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Pened to me in a long long time that I find a long awaited book unexpectedly On the ne hand it was a great feeling but Masterchef Junior Cookbook: Bold Recipes and Essential Techniques to Inspire Young Cooks on thether hand I would actually like information about the upcoming books I guess I have to be stealthier with book 5My nonspoilerish thoughts Black Macho and the Myth of the Superwoman on the book can be found HERE I finished it Took me a while but it was a good book nonetheless Not as good as I hoped though I also foundut that there is Study of Organ Inferiority and Its Psychical Compensation; A Contribution to Clinical Medicine - Scholar's Choice Edition one book coming And now I don t want to wait haha There were so many adventures in thisne I felt like I was following a lot storylines Which I liked because this way I knew what was going Heaven Next Stop on everywhere Benfro his stor So many twists and turns Goddamn cliffhanger ending and I can t wait to start the next and last book asap Well that endedn another cliffhangerJames has created such an interesting world bringing in uniue ideas surrounding magic world building and f course DRAGONSThe story continues exactly where it left ff and you can see that each characters story is slowly coming back together for ne penultimate ending in the final bookI really liked what happened with Melyn I think his thirst for power and Magog tricking him into believing he was his God all those years was incredible Waiting for the coin to drop n the page Bases Loaded only moments after it dropped for me was satisfyingI don t fully understand what has happened to poor Errol and I would like to know how Clun has become some dragon killing monster horse taming studUltimately this is an excellent book in the Sir Benfro series and I will be reading book 5 immediately so I finish this serie. Nog in a merciless bid toverthrow King Ballah Now in possession f Brynceri's ring his power seems indestructible Nothing can stop the invasionCaptured by the travelling circus Sir Benfro cannot shake their control powerful than Magog's malign influence Errol Ramsbottom left for dead follows the trail f his friend's captors nly Benfro holds the key to Errol's beloved Martha's whereabouts But both sides are set n a path f dest.

I took uite a long break between the third and fourth book and initially regretted it but then as soon as I started reading the memory f the story started flooding back in and it felt like no break at all which I would mainly credit to the excellent characterisation in the series which continues in this bookOn When You Lose Your Job other fronts it was mixed than thethers The pacing varied a lot with some slow nearly tedious bits and then a massive chunk that would probably best be described as frantic The story following the various courts had Games f Throne vibes in the way the plot moved forward in leaps and bounds with very little lead up Given the length f the book I felt like evening Isabel the Queen: Life and Times out the pacing a bit before publishing it would have paidfIn terms Fantastic Post Office 03 of the plot itself this instalment is where the big reveal comes together and again the execution is mixed I hope the last book in the series gives closure to the story and answers because I have soooooooooo many uestionsh wow that was amazing Tim Crouch only I thought that this book was the last in the series and as I was rapidly runningut f pages to read I wondered how it was all going to end so it wasn t the last book there is another ne still to go and unfortunately it hasn t been written yet so I m just going to have to wait to see how it all plays Drawing the Human Head outI m both pleased and disappointed at this pleased because I love the story and the characters disappointed as I an eager to know what happens I really enjoyed the fourth book in the series and I m immensely glad that I accidentally found a copy in the local bookshop It hasn t hap. The Broken World is the fourth instalment in the epic fantasy series by J D Oswald The Balladf Sir Benfro preceded by Dreamwalker The Rose Cord and The Golden Cage The book sir The Llyfr Draconius You'll find what you need in there if you know how to lookThe war across the Twin Kingdoms rages Twin Block Functional Therapy: Applications in Dentofacial Orthopedics onueen Beulah has killedne sister and DIY Projects for the Self-Sufficient Homeowner: 25 Ways to Build a Self-Reliant Lifestyle ordered the assassinationf another The Inuisitor Melyn journeys though the north lands f Llanwen.

S satisfied Having nly recently started the Sir Benfro series I feel like I rapidly fell in love with this world and its characters and The Broken World is no exception to that The fourth installment continues from where the third book The Golden Cage left ff following Sir Benfro and Errol as they desperately try to reunite but as per usual there are many hindrances and many difficulties along the way In this book I felt very emotionally verwhelmed by everything Sir Benfro went through and very much hope that the fifth and final book will not torment him so muchThe build up Dead Man Riding (Nell Bray, of the characters the progressionf their stories and the unfolding f their secrets little by little kept me engaged throughout There was curiosity to know the true nature f Beulah s birth what Melyn s past contained and there is still the uestion f how Clun came to suddenly know how to wield such powerful magic Hopefully closure will be given in the final book but some f the secrets which were brought to light did satisfy me greatlyI do love how the legend Pontius Pilate of Magog and Gog has turned into truth and how it has driven the story and how both worlds came to be as they are Everything has been masterfully integrated and I thoroughly enjoyed The Broken World Looking forward to the final installment A good read these books seem to take me longer to read than normal but I am enjoying them and am invested in the characters Still good fun to read but I become increasingly concerned about the survival instinctf Livin de Life our heroes They do seem to be caughtut in the same ways every time but never learn. Ruction dragon against dragon king against ueen man against manAs the ancient spell that split Gwlad begins to unravel it may be easier for Benfro and Errol to travel to Gog's world now But what will happen when the barriers between the two worlds fail entirely As unlikely alliances form and strategies shift who will emerge victoriousParts Aeralis of the previous eBook editionf The Golden Cage have been used in this work The Broken World.

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