Layla Wolfe: A Gorgeous Mess The Bent Zealots MC #2

I received this ARC I fell in love with this series with the first volume I had liked the way Layla had kept the appropriate personality of the bikers it is the raw cutting writing which doesn t make in the elegance but I love it It s violent and graphic and I don t speak only about t Advance ARCI loved Anson and Ormond Anson finally free to live open and honest close his past and welcome a new family Ormond finally seeing he s worth so much that he deserves to be loved Didn t like the truck scene you know Thought this was great and I can t wait to see where you take us nextAmazing DNF 37% This had such high ratings I decided to give it a go although I found the first book to be mediocre at best Wow that was a mistake The writing to me here is even ridiculous and hard to follow than the first book I couldn t even LOL at parts like in the first book because I had NO IDEA what the author was saying Who says Twatwaffles or Shillyshallying WTF are Bowling Ball EyesNO MAS As discovered in the first book of The Bent Zealots series ust being gay in a somewhat homophobic world is tough enoughBUT when you are a biker in a club filled with criminal activities drug dealing and alpha male womanizers wanting to play for the other team can be downright deadly and unacceptable So the new club was formed of mostly gay members but with some sympathetic allies and women who like to hang around and watch men together knowing they will never be old ladiesIn A Gorgeous Mess Anson is a mercenary and is recruited by Turk the MC Prez to find out who is using their club s turf to make and sell drugsOrmond is a make up artist to the stars close personal friend to any man wearing a uniform and is thrown into a partnership with the somewhat closeted Anson Their first encounters are rough and lacking in any romancethe MM sex in this book is graphic Unfortunately the relationship these men have is lacking an emotional connection at the beginning and it takes a whole lot of club drama dirty business and some close calls to push these men together into a intimate and personal connectionA few surprises are left at their doorstep and from what started as an uneasy partnership to bring down some drug cooking dealers they build a real romantic albeit dominant and bordering on extreme physical partnershipAnson is the one who is struggling the mosthe wants to know about his father has a daughter who is on drugs and wants to find her and had no desire to be out and proud as his lover Ormond or even his fellow MC brothersin fact he doesn t even identify as gay or even bi at firstI really liked the progression of this relationship as well as the growth of Anson as he realizes what he wants and needs in his life and goes for it I also liked the reality of the fact that even though the Zealots were a gay MCthere still exists a certain amount of pressure and prejudice even amongst their own ranks A surprise appearance near the end of the book leaves a door open for uestions and discoveries about his father which I am sure will be in the third bookAs with the first bookbe very informed going init is violent graphic contains some themes that are upsetting and depicts male sexuality in its rawest form The romance aspect is way different from the typical biker book where it s males and females battling it out in bed and in the cluband not two men which completely changes the dynamics 45 open your mind and heart to the possibilities stars I do not think I read the same book that received all of these 4 5 Star reviews The premise is interesting the writing is First to Fight juvenile and the dialogue is down right ridiculous at times I love gritty MC books but this one wasust completely lacking for me The one positive thing I can say is that it was better than the first book This was an ARC given to me by the author in exchange for a timely and honest review Before I started reading this one I read the first in the Bent Zealots series and I m glad I did because I knew of the people and had background information I wouldn t have had otherwiseThe two main characters areOrmond an openly gay biker who is known for doing favors for men in uniforms and Anson who is a straight as far as the world can see ex military current private mercenery Both men are living their lives based on false beliefs about themselves and neither one is truly happyThe element of this story that propelled it into 5 stars and beyond was the emotional growth experienced by both men and the maturation of the relationship that develops between themAs I delved in to my reading it didn t matter that I wasn t a non Caucasian gay or bisexual man and therefore coul. CKBKS0000002Four wheels move the body Two wheels move the soulANSON I was ust a mercenary back from fighting the good fight overseas I was on a uest for my father my roots looking for answers Turk Blackburn Bent Zealots MC Prez ordered me on a fresh operation to prove myself my guts my valor Infiltrate the Navajo Rez and find out who is claiming the Zealots’ turf using kids to cook drugsMy partner is the famous badge slut Ormond Tangier known far and wide for his mad oral skills his subservience to anyone in uniform Mercenaries don’t wear badges but my dominant side soon has me all over that.

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E to start changing his waysAnson is former militaryturned mercenary He was sent home from the sandbox after it appeared his PTSD was getting the best of him He returns home to visit the MC to find out about his elusive father of whom nobody will say a word In the meantime at the reuest of that MC he takes a ob helping out the newly formed Bent Zealots MC to rid them of their little problem with theft and turf encroachingOrmond s knowledge of the rez and experience with the law enforcement earns him a spot as Anson s partner Now here is where these two are different They are both used to being lovers at a distance Neither has gotten close to anyone or at least not in a long time in the case of Anson and they both like it a bit rough Ormon likes to be dominated and used and Anson is than happy to do the dominating and rough sex There are no uick declarations of love here though Ormon realizes pretty early on that Anson is exactly his type After Anson he has no desire to submit to random blowjobs It Catacomb just takes a little convincing to bring Anson aroundAnson gets much than he bargained for or even knew he desired when he found his home with Ormond and the Zealots These guys have a different kind of relationship but it works for them and it s easy to see at the end how right they are for each otherThis story moves along at a uick pace and has plenty of hot dirty sex and exciting action I really enjoyed this and love the gay biker gang theme They are not without their problems but they are looking to be a force to be reckoned with and I am looking forward to of their stories ARC RECEIVED FOR HONEST REVIEWThis was an absolutely amazing story that kept me gripping on to my handlebars from the start of the road to the end It was a bumpy road with a lot of twists and turns and action aplenty i totally loved it WOW I thought Turk and Lock s story was hot and full of action well this one was definitely on par with their story Ormond was first encountered in book 1 Dangerous Reality when he helps Turk out with payment for a speeding violation Turk decides to start the new MC club The Bent Zealots and recruits Ormond and a few others with the backing of his ex club and his partner Lock s ex club When Turk s shop gets robbed and they decide they need to show everyone thatust because they are a gay mc club doesn t mean they can be pushed around Turk contacts his old prez who contacts Anson a mercenary who is on leave indefinitely after suffering ptsd causing his Queen Esther the Second Graders of Doom judgement out in the field to be clouded Ormond and Anson are sent on aob together to find who is making and selling meth in their backyard and to put an end to this so as to put the Bent Zealots stamp on their land While Ormond is an out and proud gay Anson isn t and doesn t want to be out well not to start off with He s fighting his own other demons too trying to find out about his father and trying to help his daughter Anson is desperately fighting his feelings for Ormond telling himself he needs to find a civilian wife but the longer they are out on the Dirty Secrets job together the he realises that isn t going to happen He still doesn t know if he ll be able to go back to being a Mercenary which is also effecting his feelings towards OrmondWill he give in to his heart or will he go back to his normalob after he s helped Turk and the Bent Zealots Will Ormond s liking of men in uniforms stop now he s met Anson will he be able to be a one man s man can he get Anson to admit to how he feels Only one way to find out I Just Couldn t Life is too short for books that suck and this one worked my second to last nerve Yes after the first book in this series I should have known but I hoped perhaps the next book would be better It wasn t Between such pithy descriptions of the main characters like the Spaniard and the half breed with the adjective sexy added for emphasis to the supposedly bad ass biker club that makes the Keystone Cops look like Law and Order SVU offering sage advice about drug abuse because we re nice drug dealers I ust couldn t The attempt at BDSM was painful and not in the way I d enjoy Seriously asking for a safeword in the MIDDLE of a scene with some random stranger What The Fuckety Fuck To be fair the idea of motorcycle club comprised of gay alpha males is a good one Given the homophobia of biker culture how such an organization would earn respect amongst hard core brothers especially one percenters would make for really gritty reading Just not by this author The series is a train wreck and reinforces my belief that biker romance overall needs to die uickly I m done It s off my Kindle permanently I need brain bleach. Ar I’m never falling for that service bottom Ormond I’m accomplishing this op and going back to Afghanistan But I have to wrest control of this Rez land from Iceman and the lethal hit man who has been trailing us I’d bury anyone who got between me and Ormond Does that mean I’m in love God I hope not Don’t think I can take that again Just need to get back onto the open road and blow the dust from my soulPublisher’s warning This book is not for the faint of heart It contains scenes of gay sex illegal doings violence and forced seduction roleplay There is no cliffhanger and there is a HE.

D not possibly understand what that reality was like in our culture It didn t matter because Ormond and Anson yanked me into their hearts and souls and I had to hang on while external forces violently uprooted them from their stagnant comfort zones and whipped us along for the rideBoth men immediately feel something electric with the other the very first time they met which results in a rather steamy scene before they even knew one another s names The realization very soon after that impulsive incident that they were going to be working closely together on an important MC ob made them both uncomfortableAnson initially wanted to continue the purely sexual acts with Ormond without feelings or any other kind of relationship between them As long as no one found out that he was possibly gay then he felt safe at least if not happy A bright happy future with someone he loved and who loved him back wasn t something he ever considered being possible in his futureOrmond it soon became clear felt that his sexual skills were all that he had to offer anyone so he didn t mind being that lustful outlet for AnsonEven early in their growing friendship it was apparent that Anson was struggling with his feelings for Ormond Ormond s sexual past wasn t a secret from anyone so Anson knew of all the promiscuity He discovered that he wanted to whack him upside the head and tell him to get some self respecthe didn t need to open wide for every chunky in order to feel desirable That he was desirable without all that To me that was a huge turning point for Anson He started from then on being open with his affection and feelings with Ormond He wanted to protect him and make him feel good about himselfJust as Anson had aided Ormond in the realization of his intrinsic worth as a beautiful kind and truly lovable man Ormond knew how to best help Anson be comfortable with who he really was in his sexual orientation and slowly he became content in Jazz Funeral just being himself all the time and not only when the two men were alone Ormond allowed Anson to feel like he was the one in charge in their relationship at all times always the manly and macho one even if it wasust an illusion at times Anson may have grown relaxed in himself and in being a them together but he was still an alpha male needing to exert his dominance and possession of all things especially his OrmondOver the course of the book there is plenty of action and danger and unexpected curveballs life throws at them which serve to bring the characters closer as best friends trusting one another literally with their very livesbut I ll let you read those events on your own I don t want to ruin a single bit of this beautiful viscerally moving love story The second book of the Bent Zealots MC series does not disappoint It picks up neatly from book 1 but can be read as a standalone novel by re introducing Ormond badge slut extraordinairefrom book 1 and introducing Anson a half breed mercenarywho is asked to take on the The Doctors Pregnancy Surprise job of finding out who is intruding on to the Bent Zealots turf and exploiting the disaffected youth on the rezNeither man is on the market for a relationship but the sparks fly from their first encounter They both try to deny the strength of their feelings but events conspire against themAs with book 1 this is gritty and down and dirtyin both the action and the hot sex There are fights explosions and stand off moments as you would expect in an action story and our heroes or rather anti heroes do their fair share when it comes to provoking mayhemHowever it is the underlying themes that make this book stand out from what is becoming a crowded genre MC stories are apparently the new black or whatever the literary euivalent isNeither of these men would ever be voted citizen of the year but they both have an inner core of morality and of wanting to do the right thing that sets them above the norm This is seen in their relationships with each other with fellow MC members and with familyThe writing is as you would expect from Layla Wolfe crisp and to the pointShe gets her story across succinctly whilst still painting pictures that put you in the scenePersonally I can t wait for book 3 45 star review by The Blogger GirlsI loved this story every bit as much as the first book A Dangerous Reality This one is a little different though or I should say the guys are a bit differentWe met Ormond in the previous book He has a badge or uniform kink in that blowing men in uniform really does it for him Needless to say he doesn t ever get any traffic tickets He owns up to his slutty ways though fully admits he is a total cumslut but he is thinking it is tim. Seductive Spanish servant A man may as well have a few laughs while on a fatal mission Because these things never end pleasantlyORMOND I was flung into a life or death battle against the slimy Iceman leader of a rival MC Iceman is running all sorts of uestionable ops on Bent Zealots land and now Anson and I have to prove our street credsust to stake a claim in our own backyardI’m a friend of cops firemen and soldiers alike but suddenly I only want one man ordering me around Anson Dineyazzie macho half breed hired gun has stolen than ust my heart This was never supposed to happen ANSON I swe.

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