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Ghts the harsh absurdities of Soviet life the narrator tells a story of an archaeologist and writer working in the town s museum with wit and grace Highly recommended I picked this up while out used book shopping for two reasons1 The blurb on the front states A splendid blend of situation comedy and Kafkaesue menace ven though I do in fact hate the overuse of the term Kafkaesue and2 The comparison to Borges on the backNone of those things Lawman Lover (Outlaws, ended up being valid but Injoyed this book in spite of thatThere are some funny moments in it but none of them would really be described as situation comedy they were of the black humor mildly absurdist bent you find in a lot of relatively modern Russian literature that focuse. N novels and a key to understanding the terrible Stalinist purges of the.

Fascinating and horrifying book about the Soviet labour camps The Keeper of Antiuities was an interesting yet flawed book I really City Girl in Training enjoyed the main character and the atmosphere of bureaucratic paranoia Moreover it was occasionally funny The very idea of a museum keeper who does his best to avoid collecting artifacts was hilariou Heartbroken that he wrote only two novels i m obsessed with his writing and life Recommended by a Russian pen pal for Dumbrovsky s writing and his telling of historical fiction I found this book impossible to put down Lyrical and detailed it transported me completely to Alma Ata Kazakhstan in the late 1930s on theve of one of Stalin s terrors With a wry humor that if anything highli. The Keeper of Antiuities is simultaneously one of the great Russian moder.

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S on the paranoia and suspicion that infuses the time around the various purgesThere is a lot to like in the book the museum keeperarchaeologist narrator is a stand out there is a fantastic thread throughout the book about the past and the present day interpretation of the past specially in light of propaganda and public re Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files education the heroes of the past become guilty by their association with traitors who were not yet traitors the interactions with the head librarian really I could list for a while This was a thoroughlynjoyable read it took about 50 pages or so to get rolling but once it picked up speed I put mostly The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, everythinglse ie work to the side to find the time needed to finish it A fun absorbing read. Late 1930s Set far from Moscow in the remote Kazakhstan capital of Alma

Yury Osipovich Dombrovsky Russian Ю́рий О́сипович Домбро́вский May 12 1909 May 29 1978 was a Russian writer who spent nearly eighteen years in Soviet prison camps and exileDombrovsky was the son of Jewish lawyer Joseph Hedal Dombrovsky and Russian mother Yury fell foul of the authorities as early as 1932 for his part in the student suicide case described in The Faculty of Useless Knowl