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I enjoyed the first two thirdsThe book talks about individual canals the journey This offers interesting insights into the different areas of the country the impact of the industrial revolution and the development of canalsHowever this style makes the book a bit too repetitive in terms of the history by the Kennet and Avon I became bored Brilliantly written and very good I think it the best book I had had to read and I well think it good also to hear Mind boggling Some impressive feats of engineering on these pages There s something very simplistic about floating down a canal but in reality it s hiding a complicated past I have my heart set on a birthday treat involving a narrow boat and several canal side inns This was a really good bookThe different part about different canals were interesting and fluently written the last part about life on the canals the workers their families socio economic dynamics was really informative and interesting It is a great introduction to the history of the canals in Britain and easy to read and understand without prior knowledge What I ve learned so far Charles Darwin s grandfather was directly involved with the implementation of canals in England which led to the Industrial Revolutio. Barging Round Britain by David Bartley is a beautifully illustrated guide to a uniue and fascinating part of our history the canal networkExplore the people and places that have forged this na.

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N He d have been proud to know his grandchild would one day be the father of the theory of Evolution Barges were drawn by horses on canal paths Once they reached tunnels there would be men and women waiting to offer their help in pulling the barge along them They known as leggers would lie on their backs on top of the barge and push with their legs Wasn t unusual for some to fall in the water and drown Birmingham was the epicentre of a lot of discoveries that propelled the Industrial Revolution and changed the world such as the first steam engines The expansion of canals there also involved a lot of corruption Now from the start I should say this isn t the book I thought it to be It is not just based on a TV series but a three fold approach with John Sargeant being the start and reason for this bookAs a result it is a comprehensive and thoroughly involving book that rekindles memories of one s own links with canals or journeys along a cut in a narrow boatFrom John s own introduction to his journeys we then have a detailed history of that canal and interspersed between these are wonderful illustrations and historical pieces about the growth of canals it s peoples and the demise of a way of lifeSo it is less about how one of. Tional treasure from the birth of the Industrial Revolution to the leisure explosion on our waterways today Fully illustrated with maps and photographs the book will trace canal routes across.

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Our favourite TV personalities got on steering his boat or if he ever recovered his hat It is his impressions es and why canals continue to draw folk to the tow paths and leisure pursuits However it is the detailed accounts of each route and how they came to be built where they were Plus the dramatic history and the proud heritage in a civil engineeringIt is a remarkable story recounted with a sense of passion and enthusiasm and enhances my respect for all those involved in these great schemes that propelled our countries prosperity There are also further reading suggestions where DIRTY - 47 verruchte TABU Erotik Geschichten your personal interest is piued soou can research in detailI loved this book as it not only entertained me but I feel so much knowledgeable about an interest that expands whenever I see a lock being entered or smell a wood burning stove along the canal bankHaving spent three weeks messing about on narrow boats last ear this book brought back many happy memories The water supply may be resolved along the way but as a traditionalist I still enjoy the beer served at the various public houses beside the cutThe highlight of our trip was a folk night at Fradley Junction but those memories have been stirred up and recalled through this wonderful boo. The UK from the Georgian grandeur of Bath to the dramatic splendour of the Scottish HighlandsThis is the official tie in to the ITV series coming to prime time TV in January 2015 David Bartley.