Nick Brown: The Emperors Silver Agent of Rome #5

I think we will be in for a treat in the next installement I think I am going to repeat myself for the gazillionth time but the Agent of Rome series is a winner With The Emperor s Silver Nick Brown once again proves his worth and no wonder that Hodder and Stoughton keeps on buying books in this series they are well worth it From the great story ynamics character building story line and writing all Why Americas Top Pundits Are Wrong down to the accuracy of Roman history these books are just amazing Period ReviewFor me this is one of the stand out series in Roman fiction somethingifferent not built around battles it follows the exploits of Cassius an officer of the Grain Men or the Frumen Perhaps not the best one in the series so far I have got to say It felt like there were long time where it seemed as though nothing much happened with relevance to the mission Though when it Citizen Cain did it than made up for it and is surely better than most And a great relief not to be staggering from one huge battle to anotherThe story is again aetective story a whodunnit set in the Roman Middle East 273AD Corbulo is once handed the hot potato mission this time to track Trail of Secrets down whoever is putting fake Roman money into the system The system is actually good because while Iidn t think that fake Roman money was either a thing or a thing that would actually be a problem worth worrying about it was of course Like it is today It s about confidence in the system and the conseuences of that confidence being eroded or removed by uncertainty and mistrust And that s where Nick Browns books really come into their own By showing us life Roman life as it was a little further How to Train a Cowboy down the scale from the Emperors and Generals usually written about we can perhaps easily relate it to our own lives and struggles And see both that the Romans were a lot like us a lot furthereveloped than people me usually would think for a people living 2000 years ago and very little has changedThe story is much of a team effort I felt this time out Simo and especially Indavara have increasingly important even pivotal roles to play Andthe whole thing hangs on an excellent to be continued type theme at the end there Great not to be neatly tied off great to have me wanting to get stuck into the next oneThe World s best book blog Speesh ReadsFacebook Speesh Reads I love this series so much and The Emperor s Silver One Special Moment does notisappoint on the contrary The perfect mix of action fine writing and a trio of characters I just can t get enough of There are undertones here about the A Touch of Persuasion (Men Of Wolff Mountain darker side of the Roman empire including slavery and the exposure of infants and that adds something very special Excellent This series keeps getting better and better The author has outdone himself I read slowly to make it last since I KNEW I would really enjoy this latest Agent of Rome adventure And I was absolutely right This adventure was of aetective story with Cassius Simo and Indavara in Berytus modern Beirut investigating a ring of counterfeiters They gladly accept the aid of government officials and City sergeants lictorsUrban Cohorts Emperor Aurelian has recently issued new silver coins fakes are appearing all over the East Early on Cassius has used his smooth tongue but also exhibited his overexuberance impetuosity and carelessness based on flimsy circumstantial evidence There are red herrings A smuggling outfit is exposed Through a happy chance Indavara comes upon a promising lead while helping Simo s Christian congregation in their good works The final few chapters will surprise you I liked that the story was not only non stop exciting adventure but also gave us Simo s and Indavara s very human emotions and personal stories Simo and Cassius continue their Watch for Me by Moonlight (The Midnight Twins, disagreement over the place of Simo s religion in his life Indavara besides finding what might be of his background is struggling to find his place in society outside the arena and not to let its evils overwhelm him Cassius is unsympathetic to his feelings and awkward with him The psychology andynamic among the three I thought were strong aspects of the storyPacing was superb There Who would have thought that Cassius would willingly accept a new mission Well if three men raided my house in the middle of the night and wounded my bodyguard in a very sensitive area I The Mommy Makeover d want to escape too Indeed someone is out to get Cassius so he accepts what he believes to be a nice easy mission to get away from hi. E this and intense pressure from his superiors the young officer eventually closes in on the gangBut his enemies willo anything to protect their profits and Cassius and Indavara soon find themselves fighting not only for the emperor but for their very surviva.

REVIEW The Emperors Silver Agent of Rome #5

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Another job well The Convicts Bounty Bride (Convict Wives done by Nick Brown This time he releases information about Indavara s past And it the end it looks like the cliffhanger isue to this past This book was A River of Royal Blood (Untitled, different than the rest in that by the end the enemies wereefeated but not killed or captured They cleverly escaped from Cassius This was a pretty cool twist even though we all love to see Indavara kick some ass he First Blood did plenty of this to others throughout the book though The Kallikres turn was also a twist Iidn t really see coming I loved the charactersboth good and bad there was a great mix of them and they were all The Palliser Novels developed nicely Another great 5 star book and I CANNOT wait to read what Nick has in store for this trio next Another of the Agent of Rome books which was a thoroughly good read The mix of characters is really interesting and engaging and as ever a really good plot or were there several I thought at the beginning that this one might be less exciting as the charactersid but no it was just as gripping Downside The last two lines of the book mean that I now have to go straight on to the next one Not a problem really Roman adventure at its best I think this is the fifth in a series that continues to get better and better great storylines and compelling and interesting characters bring these books to life Although the author is not yet as well known as some of the others that write in this space he Men And Gods In Mongolia deserves to be with confident and engaging writingCassius is a grain man a Roman investigator He is fairly young and needs the help of a bodyguard an ex Gladiator and a slave who is an active Christian and it is theynamics between these three that underpin the stories Cassius is slightly immature and has the pomposity of his up bringing but is fundamentally a Hunter Killer (Pike Logan decent guy trying too the right thing It is a clever balance of his status and culture and the relationship he has with the other two blended in with some humour that works very wellIn The Emperor s Silver the trio are sent out after some counterfeiters and manage to get themselves into trouble before they start to flush out the bad guys all in a time of political unrest where the workers specifically the weavers feel they are being treated unfairly Not a great time to be an undercover grain manA series that is there to be thoroughly enjoyed especially if you like books set in this era After some harrowing and Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, dangerous assignments Cassius Corbulo is looking forward to a seemingly less life threatening job that will utilize his growing investigative skills So along with his imposing bodyguard Indavara and his Christian slave Simo Corbulo heads to the town of Berytus to uncover a counterfeiting ring Seemingly is the operative word in the opening sentence as the situation in this small peaceful town is hardly that Civil unrestangerous counterfeiters and a mysterious group of perceived assassins who have followed our trio make for some exciting action while Corbulo meets The Friend Zone dead end afteread end looking for the counterfeiting gang The most intriguing aspects of this the 5th volume in the Agent of Rome series is the continual growth of the the three main characters especially of Simo and Indavara Simo s ever growing faith puts him at loggerheads with Corbulo on numerous occasions Indavara gets interesting with every book and I was hooked on him with his arena scenes early on Going from a context void of a past he has come a long way and is a complex individual than just a skilled killer The author knows this time and place well as his Flying Scotsman Manual descriptions flow out of his research and gives the reader a sense of being in theusty streets or Alpha (Shifters, dingy taverns I wait with great anticipation for the next episode 5 starsOn Twitter hooverbkreviewOn Facebook at originally posted at you have been following my reviews of Nick Brown s Agent of Rome series including short fiction pieces you know that I am a big fan of his writing And it is with a reason he writing is catchy fast paced and his vision of the Roman Empire is just as it had to be beautiful yet brutal at the same time From the first book The Siege Nick Brown has never missed a beat in his writing I kindly urge you to pick up this series asap if you haven tone so The Emperor s Silver picks up after the events of The Black Stone and just as if Cassius thought he could catch a break from running around and solving problems which kind of comes with the job of the fru. Still recovering from his previous assignment in Arabia imperial agent Cassius Corbulo has been spending most of his time and money on women and wine Unfortunately for him word of his achievements has reached the emperor Aurelian's eputy and he is sent north

Mentarii he is called on another mission But first I have to note that before this mission arrives you see a picture of Cassius where his far from a happy man he has witnessed a lot of hurt and pain If you think about it anyone with emotions would be taken by this and so is Cassius He takes relief in other means and knows it isn t really the right way to go After this introduction Cassius is presented with a serious case where he has to track counterfeit money The case being Emperor Aurelian has issued new coinage in the Roman Empire since the Roman Empire is big many criminals try to work this in their favor and one particular criminal gang is oing such a good job that they have been noted However this new mission isn t the only motivation Cassius is being persued and they have already gotten very close to him personally a esperate break is needed And so Cassius is send to put them to a halt in the city of Berytus Of course he is always accompanied by two of his friends servant and bodyguard Simo and Indavara whom we already have gotten to learn in the other books Anyway what might sounds like a fairly easy mission soon turns out into a giant undertaking as Cassius is presented with than one challenge in trying to find the criminals and navigating his way through the local populace and convincing them to help him What we also see is that Cassius is young and perhaps naive and is being led astray by other motivations But it in end Cassius is being presented with a smack in the face wake up call as soon as he finds out that he wasn t able to shed his persuers and that his life now hangs in the balance Again a challenging task for Cassius both for his job and that of his lifeI actually wanted to uote the last two sentences of the book but that would be too much of a spoiler anyway I won t o it now But as with many of the other review this ending WOW Nick how Graphic Design For Everyone dare you totally unfair I hope you promise to publish the next book in a few months and not let us sit around and wait until next year June When it comesown to character Considering Kate (The Stanislaskis, development evolution so to say is remarkable As I said before Cassius shows emotions he has gone through a lot and gradually you see that everything is catching up with him It is impossible to witness what he has and stay cool about it you have to find a way to let steam off or something in that sense I really liked how Nick Brown is showing his protagonist He is part os the secret frumentarii group Roman s Secret Service like spy but not your James Bond type He is flawed his personality is but this is a good thing because we all aren t perfect and this is what makes him a wonderful protagonist because it allows you to connect with him much much better than if he would be invincible and solve everything and win from every criminal Cassius is learning And trying to be better Similar things count for Indavara and Simo the former might not be the smartest of all but Ion t think you will be able to find a bodyguard as loyal as he if it hadn t been for Indavara Cassius would have been long gone by now If you add all three characters together you get something much intricate the relation between Cassius Indavara and Simo is a triangle they need each other to stay alive and get further and in this you see a lot of Sweetland dynamics Each personality isifferent but Art of Laurel and Hardy despite some extremes they work not always fluently though but in a way thatelivers a great Hers To Cherish (Verdantia, dynamic which makes you laugh at times and makes you feel a lot of sorrow at the same time Next to the characters the world building is just as amazing To be honest there aren t any lushescriptions of the exotic surroundings Nick Brown stays to the point and tells what is necessary and mainly by sticking to the to the point writing he creates a very nice pace in his story And you won t miss a beat of anything because if you read all the other books you know the surroundings and you have all seen Roman movies so your imagination should be triggered here and there If you compare the setting to the first four books one thing is noticeable and that is that The Emperor s Silver is written with a much The Intelligent Entrepreneur darker tone Cassius past is catching up with him and it isn t pretty he has to face a lot ofemons of his own The events that happen in the ending of the book I am going to say it again wow that cliffhanger Brilliant stuff I am curious to see just how this will impact Cassius action. Asked with smashing a counterfeiting gangCassius tracks the criminals to the city of Berytus where his investigations are hampered by civil unrest and uncooperative officials not to mention the personal problems of his servant Simo and bodyguard Indavara Despit.

Nick was born in Norwich in 1974 A keen reader from a young age he graduated from Enid Blyton to Douglas Hill and JRR Tolkien and from there to Ian Fleming Tom Clancy and Michael Crichton After three years studying in Brighton he travelled to Nepal where he worked at an orphanage and trekked to Mount Everest After ualifying as a history teacher in 2000 he worked for five years in England