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Starts slow As if a recollection of events from the characters viewpoint I also was happy that the protagonists were just a blip rather than a tried out storyline And I was happy that they ended up being the second romance Definitely a great read worth buying What a wonderful lifeThis was such a great romance book Although the story was written about the struggles of an interracial couple in the southern US during the most turbulent 30 ear period of civil unrest it really focuses on the intimate relationship between the two main characters rather than seriously on any real political stances That was the true reason I was able to enjoy this book I read romance for romance While I don t mind including serious issues in my storyline I prefer that the relationship dominates the story including intense sexual chemistry detailed love scenes and of course a HEA This books delivers In spades Love William love Paris Great couple I recognize they had tough times due to their choice to love but they still had advantages 1white spouse that all black couples did not possess Soby the end of this touching story they possessed a beautiful family and a wonderful life Great book A love storyWhen ou think of all the issues in the world today interracial relationships shouldn t be at the top of the list However even today in 2015 interracial couples still go through this and it s sad Love doesn t recognize color or social class And this love story was absolutely beautiful and well told HoweverI am wondering what happened to Jane and Charles Well there be a second book on them. Eople of different races presents a complication In 1965 interracial romance is a dangerous dream to pursue and Paris is resistant to becoming involved with him Determined to win her heart no matter the cost or peril Billy romances her with a single minded pursuit Despite their differences in age and race her future and his present and the crippling intolerance and racism their relationship faces they will fight for their lovetogeth.

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Nderson and it is the best one so far I kept wondering how Billy and Paris were going to make their relationship last in the perilous times they were living but they made it work I truly enjoyed Billy because he knew what he want and was determined to fight for it Set in Virginia of 1965 An interracial love affair beginsThe wrong place and the wrong time just might be right Forget about their families Everyone s not to keen on the idea of them Coming from two different world s but raised without hate Billy and Paris are two strangers that manage to form an undeniable connection on a deserted highway That leads to falling in love Billy and Paris make a promises to their parents Both in college and miles apart leads to restless night Will they make it or will the outside tear them apartWhat does faithfully look like in our imagina EXCELLENTI gave this novel four stars only because of the storyline of the secondary characters It was unnecessary since they had no real bearing on the main characters story I thought that Billy and Paris were both well developed characters and the chemistry between them felt real in that they didn t rush into sex I guess having known what interracial couples went through in civil rights era there was no need to go into any real detail about what they experienced It was enough for ME to know that despite all the turmoil that couples like them went through they loved each other enough to tough it out Fantastic Read Reservations goneI had some reservations about this book initially but they left partway through the book The writing. E one night her car runs out of gas Stranded she walks the short distance to a local filling station En route she encounters Billy Weston a local boy who has admired her from afar for a while Just sixteen and still in high school Billy lacked the courage to talk to Paris before But now that he has a chance to be her hero he digs deep to find his bravery For Billy it is love at first sight and he realizes that a romance between two

This story had a lot of potential but the weak writing is a big distraction You can tell the author had some interesting ideas especially in how the couple handled the racism they dealt with I just couldn t get past the writing style a bizarre combination of breathy naivete anachronistic smut and dumbed down religiosity Also the subplot is just awful in both construction and content with several ridiculous gay stereotypes The homophobia drops this down to 1 star Amazing outstanding read Ok amazing book I love these type of stories the forbidden love between a sista and a vanilla love lol most ofthe time the story takes place in the now sothe racismn is a lil hidden and frowned upon but In this story we are talking MLK days so whites are outspoken in day to day life work and etc so for the writer to input every slir and every strugglehurt my heart but made this book phenomenal Billy amd Paris wer What a book This book was the best I ve read it 4 times so far and probably will read it multiple over the International Organizations years Just FantasticThis is one well written and executed storyThe writer gets it rightThe chemistry between these two people is amazingthatou can see it unfoldingThis is story that taps into a sensitive subject matter even todayI just love even the supporting characters and their troubles and overcoming them in such good fashionI loved all the funny moments especially those with DrWeston This is definitely a story that will go into the re read pileAlso I just love when a couple is on the same page Chance EncounterThis is the second book I have read by BD For oung Paris Branch life as an adult is about to begin and she is ready to leave the limitations of her small town life behind Carson Virginia may be where she was born but it’s not where she sees her future An inbound freshman at Howard University she has her eyes on a bright new life in the nation’s capital where she will truly blossom into the woman she is destined to be She can’t wait to start her journey On her way hom.

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