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With another man s baby and Leif still mourning his dead wifeI wish I could ust write what happens and how in here but I am not going to ruin the story for all you who decide to read it Just one thing You should read this one if you read Romance A compelling romance and a wide range of emotions can always be found in a book by Lynne Marshall Add in numerous characters with very Leif Anderson a contractor is a loner by choice after losing his wife to cancer He never wants to love and hurt again Sounds like a plan Enter Marta Hoyas who has been chosen to paint a mural on the wall of the college that Leif built She is pregnant and the father wants nothing to do with it What happens is two people wanting different things find themselves with feelings they really don t want the plan starts to unravel The mural gets painted and Leif fights with himself about moving on in life and you have a story of awakening from the hurt and moving to the oy They find some things are meant to happen for a reason and as Marta s mother had a term for times like this Golden moments this is such a wonderful story and a continuation of the Home in Heartlandia series FALLING FOR THE MOM TO BE by author Lynne Marshall is a Harleuin Special Edition series release for June 2015We first met Lief Anderson as a lonely builder in Lynne Marshall s other books in the Heartlandia series This is his story He wants to be left alone after his loss and tragic past But would new comer Marta Hoyas leave him aloneShe is pregnant but was ditched by the baby s father Now she feels attracted to the kind and gentle man Lief is Could she break through Lief s shell and bring out the honorable man hiding beneathFALLING FOR THE MOM TO BE is a well written romance It is an emotionally uplifting story Author Lynne Marshall s story telling makes the characters come alive on the pages and the reader is personally involved in their happiness and craves the resolution as deeply as they do This is a story about recovering from past guilt and grief and moving forward The premise was wonderful and story moved along very fastHighly recommended for all readers of romance Very good story of two people who learn to open themselves up to love after being hurt in the past Leif has become a loner since the death of his wife He never wants to feel that kind of pain again so he immerses himself in work instead Marta has come to Heartlandia to paint a mural of the town s history She recently broke up with the man she d been with for five years after his less than enthusiastic response to her pregnancy For the immediate future she plans to concentrate on her art and her baby and avoid any entanglements with a guyI really liked Leif He s still grieving and has withdrawn from a lot of life but he s a go. Romantic entanglement with a gorgeous guy who can offer no promises Leif and Marta want each other All that stands between them is the pastand the future And a little baby who could give them both what they need mos.

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This book because of the title This is exactly why you should never udge a book by it s cover This is an absolutely beautiful and exceptional story I was completely stunned by the emotions pouring off each page I love how the author makes you feel as if you re right there experiencing every aspect of the characters lives with them This is definitely a story that will stay with you long after reading it I strongly recommend this amazing book to those looking for a truly outstanding and uniue love storyI was gifted a free copy for a honest review This was a sweet story Marta was hired to paint a mural for the small town of Heartlandia She needs a fresh start The boyfriend that she has been with for many years Im Not Millie! just wants everything to stay the same in the relationship He never wanted to make a commitment Marta know nothing will ever be the same for now she is a mom to be the boyfriend didn t want a child or a wife Leif lives in a huge house that he built for him and his wife they had dreams of filling it will kids His wife died of cancer He never wanted to go through that pain of losing someone he loved ever again He never dated Heust went through the motions of living getting by one day at a time Leif was a big supporter of having the mural done he paid for the project and agreed for the artist to share his house He never imagined that the artist would be as beautiful as Marta was He found he enjoyed her company and enjoyed sharing his house with her Slowly his heart started warming up to love and letting go of his wife This was an emotional and sweet story I loved writing the Home in Heartlandia trilogy for Harleuin Special Edition This third book Falling for the Mom to Be was the most emotional for me Each book has a special place in my heart A Doctor for Keeps is book 1 and tells Desi s story a young woman searching for a family and finally finding it in the most unexpected place Little Steven her first piano student was a Salvation: A Novel (Salvation Sequence) joy to write Book 2 Her Perfect Proposal follows another outsider Lilly aournalist searching for the big story to make her career finall Where to beginMarta comes to a new small town called Heartlandia to pain a mural depicting the history of the townLeif had been living in Heartlandia for forever He had found love there and lost it there too A widower of three years he is unable to move forward in lifeWith her philosophy of free love which changes after she meets Leif Marta makes Leif come out of his shell and start living again He proposition had been A River of Royal Blood (A River of Royal Blood, just for now But she wants a foreverThough Leif accepts herust for now proposition he wants a forever tooBoth of them need to say the words of love because sometimes actions are ust not enoughBut the obstacles in their path are huge Like Marta being pregnant. Ght be an excellent catch But he has zero interest in being caughtuntil Marta Hoyas moves into his house while she is working for him Marta wants to be alone Her baby's father dumped her The last thing she needs is

Marta comes to Heartlandia to do a mural on the outer wall of the Community College representing the town s history She has been hired by Leif and he offered his home for her stay The town is dealing with a disturbing twist to the generally held belief of how the town was formed Slowly Leif and Marta open up to one another Each deals with insecurity Marta from a failed relationship that has left her pregnant and alone Leif lost his wife to cancer and has shut himself off from lifeLynne Marshall develops characters that you really start to care about She has written a wonderful book about a town the people who live there and two lost people who find their way back to trust and love When author Lynne Marshall tells a tale she tells it well and her Home in Heartlandia contemporary romance series is an entertaining blend of intrigues of the past and the cultural diversity of today s world Leif Anderson is a rich widower a successful builder whose personal life has become progressively reclusive While he still maintains his active involvement in community affairs his heart clings to the memory of his late wife Ellen He is thrown off kilter when the artist hired to paint murals depicting the history of Heartlandia on the local college campus turns out to be an irresistible spirited beauty Marta Hoyas has made the trek from Sedona Arizona to this uniue coastal Oregon community to make a new start both professionally and in her personal life Her recent long term involvement with a man who was also her mentor had ended with their differences over her unexpected pregnancy Since she will be staying in Leif s home until the murals are completed they can t help but spend time getting to know each other Leif has been widowed for three years and having beautiful emotional and forward thinking Marta so close and so tempting is unlocking the gated enclosure of his heart Marta is eually struck by this rugged masculine mannerly man with his Viking good looks and mesmerizing blue eyes Both of them have many of their own personal issues to resolve but the attraction between them has a mind of its own and a sweetly sizzling involvement uickly ensues The tenderness and temptation they experience is not without tension uestions from both of their pasts must be answered before they can hope for a future filled with happiness Will Fate bow to the power of Love to heal and bind hearts together Will the community of Heartlandia itself find its own happily ever after If you love contemporary romance with compelling characterizations and involving storylines then you will highly enjoy the Home in Heartlandia series from wonderfully gifted writer Lynne MarshallReview Copy Gratis Author Ok I ll be honest and say that I wasn t sure what to expect or if I d even like. KEEP CALM ANDHAVE A BABY Leif Andersen wants to be alone Everyone in Heartlandia knows about his tragic past and they allow him to keep to himself With his blue eyes and blond hair the rugged workaholic contractor mi.

USA Today Bestselling author Lynne Marshall used to worry she had a serious problem with daydreaming Then she discovered she was supposed to write the stories in her head A late bloomer Lynne came to fiction writing after her children were nearly grown Now she battles the empty nest by writing stories which always include a romance sometimes medicine a dose of mirth or both but always st