Janet Chambers: SheMates 1

Ling Moy Sey is a cat shifter With the recent death of her parents she journeys to the Island of Jamaica to grieve uietly and stumbles upon a Munchkin cat shifter Maliwyn Toulouse Ling has always known about mates but never.

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St escaped from an abusive relationship and is afraid to trust again but finds herself becoming attracted to Ling When her ex finds and threatens her Ling comes to her rescue Can Ling convince Maliwyn to take a chance on ov.

Thought she would be A Rugged Ranchin Dad lucky enough to find hers Ling knows that Maliwyn is her mate and wants to claim her but Maliwyn wants no part of it She has no clue that she is a shifter and dismisses Ling as a crazyunatic She had ju.