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I really liked this seuel The fallacy of one of the main characters Damien made him real And I like that both books are stories in and of themselves not just a cliffhanger at the end that makes you go read the next one to find out what happened way too many books seem to do that these days instead of relying on the depth of the characters themselves to keep me coming back A very good bookCongrats Taylor Ryan Blood of the Neko is just as good if not better than the first book in the series I hope there s to come I didn t enjoy this as much as the first one because this had one of my major et eeves miscommunication that causes lots of dramaDamien and his neko Kayden are still very happy together It s been a year since the ordeal from the revious book and Kayden is coming out of his shell every day He s even making friends now But that causes Damien to think Kayden is cheating on him with Finn the stable handOf course Damien does not confront Kayden with this but starts acting angry and dismissive to Kayden Kayden is at a los. In the seuel to Tears of the Neko Damien the duke of Marsten must journey to the mines to deal with a Rant problematic overseer When his feline lover Kayden comes face to face with nightmares from hisast will he be strong enough to survive them or will he fall rey to his fears and the hunters' resolve to draw the Blood of the

S as to what is happening and doesn t know how to fix itWhen the situation at the mines can no longer be ignored humans and hybrids being captured and sold to the mines against their will Damien and Kayden set out to take over the mines Damien didn t want Kayden to come since it will be a dangerous situation but Kayden comes anywayWhen Damien s jealousy gets the better of him he ends up scaring Kayden away And just at that moment Kayden gets captured by huntersI didn t like the lot with the jealousy Damien was acting like a total ass and Kayden got hurt in the Challenged to Win process I did like the mine storyline but unfortunately I had a hard time enjoying that because of therevious miscommunicationI m glad I still have the first book to reread whenever I want but I m going to ignore there was ever a second bookOh and Kayden was suddenly 10 when he was captured by the hunters in this book and apparantly 16 when he was bought for Damien while he was 12 when he was captured in the first book and 18 when he got to Damien Big inconsistency thi. Eko This is the seuel to Tears of the Neko book 1 of the Neko series It is best to have read that first story before reading this one There is also a set of short stories called A Dash of Neko that recede this story as well they happen in between the two stories The Neko shorts are light hearted vignettes into Kayden and Dam.

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S was a great second book loved the developments Wonderful storyAnother wonderful story by a new to me author Well written and emotional with a mix of romance drama action and humor This is the continuing story of Damian and his Neko A seuel to Tears of the NekoThis book is much darker than Tears of the Neko Firstly because the bad eople from Kayden s ast reappear to destroy his happinessSecondly because Damien lets jealousy into his heart view spoiler He sees his young lover seeking the stable hand s company and misinterprets this terribly hide spoiler A good seuel to the first book Love Kayden Hope there is I didn t enjoy this one as much as I did the first It seems to be missing something No epilogue either maybe there will be another book eventuallyIn the first book it was said that Kayden was taken by hunters at age 12 That would have made him 18 19 years old In this second book it happened when he was 10 so he was 17 almost 18 Twas very very annoying for me since it was brought up than once Consistently is important. Ien's lives some of which are hinted at in the seuel It is NOT necessary to have read them to enjoy The Blood of the Neko however They are simply fun short stories involving the characters from the Neko Series Warnings This book contains violence and sexual relationships between men Please do not read if any of this bothers

Taylor Ryan is the pen name under which I publish my MM fiction as I started out writing young adult fiction and have recently migrated genres I have been writing MM fiction since June 2014 and Tears of the Neko was my first published work in the MM genre