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Of this series in the first book f the series Deviant Sloan and Zeth are two characters that still haunt me months after having read the seriesMy connection to Sloan was immediate The intrigue I felt when she enters into the storyline was enhanced The First Socialist Society: A History of the Soviet Union from Within once I had a good feel for who she really is Sloan is a strong confident and well educated woman Sloan is a woman who has a secret She is willing to sacrifice herself inrder to The Coming Revolution in Youth Ministry obtain her end goal The uestion that remains is is it really a sacrifice when the end result is not what you had bankedn for yearsZeth well where do I start Zeth encompasses anything and everything that comprises the perfect alpha male He is mysterious sensual dangerous soft hard and everything in between He does not have to speak to command and he knows before you do what you want and how to make sure he delivers it in a way that will bleed into your soulThe Blood and Roses series is dark It is sensuous It blurs the lines File Under: Arson of genres giving us a storyf mystery intrigue love erotica darkness and light It makes us uestion Wicked Sense our values morals and ethics It tempts and teases It gives us a love story wrapped up in lies and deceit It showcases the underground and the dark deceptive world that lurks within It leads us into the livesf gangs clubs and MC s It crosses lines and makes us want desperately for The story which spans ver 6 books never disappoints In fact each and every book in the series nly makes you desperate for The continuous flow Powerless Against You of the story is memorizing The characters and there are many each add a certain depth adding to an already deep and dramatic storyline The drama intrigue and mystery lead us down paths that make us gasp in horror The intensityf the plot lines and the underlying tremors f love are written so beautifully for a story that at times cuts so deepYou can t help but become lost in the world that author creates for us in this series Wi. Ot a good manI am her damnationFRACTUREZeth Mayfair is pretty much the very last thing I need in my life And yet with every breath I take he becomes engrained in every aspect f itHe has a key to my houseHe knows where I workHe dumped his strange mentally traumatized housemate n my doorstep and has driv.

Interesting Will be able to say as I continue the series Will follow up The high stars for this book confuses me maybe because it was free I cant see how Slone can make such a dumb decision yet be intelligent enough to be a doctor The guy Zeth just didn t do it for me at all I didn t find him appealing r even sexy Actually I thought the guy was rather sleazy He took a poor girls virginity while she worried sick Dobys Lessons (Brats in Training over her missing sister Decides to help two years later when she s in too deep What a pig There are much better booksut there with better characters and a interesting plot The sex scene alone in the beginning was dreadful Phones are easily replace able Not telling your friend where you are after the guy chokes youThis was an Audiobook so listening to this was much much worse If you have two POVs than maybe not have the man speaking the women parts and the woman speak the men parts You have a man and woman availableuse them The speakers Slone and her friend sounds like ditzy teenagers The voice The Texan Meets His Match of Zeth just wasn t hot at all Which ended up workingut because Zeth simply wasn t hot I could download the ther two audiobooks for this series I was hoping it would get better HA I just don t find it worthy enough to waste any f my time This was an incredibly amazing series for me what a wild ride for Zethand Sloane I was n the edge f my seat at timesand angry at The Heretic's Handbook (Kindle Single) others Callie has definetly gained a fan I m not sure what to really say about this book At some points I want to say that Zeth s character is a bit much and not real and then Sloane s character isf a challenge but weak at times I be read this authors before I will continue to read this series further to understand this story While the standard review is usually about Blue Guide New York one book I decided to change things up a bit and share my thoughts with youn the Blood and Roses series in ne reviewI met the two main characters. DEVIANTSloaneI'm not proud f the things I've doneThe things I've had to doThe things I've given awaybut I'd give it all ver again to find herEven if I die trying I have to find AlexisZethShe wants me to help herBut I won'tShe wants me to save her sister But I can't She wants me to be her hero But I'm

Th each page we are dragged deeper hearing nothing but the author s words as they explode within your mindThe writing is precise The twists and turns are perfectly place within the story and will surprise delight and shock The growth f the characters and their self realization will mystify and the depth Garden of The Gods of which this story is will resonate within you I must say I am in love with Callie Hart I first read about Rebel in the Dead Man s Ink series and figured I would checkut the BR series while I wait for book 3 in the DMI series WOW all I can say is WOW I love Hart s style the intensity f her character s feelings Non stop action and intrigue Oh and steamy romance scenes as well I can t do straight romance so the action blood and guts that accompany it is all too amazing f a combinationC Hart has a new fan in me Love this series Zeth and Sloanes journey takes you through every emotion They leave you craving Brilliantly written This is a journey that stays with you forever Oyster I love the series I ve read all six books in the blood and roses series and loved the writing style all the characters and feel like this series had the perfect amount The Fruits of Graft: Great Depressions Then and Now of drama steam dominance and possession and love and emotion The main characters Zeth criminal and used to be hitman and Sloan dr were perfect for eachther So sad about Lacey Zeth s sister but I understand the authors exclamation at the end Very excited to read Michael s Zeth s right hand man book and Rebels series Sloans sisters husband was thought f to be a very bad man and a human trafficker but is really a criminal with a soft side for saving women Who were sold into sex trafficking My nly minor complaint about the series was the amount Musical Mathematics: On the Art and Science of Acoustic Instruments of unanswered uestions all the way through till the end DNF The male narrator had this gasping little uirks to his voice that drove me crazy The female narrator couldn t decided if she had an accent Enff into the sunset in search Goig of my missing sisterI want to forget him Want to change the locks and blotut his face scourge his very name from my memory The problem is that I also need him I need him than I need air to breath and I can’t be without him nowHe wns meHe torments meHe’s fractured

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