai and their Master Lysander blew me away it was just breathtaking to read what they went through OMG I was glued to my kindle from the very first page and पिंजर didn t want it to end Ever An entire world against them couldn testroy the growing affection between Tam Kai and Lysander Their love for each other yeah it takes Ly a while to confess it. When he was tortured but healing him might reuire from Lysander than he’s capable of giving Of one thing he’s certain Tam and Kai will never be endangered again because of who he is even if saving them means setting them free All Lysander wants is to be left in peace To recover from the horrors of hi.

Born in Liverpool Kate Aaron is a bestselling author of the #1 LGBT romances What He Wants Ace The Slave and other worksShe holds a BA Hons in English Language and Literature and an MA in Gender Sexuality and Culture and is an outspoken advocate for eual rightsKate swapped the North West for the Midwest in October 2015 and married award winning author AJ Rose Together they plan to tak