Dmitry Orlov: Reinventing Collapse The Soviet Example and American Prospects

Summary Reinventing Collapse The Soviet Example and American Prospects

Of a shrewd adult I gave Dmitry Orlov s Reinventing Collapse one star out of five but that could be too generous This book is not worth reading and should never have been published It s not about economic collapse as much as it is the author s argument that the US is inherently no better than the former Soviet Socialist Republic To say that Dmitry Orlov is pessimistic is such a gross nderstatement in scope and scale that it s almost not Using the fall of Soviet Union as an example The author talks about the prospects of a collapse of the US This is the second book by him on this topic i don t dispute the fact that the signs One of the most influential books I ve ever read VERY highly recommended to everyone I know and care about It describes what will likely nfold as the great empire of the US falls on its face similar to how the USSR did in the late 80s but with much less preparation in our case Shocking disturbing hilarious and actually heartening in some ways I m looking forward to the low energy version of the USAFor an idea of the gist of this book you can read a transcript of the author s presentation at the recent Plan C Conference which I was lucky to attend Please do and prepare yourself and your family. Lenging yet inspiring work is a must read for anyone concerned about energy geopolitics international relations and life in a post Peak Oil worldDmitry Orlov was born in Leningrad and immigrated to the United States at the age of twelve He was an eyewitness to the Soviet collapse over several extended visits to his Russian homeland between the late eighties and mid nineties He is an engineer and a leading Peak Oil theorist whose writing is featured on such sites as wwwlifeaftertheoilcrashnet and wwwpowerswitchorgu.

Orlov is a kind of Dave Barry of collapse pundits His snapshots of informal economies that grew in Russia during and after sovietism are seful to think about he makes fairly coherent arguments on how a collapse of our economies might not play out as in Russia However his speculations of a post collapse America tend toward the extreme and suggest an overnight transformation into our worst dystopian nightmares without providing any logic for assuming thisThe advice in the book is also vague and platitudinous reduce your reliance on money stockpile My Mother, a Serial Killer useful tools connect with people reduce attachment to luxuries learn how to do stuff He does make the point that in the future you may have to learn to think on your feet be adaptive and flexible and possess better people skills than you do nowIt s not a long read and the sharp wit does offer levity to a grave topic It s certainly not essential reading on the topic It s easy to see his work being effectively transmitted as a columns or essays Orlov wrote at the end that he had set out to write a serious book about the collapse of the American economysociety in its present form that would be fun to read he succeeded He writes from the rare perspective of a person eually fami. In the waning days of the American empire we find ourselves mired in political crisis with our foreign policy comingnder sharp criticism and our economy in steep decline These trends mirror the experience of the Soviet Union in the early 1980s Reinventing Collapse examines the circumstances of the demise of the Soviet superpower and offers clear insights into how we might prepare for coming eventsRather than focusing on doom and gloom Reinventing Collapse suggests that there is room for optimism if we focus our.

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Liar with and at home in Russia and the USIn this book he describes in concrete details the things he saw traveling in the former Soviet Union during and after that government s implosion and offers his thoughts on why things fell apart there He then points out similarities and differences between the pre fall USSR and the present and predictable near future state of affairs in the US the resemblances are discouraging and the divergences seem to be about eually divided between things that would make a collapse here worse or better than the one that took place thereAlong with a consistent focus on specifics and their impacts on the lives of ordinary people a standout The Italians Stolen Bride uality of this book is a streak of bleak and sardonic humor as the author points out the inanities and foibles of people and institutions in both countries without diminishing the sense that he also loves his two nationsI don t agree with all the aspects of his projected future but that s to be expected as Orlov acknowledges with so many things that are impossible to predict with certainty I recommend this book highly as one well worth reading for anyone wanting to get beyond the three ring circus of contemporary culture and politics and hear the thoughts. Efforts on personal and cultural transformation With characteristic dry humor Dmitry Orlov identifies three progressive stages of response to the looming crisisMitigation alleviating the impact of the comingpheaval Adaptation adjusting to the reality of changed conditions Opportunity flourishing after the collapse He argues that by examining maladaptive parts of our common cultural baggage we can survive thrive and discover meaningful and fulfilling lives in spite of steadily deteriorating circumstancesThis chal.