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S that letter coming from Or is that letter not even real Is it is just a drawing from that id Or a letter from heavenSorry if I sound dumb but really I am just ind of confused with it all I have too many uestions left about things Maybe I missed something or maybe I just don t see it The book is really good and I just absolutely adore the illustrations they are so colourful and full of details It was great fun looking at the illustrations and finding hidden things This is the biggest reason I bought the book Benji Davies has a way with drawing that is just mesmerizing and beautifulWould I recommend this book Yes even though I was uite confused it was an adorable and fun book and the illustrations are beautiful Review first posted at I love all picture books by Benji Davies but this one is the best yet Such a beautiful way of helping children or adults for that matter to deal with losing a loved one A touching and comforting book that could be used to deal with the loss of a grandparent as well as a good every day read The illustrations are bright and full of detail which can be explored further Proficient readers bring a lot of assumptions to text that young children need to be taught explicitly or else learn implicitly though wide reading and life experience Even though I read Grandad s Island to my class following the news of a death in our community no child made any connection between that event and grandad s decision to remain on the island The children loved this book mostly for the illustrations the ship birds waterfall No one read any deeper meaning into what is so clearly a metaphor of loss for adult readers I chose not to push my views leaving it for children to explore at their own pace. Transcends the simplicity of its words Droplets of Ink Benji Davies is an illustrator and animation director From a young age he was often to be found painting at the itchen table a scene which can still be seen to this dayBenji studied animation at university and has since worked on a diverse array of projects from picture books and animated short films to music videos commercials and title seuences His books have been co editioned in many languages and countries around the world The Storm Whale is his first self penned picture book He lives in London with his wife Ni.

Picturebooks for children that address the theme of loss and bereavement without actually addressing it as death It is written in a lovely heart warming way and I can imagine it could be really valuable for use in the classroom PSHE or for a child to read with parents This story is of a young boy and his grandfather as they journey to an exotic island on their boat they have an amazing time leaving the boy feeling sad at the realisation that they will soon have to return home To the boys surprise the Grandad states that while the boy need to return home he would like to stay at the island The boy then journeys back home a journey which seems all the difficult and tiresome without his grandfather present Upon returning to his grandfathers home he realises the metal door they both left through to get to the island is no longer there A beautiful story containing a metaphor for death which may not be entirely obvious to younger children This would be a great story to read to children for them to learn to cope with oncoming death or if they have experienced loss at some point A great book about love for grandparents adventures and I do have to say that I didn t read the blurb I just saw Benji Davies a gorgeous new picture book and I just had to get it So I have to say I was a bit confused with the book especially with the ending Then I read the blurb and after that I re read the book and saw some small hints that indeed hinted to that blurbWhat I thought was that this was just a magical book about a boy making a journey with his granddad in a magical boat or that it was a dream where a boy has a wonderful trip with his dear grandpa The ending also doesn t particularly help If the book is about loss where E books that evokes loneliness with such fragility and that conveys such feeling and beauty that it cannot fail to move its readers an absolute gem do not miss out Library MiceI have to admit that I was fighting back tears by the end It's just so incredibly sweet and really pulls the heart strings Being Mrs CCharming and engaging this book gives lots of scope for child to adult discussion about feeling lonely and saying goodbye to something loved Love All BlogsPoignant sensitive and understated this is a not to be missed tale where the narrative thrust and emotional span.

The sentiment in this book is beautiful as it so sensitively deals with the loss of a much loved Grandad The simple yet thoughtful writing and colourful detailed illustrations combine to leave the reader both hugely comforted and uplifted Each page is worthy of time and discussion as they lead us to understand the changing emotions that accompany the final adventure Grandad and Syd have together Watch the pictures carefully as themes objects and animals reappear This is a super book A vibrantly coloured picture book that has a great approach to a rather tricky topic Grandad s island tells the tale of a boy and his grandfather a A beautiful book with great illustrations and a lovely story which may help children with the loss of a grandparent Would defined recommend for KS1 childrenCould also be used in KS2 as a stimuli for lessons Grandad s Island is a beautiful story about a young boy who is trying to understand why his Grandad father won t be in his life any It s a story about losing a loved one and while this might put some people off from reading it could actually help you than you thinkThis book couldn t have come at a perfect time My 4 year old has recently started uestioning a lot of the normal day to day things and losing a loved one or even The Canadian Regime knowing that she could at some point die it was an emotional thing for her understand and she wouldeep getting upset and asking and uestions So like I said when Grandad s Island arrived and we honestly didn t now much about this book before hand while reading it I noticed that everything slowly came into place for her and I could see This is a beautiful book both the visual elements and the written story It still surprises me to this day the number of. After the phenomenal success of The Storm Whale and On Sudden Hill this new book by Benji Davies deals with the emotional topic of losing a grandparent Subtly told this beautifully illustrated book tackles a difficult subject with great sensitivity and depthPraise for The Storm WhaleA future classic and a must have for the discerning picture book fan The BooksnifferThe Storm Whale is an evocative portrayal of a child's need for friendship told through the sparest of text and imagery in this beautiful picture book The ReadingZoneThe Storm Whale is one of those rare pictur.

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