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Ls usually have a business of their own and aren t very Very serviceable contribution to the series I don t recommend starting here and if you like the series you ll like this oneElla was a bit stubborn in her insistence that she d never find someone compatible ven though Rafe was right there in front of her being compatible Which got a bit tiresome But I liked them both well Grave Tattoo enough that I was game from the startThe plotting of this one was also a bit random As was the one completely unnecessary PoV shift But again nothing drasticnough to drag from my Georgia and the Tycoon enjoyment of the bookSo yeah it s a 35 rounded to four stars but I m happy with thatA note about Steamy Standard for the series as well Two and a bit as the first and last both fade to black after themotional payload is delivered while the middle one is complete Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyWhenever I see a new Rainshadow series book come out I admit I get a little Churchills Trial excited for dust bunny adventures I know I know they are the sidekicksadorable pets of the main characters who are fabulous and tough andverything I d want in a heroine But I love them These little creations are slightly intelligent tiny balls of fluff with teeth who help out the main characters in their own adorable way Okay my gushing about dust bunnies is done for now On to the actual review of the SIREN S CALLSIREN S CALL is an A Conspiracy of Ravens (Lady Trent Mysteries eerie mystery set on Rainshadow island The description of the weather on Rainshadow really helps make the book feel haunting This is a place of fog strangeness and great mystery You really get a sense of the danger people faceven visiting this place for a short time I love the paranormal creatures Ella and Rafe Lakeside Redemption encounter on the island They are really uniue and uite scaryI reallynjoyed how Ella and Rafe are In Pursuit of a Princess euals in their abilities and in their relationship Ella s talent as a siren is really uniue and seeing how her powers are used was very cool It s refreshing in a way to read about characters who aren t really to far out of their depth and can handle themselves compentantly in a paranormal romance Both characters have their pasts and issues to overcome and deal with them in a mature reasonable way or less I liked seeing them connect and grow together and solve the mystery of how to stop singing paranormal creatures in RainshadowFor itseriness and mystery SIREN S CALL is a rather fun and uick read It s a magic filled paranormal myste. Ear out the catacombs for xploration needs a music talent He’s knows the perfect one but she probably doesn’t want anything do with himElla Morgan had once fallen hard and fast for Rafe but then he disappeared for monthsand he’s not about to tell her why Ella too has secrets that only.

RTC 35 starsThis series is a guilty pleasure The books all follow a similar formula smart spunky woman powerful and often grumpy alpha male one or both leads with unusual talents that somehow com Welcome to Harmony a world that s a paranormal nexus Psychic talents are commonplace in this land that was previously xplored by aliens Yes you read that right aliens did indeed xplore Harmony and their xperiments on it s flora and fauna have left behind untold riches but not Dark Awakening everything is safe and the unwary can get badly burnedElla is a Siren but it s a talent that many consider to be dangerous so she guards her secret well When a client a dust bunny no less leads her into the catacombs Ella discovers an illegal trade in alien technology which lands her in a whole lot of trouble Luckily Rafe is on the case and together they manage to bring down the arms dealers but not before Rafe guesses just what Ella is When he shows up three months later with a job on Rainshadow Island that Ella s particular talents make her perfect for she s not immediately c I love these two characters together and of course who doesn t love the dust bunnies You can read this as a stand alone if you don t mind filling in the blanks but honestly you should start at the beginning this series and side series is fun Plus it s on audio and who wouldn t want to hear Rafe on audioINTERVIEW WITH JAYNE ANN KRENTZWhat s your favorite song to singJayne I m no Siren so you probably don t want me to sing But when I m in the mood I can do an interesting version of Old Time Rock n Roll Bob SegerWhat type of talent would you haveJayne Actually I wouldn t mind being a for real Siren I would only use my talent for good of courseTo read of the interview head over to the HEA Blog Singing dinosaurs dust bunnies and a dash of romance A fun science fiction story that isasy to get into The setting is Rainshadow on planet Harmony Aliens have left the planet long ago leaving behind thereal cities and mysterious technology that some humans can use Ella has a talent she s a Siren and can sing paranormal harmonies that kill That doesn t make her much suited for dating until she meets Rafe who knows what she is yet isn t repulsed by it Siren s Call is the second book I ve read by Jayne Castle and I definitely see a pattern here Castle s hero s are steadfast men with a secret or two but nothing too dramatic Her heroines are ladies with dreams and goa. In the mysterious world of Harmony there are places filled with unexplored marvels But Rainshadow Island isn’t about to give up its secretsIn the alien catacombs of Rainshadow there are creatures whose compelling songs lure the unwary to their death That’s why Rafe Coppersmith hired to cl.

Ry filled with alien artifact dealers singing dinos mysterious organizations and of coursedust bunnies siren s call is a awesome read i loved iti have read all of the harmony books by jayne ann krentz jayne castle and i have to say this is one of my favs i loved rafe he was a totally alpha male and llen was a very strong take no shit herion but my fav in this story was lorelei the dust bunny im a sucker for the dust bunnies if they were real id have one by now i dont know how krentz keeps coming out with so many great stories but im totally hooked on harmony cant wait for the next one in this series I love this writer She is reliable Every time I pick up one of her books I know what it will be about I know I ll Family Men enjoy it I know it will be a few hours of purescapist reading And I know there will be no cliffhanger at the Creative Participation end She writes series yes butach novel is a stand alone and you could read them in any order One aspect some reviewers complain about is that all the books of hers are similar stories about the same characters but with different names I agree and it s comforting to me to read just one story about them Her alpha males are always considerate and vulnerable They never try to rapeabusedominate the heroine They don t drink or do drugs and they don t have a criminal past They are heroes and Sabina Spielrein every woman s dream Her heroines are courageous and feminine solving their own problems but ready to offer their soft female heart to a deserving guy The guy and the gal are alwaysual partners and that s what attracts me the most In this particular story a part of the author s ongoing futuristic romance series there are singing dinosaurs and mysterious islands villainous alien artifact dealers and underground jungle and of course the charming dust bunnies As always it was a pleasure to read I adore dust bunnies This is one of those books where I read 90% of it and then set it aside Actually Kindle set it aside by being all weird It was time to put this baby to bed so I bit the bullet and finished those last few pages online I hate reading on my computerMaybe I ll wear a hat tomorrow Change things upThis series is a strange little series about humans in space who have developed psychic abilities for some reason Also there are bunnies in space I love bunnies so how could I resist are so adorableEach book has a romance and a mystery The romances are always insta love and the mysteries are always. Her dust bunny knows She’s not just a music talent she’s a Siren a paranormal singer capable of singing men to sleep or to their deathsBut once on Rainshadow Rafe and Ella will learn that surrendering to passion doesn’t come without risks and fighting fire with fire only adds to the fla.

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