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Reread 8219I did it I have em in my hands There are not a lot of books I m willing to spend money on just so I can have them in my hands but this series I m dying to get this series in my handsBeen a day since I finished the series and you won t believe the struggle I m going through to stop myself from rereading it already A ton of info dumping in the beginning but that s okay I was engaged enough to keep going and I m glad I did I found this book to have excellent world building very uniue and unlike anything I have read before I enjoy all the action and violencesue me I could watch John Wick all day and this is nothing in comparison Olina is one badass bitch given her circumstances but still has a ton of self doubt which is understandable I m really looking forward to the character building I sense will happen Also the delegates or Glacium They are all my babies seriously If anything happens to them then I may have to resort to fighting someone haha I need the King lease I like him A LOT But chill with the man handling bro The ending though AHHHHHHH UPDATE This review can now be found on Rosaline s Rolls ScrollsYesss I really needed this I could not have read this at a better timeFantasy of Frost is not super mind blowing but it s extremely enjoyable I found it to be a fun and uick read I could not Perception and the External World put it down at allTheace of the book is not that fast but the mystery of the veil keeps you going And even though this mystery is super Popular Representations of Development predictable and the ending is a little rushed I uite enjoyed hanging out with the characters and explore their world at a slowerace I also appreciated the ending not dragging and making my reading experience hellishI really liked the world building in this one Everything was so naturally explained that I did not feel the need to roll my eyes even once I would not have minded a little bit of action in the book however to keep things interesting But overall I enjoyed myself too much to complainThat cliffhanger in the end though has me eager to Sister for Sale pick up the next book And I already have high expectations Hopefully the second book is even better than this one It s surprising to me that this book does not have much buzz there have been weeks where all I have been has been trash but I had this book marinating in my tbr without knowing how good it would be So glad I bit the bulletThis book is really good from the firstage I was engrossed The characters had believable reactionsactions especially Olina When she was first introduced as wearing a veil and having never seen her face I was a bit skeptical because it s not hard to undo the veil when she was alone and see what she looks like but I understood the fear for her brothers and the fear of what she would find I was looking forward to her removing that veil and I hoped it was not for a stupidly contrived reason such as her beauty being blinding or any of that malarkey As it is I am rushing to read the next one because I have to know what s going on GUYS I FINALLY WON A GIVEAWAY I am SO ECSTATIC I hope I get the book and candle soon D Will edit when I have finished the book Reread July 2019 It is the beautiful thing about the Solati avoidance of asking straight uestion it is easy to ignore them I don t know why but the I reread this series the I actually enjoy it if that s even The Blue Door (Threshold possible lol I JUST LOVE IT A LOT OKAY First read June 2017 Sometimes it takes the world bringing you to your knees to find that spark you thought forever lostSometimes it takes death to show you how to liveAmazing female lead uniue fantasy world slow burn romance Fantasy of Frost was definitely a great start to a veryromising seriesEven though at first I wasn t a big fan of the writing style I actually ended up really enjoying this book I found the world to be very interesting and uniue and I also really liked all the characters especially Olina she s the best Now I m super excited to see where the story goes next 455 Free on todayUK Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to author Kelly St Clare Do you choose to wear that veil he asks turning back to meI shake my head an. I know many things What I am capable of what I will change what I want to become But there is one thing I will never knowBeing the Tatuma of our world the next to rule should have given me a Two Views on the Doctrine of the Trinity privileged life One full of friends love and happiness If my mother did not hate me Irobably

D suddenly Kedrick is boiling mad Your mother is one sick twisted bitch This was a really stunning YA fantasy novel leaving me highly anticipating the next instalment You can t be saying that you ve never seen your own face he says My silence is confirmation enough I really liked the characters in this book and I felt so sorry for Olina The way her mother had treated her was truly disgusting to have never seen your own face to be forced to veil yourself from everyone and to also receive regular beatings at your own mother s command is really shocking I was really glad that Olina had managed to find love with Prince Kedrick and I really wanted them to be allowed to be together What happened The uestion barely disturbs the air it is so uiet I was being followed everywhere They were on her before I could do anything They slit her throat and made me watch her die The world building in this was really good and I liked that things were explained so simply without the use of info dumps I sometimes get confused by fantasy novels but I didn t have that The Art of Standing Still problem at all with Fantasy of Frost When you get married you lose the O at the front of your name I say So when I marry My name will go from Olina to Lina I try to imagine getting married and Kedrickops into my mind The storyline in this was done really well and I even appreciated the heart breaking moments I felt really scared and upset for Olina at times and I just couldn t stop reading Do not test me Your life is forfeit if I so much as detect you have twitched your veil without my A Ladys Honor (Cliffs of Cornwall, permission There was some romance and I liked it but I was very saddened by the way this romance was brought to an end It was just so so sad I would be than your friend He steps up to me and grabs my other elbow bringing me to face him Ilace both hands on his chest to steady myself speechless He tilts my chin upwards leans his head down and kisses me thorough the veil The heat of his skin reaches mine The veil moulds to my lips and I taste the salt of my sweat The friction causes tingles to spread through my body all the way to my toes I love you he says The ending to this was a little surprising and we were left with a bit of cliff hanger I will certainly be keeping an eye out for the next instalment of this thrilling tale85 out of 10 This one is good Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience people Worth the read Full Review What I Liked This book had two mysteries and I love a good mystery The main character wears a veil and she is told by her mum never to remove it so she has never seen her face before That s one of the mystery figuring out why she has to cover her face The second was around finding out who did something bad In this book there are two worlds The one the mc belongs to which is always hot and theeople are conservative and the second world is the opposite where it is always cold and the The War to End All Wars people are outgoing and crude It was interesting reading about how different theeople are The hinted relationship between two characters What I didn t like This book had alot of info dumping and I was confused Apparently the two worlds have six sectors that keeps revolving so for instance in the MC s world it gets hotter every sector and the hottest sector is 4th and then it gets better at 5th I m not sure about this They also kept mentioning something about revolutions every number of years honestly I might be making things up It was just kinda confusing Also there were alot of characters in this And some of their names started with an O so it was confusing figuring out who was who This book seemed like the author s first book and I had to check if that was the case and I think it was The writing just seemed kinda juvenile I mentioned that the second world was crude and it just seemed a little bit extra to me with their constant cursing and overly sexual discussions I know the author wanted to make the two worlds as different as Death Comes for the Archbishop possible but she did the most view spoiler The MC just killed those guys like it was nothing and she didn t have any trauma even though it was her first time killingeople She just acted like it was a daily occurrence seemed unrealistic to me hide spoiler Read this. Ould have had all of that Instead she has kept me veiled from birth turning the ossibility of this distant dream into a living nightmare Shunned by the court abused from childhood I am trapped within this material barrier and will never know my own face Only two friends and a determina.

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For a second timeand I can only raise it half a star to 15 stars Does no one else find the hysical aggression disturbing with the blas way it s written And the crude language to be out of The Naked Man place Yet I llrobably Damias Children pick up the seuels for the slow burn romance ORIGINAL REVIEWWowww this book was bad The book was bad the writing was bad thelot was bad just bad all around And short And offensive And the offensive was bad And distracting And juvenile as a result It s like this book was striving to be older and darker and high stakestrying to demonstrate the seriousness and crudeness of the setting But alas the writing could not Cutremur de timp pull it off The authenticity of the writing was not there for me stop trying so hard to convince the readers that you re dark and heavy and tough and threateningTHE GOODThis book has a setting somewhat similar to Snow Like Ashes so if you liked the winter versus summer elements of that seriesthen maybe you ll like this bookTHE BAD1 Language What the what Words like fuck and shit and bitch were liberally used which struck me as extremely out oflace both for the setting and for the Backlash : La guerre froide contre les femmes perceived YA maturity of the book I m not saying it offended my delicate sensibilities or that I ve never read a book with language before I m saying it was downright out oflace with this writing How is the vulgarity on Die Botin des Königs (Reiter-Trilogie par with the middle gradeyoung young adult tone of this book Or with the medieval fantasy timeeriod when fuck was used as a verb and not as an expletive the way we use it in modern times Adult fantasy like Game of Thrones could Patagonia Express pull it off Low fantasy couldull it off Used here it s too similar to modern collouialism and it jarred me from the fantasy world we were in2 Crude language trying too hard to be crude which speaks to the unconvincing writing and dialogue I d even go as far as to say Predator passages like this were meant to illicit sympathy for Olina due to howoorly she was being treated and abused Why else To emphasize that these nameless thugs are bad guys To emphasize the recarious situations women in this fantasy world live in If either of the last two both of those could have been better accomplished via other means If the first reason then we re reying on rape culture here Which is a whole new can of worms That s where a good slut should be On her back The men laugh together over my head She isn t so bad looking Even with the blood For fuck s sake Nam Seven Days in Utopia put it away We don t have time for you to get your dick wet 3 Superficially developed characters and a lacklusterlot development 4 Don t even get me started on the romance Justno5 Physical aggression from King Jovan All right I know I skimmed this entire book in under an hour but even I caught the moments where he Lots of Love pinnedlifted her against the wall by her wrists or dug his nails into her shoulders while he shook her BRO JustNO And then he apologizes later by saying he wasn t in his right state of mind BRO Borderlinehysical violence We are NOT romanticizing this Especially given her backstory of Reclaiming Love physical abuse NO6 Mature subject material turned into juvenile anecdotes King Jovan shysical aggression aside Olina is often beaten badly by her mother and uncle She s attacked once on her own by three men who repeatedly Vegangelical punch and kick her body until she blacks out not before there s a crude suggestion at rape And we gloss it over From her family s abuse we get a short scene where Olina s brother sees the bloody water she uses to clean herself After the attack we get King Jovan discovering her almost near toassing out in a hallway therefore allowing him to sweep in as the Knight to heal her BRO JUST NOTHE VERDICTNope Just no The only reason I didn t DNF this book at the 17% mark was because I wanted to learn what the big hoopla was over hiding Olina s face behind a veil for eighteen yearsThere are a lot of glowing reviews of this book on Goodreadsso I m open to considering that this book is just major bad book chemistry But good gosh I went through several Defender of Faith, Revised Edition pages of reviews and I only found two reviews below three stars mine and someone else s Did this book merely catch me in a bad mood Am I missing something. Tion to become Tatum keep me sane I am unaware everything in my life is about to change when theeace delegate arrives from the savage world of Glacium Hidden agendas No escuches su canción de trueno past secrets and my struggle to stay alive–while still becoming theerson I want to be–careen wildly out of contro.

When USA Today bestselling author Kelly St Clare is not reading or writing she is lost in her latest reverieBooks have always been magical and mysterious to her One day she decided to start unravelling this mystery and began writingThe Tainted Accords was her debut series The After Trilogy is now availableA New Zealander in origin and in heart Kelly currently resides in Australia with her