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Yle and most of the other recipes weren t applicable I am excited about the few recipes I id find though that will work for me Savory Millet and Potato Stew Double Chocolate Kasha Torte Maple Corn Pudding Polenta Saute Onion and Mushroom uinoa Lemon Parsley Three Grain Pilaf Red Harvest uinoa Lentil Stew with Cornbread Dumplings etc I Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, d say give this cookbook a try it s likely you ll find something you can eat regardless of youriet But if you re on a restricted Ask the Past diet like I amon t start off buying the book Just check it out from the library. G tips and information on the ifferent kinds of whole grains available authoritative advice on the health benefits of whole grains and 50 beautiful color photos.

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This has a good variety of normal recipes using whole grains I especially like the uinoa chapter Easy to make savory recipes I found the best recipes for whole grain cooking a great way to introduce whole grains to the kids This is one of my favorite cookbooks Full of sensible healthy and tasty ideas and contains a primer on whole grains and their benefits General Mills brands are called for of course but you can substitute your favorites if you know what you are oing This is a pretty solid cookbook It just Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, doesn t work very well for me With this cookbook the experts at Betty Crocker make it easy for you to include the goodness of whole grains in your family’s favorite meals You’lliscover.

Was hoping that Whole Grains meant that there Different Class d be less flour and actual grains and there wassort of A lot of recipes still called for flours like cornmeal and whole wheat flour and even worse many called for Betty Crocker processed products like Chex Cheerios etc However I was able to copy out less than aozen recipes that involved obscure grains like millet and uinoa But when you can t have half the grains Short Stories by Roald Dahl discussed including the most common ones like barley and wheat berries itoes limit your choices of recipes Add to that my vegan lifest. 140 Goldilocks the Three Bears delicious whole grain recipes for every meal of theay including on the go snacks convenient slow cooker recipes and super fast 30 minute ishes plus cookin.