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Picture book 2015This book has the most beautiful illustrations I would read this to students that are 2 5 grade The illustrations are amazing This book is fabulous I am considering buying it for the school library The illustrations are true art A book to make a child linger Very imagination optical illusion like illustrations creative and imaginative Illustrations pull ou into them there are in this Imagine a series Imagine a World is the fourth companion to Rob Gonsalves s Imagine a series He is an artist who uses his paintings as inspiration for a poem and creates a poem picture book Between his poetry giving imagery and his beautiful paintings the book comes together in a fantastic way It. Rob Gonsalves master of magical realism presents another mesmerizing picture book in his Imagine a series that will “stimulate wonder and imagination” Booklist starred reviewImagine a world where the sky becomes the Earth; where a wate.

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Stimulates wonder and imagination I really liked this book and thought that even though the poem and the illustrations can stand on their own they complement and work very well together to create a deeper meaning and crisp image Imagine a World has been praised by both Booklist and Publishers Weekly as a mesmerizing and beautiful bookI would use Imagine a World as part of a poetry reading to Tutoring Lady Jane younger grade school kids and ask them discussion uestions like what did the poem makeou think about and what did ou notice about the correlation between Lovelyhttppussrebootscomblog2016comm The art was beautiful I loved it soooo much I need to get ahold of the other books similar to this one This author is. Rfall freefalls to become dancing women; where ou can cut mountains out of curtains and ships sail into the sky This amazing world is what Rob Gonsalves has created His vision inspires and astounds and he wants to share that vision with

A very talented painter He even did an excellent job at putting words to go with the pictures The words were poetic and really inspired me Not only are the paintings in this picture book absolutely stunning but I love the repetition of the phrase Imagine a world on each page Could be a good mentor text and entry point for writing poetry Age K 5th gradeArt Surrealism optical illusionsAlthough I have not read the other books in the series I thought the text written by the illustrator this time was wonderfully complimentary to the paintings asking readers to ponder positive transformation The artwork is thoroughly provocative and would serve as a wonderful writing prompt It s better as a read aloud. Ou With stunning illustrations that stretch the limits of the imagination this fourth installment in the Imagine a series explores a world that is boundless and beautiful inviting ou to imagine a world of possibilities to imagine this wor.

Artist Rob Gonsalves was born in Toronto in 1959 During his childhood he developed an interest in drawing from imagination using various media By age 12 his awareness of architecture grew as he learned perspective techniues and first began to paint renderings of imagined buildings After an introduction to artist Dali Gonsalves began his first surrealist paintings The magic realism approa