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Ellie finds her 15 year old sister dead in a garage She knows it was Rob Westerfield a boy from a prominent family who did it She tells what she knows at the trial and he is sentenced to 23 yearsNow 23 years later he is up for parole and Ellie wants to stop itVery good ead This enthralling story is a first person narrative told by Ellie Cavanaugh the 30 year old survivor to a murder that devastated her family when she was only 7 She is now an investigative eporter and has twice gone to the parole board to fight the parole of the man convicted of the brutal murder of her big sister Andrea For 23 years she had been convinced her sister s murderer was in prison but now he and his extremely wealthy family are fighting to prove her wrongThis story twists as Ellie esearches the murder with several episodes along the way that could have turned out much nastier The episodes only convince her that her Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, research is bearing fruit and it comes to a powerful conclusion There was only one area that was never cleared up for me but it would probably have been a dangling teaseregardless view spoiler When Ellie s picture was displayed as an inmate. Después de veintidós años el sentimiento de culpa no ha abandonado a Ellie ue era una niña cuando su hermana mayor fue asesinada ella conocía el lugar secreto donde Andrea solía eunirse con sus amig.

In a mental hospital she published the truth but no was ever mentioned and I would have liked at least one person to say okay now we understand hide spoiler I enjoyed this book It was a pretty fast ead The chariter development was awesomeI ecommend it Inconsistent pace and predictable ending spoil the suspenseWe e not likely to skip a novel by mama Clark but this her 25 Stars Used Book A Thon ead a book that cost 2 or lessFirst can we start off with that title Daddy s Little GirlCREEEPY Despite having a title that sounds like child porn this book was Okay It was a fast ead I just blew through it It was Fine I think I ve ead one other Mary Higgins Clark novel when I was a teenager but I can t emember the title or the plot I only emember that it took place during winter And I emember that book being Fine as well I m not blaming this book or the author for my feelings Its about who I am as a eader I like my murder mysteriesthrillers to be DARK Very very DARK When I m eading a thriller or mystery I want to be epulsed and disgusted with the bookfor existing the authorfor writing it and myselffor eading it Mary Higgins Clark. Os y tardó horas en evelárselo a sus padresAunue siempre proclamó su inocencia Rob Westerfield hijo de la familia más ica de la zona fue condenado a prisión Ahora van a concederle la libertad condic.

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Just isn t that type of author and that s okay Not everyone is a degenerate like me Some people just want a nice cozy little mystery that doesn t give them nightmares I like nightmares Daddy s Little Girl is about Ellie Cavanaugh who s sister was murdered 23 years ago The person who was convicted of the crime is granted parole and has always maintained his innocence Ellie now an investigative eporter is determined to write a book that will prove once and for all that he is guilty Another eason I m not blaming this book for my lower ating is that I ead several eviews for this book which mentioned a twist that I would never see coming an ending that would blow me away So I expected both of those things I shouldn t have so that s my fault The synopsis to the book never promised me that so I went in with a false impression of this book To sum up this meandering eview If you like dark thrillers in the vain of Gillian Flynn This book isn t for youIf you like a fast paced book in the vain of a late 90 s Lifetime or ABC movie of the week Then pick up Daddy s Little Girl I didn t love this book but its not a bad book its just not for me. Ional y afirma ue podrá probar ue él no cometió auel asesinato Pero Ellie sabe ue sólo pudo ser él y ha de buscar nuevas pruebas de su culpabilidad aunue ignora ue alguien está dispuesto a impedírse.

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