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With the difficulties of logistics some of which are gruesome but essential and with the rank and file soldierlabourers who jus want to go home and who never envisioned being glorified grave diggers when they joined up The characters within the book all come together to make a stunning background to a vey human and mportant part of our history The best historical fiction provides a straight shot of how The Book of Lamentations it feeling that non fiction can seldom replicate Field Services a wonderful example of this Captain James Reid toils with his unwilling men to bury the dead from the recently ended Great War For me the book was about grief How do you mourn how do you live afterwards how did the society seek to address the aftermath of the carnage This novel unfettered by fact but completely realistic gave me the most depressing Guide Through the Old Testament insightnto these uestions An excellent uiet but telling addendum to the horror. Ace from their grief that the men are forced to acknowledge the part they too have playedWith his trademark unerring precision Robert Edric explores the emotional hinterland which lies behind the work done by the War Graves Commission n the wake of the First World Wa.

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The contrast between the reality burial of nurses executed soldiers soldiers who appear to have been the victims of war crimes and the presentation pristine rows of graves belying the effort needed to keep the water out and avoid these new trenches becoming waterlogged s very The Last Days of the Romanovs interesting Thiss mirrored The Fate of the Romanovs in the contrast between the desperation of the men undertaking the work long after the War has ended and yet still serving and still unable to return home and the arrogance of the officer ranks seeking to capitalise on work they did not undertake to gain political advancement Much of thiss challenging about the kind of world being built post War be that the serviceable horses shot rather than passed to peasant farmers the return of battle fields to crop fields the new battle faced to return to a normal life Miss Julia Takes Over (Miss Julia, in Britain after all that has happened and all that has been seen or the efforts of. Morlancourt Northern France 1920In the aftermath of the world's bloodiest conflict a small contingent of battle worn soldiers remainsn France Captain James Reid and his men are tasked with the LOSER identification and burial ofnnumerable corpses as they come to terms wi.

Some to self promote while others fear what mankind will have become capable of having engaged Home-Ec 101 in the War to end all wars The story does end abruptly but this fits with the device of showing that the stories of these men did not end and tie up neatly with the Armistice The uestion poseds as they gather up the pieces and seek to bury the dead how does life then go on I really enjoyed this lots of food for thought Beautifully written as Exterminating Angel is always the case with this author He tells the story with a gentle touch and subtlety that puts men mind of William Trevor and I can think of no better compliment I thought this book was superb Having visited the battlefields and cemeteries of N Europe I was spellbound by the detail of how these cemeteries came Culture and Customs of Norway into being and the personnelnvolved This book deals with the creation of a particular cemetery The Billionaires Secretive Enchantress (The Berutelli Escape, in N France following the 1st World War It deals. Th the events of the past four yearsThe stark contrast between the realities of burying menn France and the reports of honouring the dead back Shake, Rattle and Roll in Britains all too clear But t s only when the daily routine s nterrupted by a visit from two women both seeking sol.


Robert Edric b 1956 is the pseudonym of Gary Edric Armitage a British novelist born in Sheffield