Claudia North: Slave To The Gladiator

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Sighs Good books in the Roman era seem to be hard to findAfter reading a very unsatisfying time travel romance followed by an even worse historical with a cliffhanger ending When eighteen year old Lucia is told by her father that she must attend a fight at the Colosseum with him she is annoyed Once at the arena however Lucia learns that watching the muscular trained hysiues of the fighters is actu.

Was sick of trying to find one I was just looking to relax with some togap0rnThis book was short but had good character buildup There s a hot steamy scene with them together at. Ally far entertaining than she had at first imagined When the Emperor of Rome awards a medal to the winning gladiator at the end of the fight he gives the warrior one special rize He tells the large masterful gladiator Tacitus.

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The end of the storyOverall I liked the book the characters and the erotica It was a good short read Historical inaccuracies Short story The steamy arts started in the last 20. That he can choose any woman in the audience to become his slave for the night That's how Lucia gets icked And that's how she loses her flower but gains a Master from that moment on This 4500 word story contains explicit scen.