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Ort I can t stand typos and there were several. E those awkward social challenges that people rom all walks of life A Bird in the House face every day including• How to get the rude person at the ballpark to settle down• How to gently say “no” when asked to donate money or time• How to respectfully tell a co worker their breath smells bad• What to say when someone’s loved one dies and• How to deal with rude commentsrom amily membe.

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E Not really worth than 399 because it s so sh. Oice such as at work in volunteer organizations and with amily membersFrom using the right words and tactics to politely get what you want to irmly yet sensitively getting your point across to just plain ol’ putting rude people in their place these are tips on how you can to do it with grace and styleWith 36 simple steps Let Crazy Be Crazy gives you a roadmap on just how to handl.

Very briefGreat advice but not always cohesiv. By Lifestyle and Etiuette Expert Elaine Swann Let Crazy Be Crazy is an essential handbook that shares how to politely deal with difficult people and how to communicate effectively in challenging social situationsSwann gives sensible guidance on• How to identify Crazy Folk• How to get rid of toxic Crazy Folk and • How to deal with the Crazy Folk in situations where we have no ch.

A maven of style and grace Elaine Swann is one of the leading and most nationally recognized lifestyle and etiuette experts in the country Operating from a desire to help others “be well and live well” Elaine has purposed her way with the written word into books presenting sound and relatable guidance She has authored Let Crazy Be Crazy a book that emboldens readers to face difficult people