Jason Halstead: Out of the Dark Dark Universe #2

Line has you on the edge of your seat and you on t want to take a brea. The billions of credits They possess knowledge worth ten times that but finding someone to sell it to is proving to be even ifficult With the Kesari closing in they are running out of hope and out of places to hide Look for these other Dark Universe stories Book 1 Into the Dark Book 2 Out of the Dark Book 3 chasing the Dar.

REVIEW Out of the Dark Dark Universe #2

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ACTION ACTION AND MORE ACTIONThis is one series of books that the secon. Out of the Dark is book two in the Dark Universe setting by Jason Halstead The crew of the Uma has returned a forgotten technology to the universe Technology so advanced and mysterious it changes everything Fire breathing aliens and people able to move objects with their minds are only the beginning of the genetic mutations.

D book is better than the first one I just love the characters The story. Taking place The crew of the Uma have firsthand experience with the forgotten technology of the lost Ampythean race The only others are the Kesari the secretive merchant race that controls travel throughout the universe And the Kesari on't like competition The race is on The Uma and its crew have a price on their head in.

Talking about myself in the third person is giving me fits time to switch this upMy day job is that of a computer jockey and all the hands on and hands off work that entails When I leave the office behind I jump into family life beautiful wife and two obnoxiously cute young children finding a new way to hurt myself while powerlifting and writingAs of mid 2015 I haven't hit the 100 book ma