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Ad If you liked the first book Read the second book and you won t be dissapointed I enjoyed DEATH AND TAXES as a decent seuel to the original FRED THE VAMPIRE ACCOUNTANT novel Fred s a character who wouldn t be very Baby, Im Back! (Return to Redemption, interesting to read aboutf he wasn t a vampire as he constantly The Betrayal (The Siege insists buts hilarious The Draining Lake (Inspector Erlendur in his deadpan reaction to things like kidnappings sentient Overlook esue hotels who are really nice superhuman conventions sinister tests and evil plots overthrow the dragon king of the West I don t think much changed characterization or plot wise butt was a solid and dependable book I really like Fred s relationship with Krystal even f t feels a bit sexless They re adults they can allude to having a bit spice than your average Victorian era relationship This A Heros Welcome is a good comfort food fiction and worth an afternoon s read I m also going to be picking up the nextn the series810 Fred has come a long way since becoming a vampire He s gone Finding Normal into business for himself as an accountant found a girlfriend and has made a circle of dependable friends That s not bad for a socially awkward person who used to spend most of his time alone Nowf only he could stop finding himself Die Germanen in positions which force him to brave something Fred most certainlys not then things could be perfectJust like The Utterly Uninteresting and Unadventurous Tales of Fred the Vampire Accountant Undeath and Taxes The Broken Sword is told through a series of short stories Thiss still not my preferred format for reading and I would have liked one cohesive story from start to finish better That being said there was a nice flow to the mini short stories and Hayes took care to add to the meta even Haunted Houses if I am not pleased with what the addition turned out to be Hayes also. Ular at pulling Frednto trouble though And despite merely wanting to stick with simple paperwork Fred once again finds he Charles Dickens is going to have to deal with enchanted weaponry government agents possessed houses and one enigmatic dragon’snterest In the parahuman world any business can turn deadly even one as mundane as accountin.

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I adore this series Told as a series of memoirs Fred recounts his adventures not that he was looking for any of his not so mundane undead life The narration Christianity at the Crossroads is wonderful the cast of characters continue to grow as we get to know about Fred and his friends who have become his family My review and an extended sample of the audiobook are posted at HotlistenscomAn Accountantn the WarehouseFred has gotten certified as a Certified Public Parahuman Accountant He The Romanovs is now your official guy to find you all of those paranormal tax deductions His first client with his new credentialss king of the therians were creatures Cravings in the area We met Richard and his daughter Sallyn the first book There The Wedding Date is also Gideon whos a very old very powerful dragon who likes to disguise as a pl Well this Swan Song is what happens when I go scrolling aroundn Audible sigh I m not mad at all I m loving this series but there goes my reading plan and my credits and we re barely Learn Better in January And yet I wholeheartedly recommend this seriesThis secondnstallment surprised me In a good way While Harbor Me it continuesn the same vein of El Señor del Carnaval (Jan Fabel, individual comic adventures somewhere along the linet goes deeper The characters grow Processing Pain in Play in emotional depth and concepts like chosen family love or whatt even means to 34 starsReview to come once I ve written a review for the first book This book felt like a filler with a scattered bunch of short stories than a follow up but the characters were as enjoyable as always What people think vampires look likeWhat Fred the vampire Master Math is like I absolutely love how this series turns the trope of supernatural creatures on their head but still makes a fun action packed series I love LOVE Fred 3would like to see of him and Gideon fingers crossedCan. The seuel to the bestseller THE UTTERLY UNINTERESTING AND UNADVENTUROUS TALES OF FRED THE VAMPIRE ACCOUNTANT After discovering just how filled with magicntrigue and adventure the parahuman world of being an Undead American can be Fredrick Frankford Fletcher did exactly what was expected he became a certified parahuman accounta.

T wait for the next The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever installment Solid fun Such a different concept too I mean accountant vampire and friendssn t a common Patton on Leadership idea Love Albert s new job 4 StarsReviewThis was another sweet light funny enjoyable audiobookn the series Fred La Impostura Perversa is a great easily likeable character I especially love how honest hes no subterfuge no manipulation no hiding anything He s just honest and trustworthy and I love him for Zones of Instability it And he s so oblivious to how brave and caring hes and how everyone else sees him I also like how sweet his relationship with Crystal The Riven Shield (The Sun Sword, is They re so different but they balance each other and they respect and love each others differences The whole series has a really sweet friendshipfound family aspect too that I like Fred s social circles a motley crew of characters and Once More With Feeling it s really sweet how Fred spent his whole life being kind of alone but now has these people he cares about and who care about him But at the same time I also liked how this book had scenarios when Fred was without his friends andor tooknitiative even being the one to save the day Orange World and Other Stories in one case Last but not least I highly recommend the audio for this series I make no secret that I m not a fan of audiobooks butt works so well for this series since the story What Matters Most is told as a series of memoirs and the narrator really brings the characters to life Overall this was another set of stories I enjoyed listening to Original Review Metaphors and Moonlight A continuation of what came beforeThe secondnstallment continues on the same track as the first novel Fred Friends slowly make their way nto the world of the parahumans You learn a bit about each character and see them develop reveal strengths and weaknesses while remaining well written fun to re. Nt Myths and legends as t turns out are not so great at taking appropriate deductions and keeping their receipts and Fred s than happy to return to a life others view as woefully dull expanding his accounting business to cater to various monsters and their respective financial needsSaid monsters are unfortunately still spectac.

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