Tonya Wilson: Portrait of a Hustler

Ling This illegal trade was perfected by Carlos with the assistance of one of Balti’s own major drug lords It didn’t take long for Carlos to bring his 16 ear old brother Donnell into the business as a partner The two Amok young partners in crime strived to support their mother andoungest brother Troy who was a straight “A” student all through grade school and ended up graduating from a local university and later law scho.

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Nts Pick pocketing purse snatching armed robberies breaking and entering assault guns and drugs were the only language that Carlos understood As a teen during a three ear commitment at a local boys training facility Carlos made a major drug connection that would affect the rest of his life At 17 he returned home from training school and found his family struggling to survive so Carlos turned to a life of heavy weight drug dea.

Portrait of a Hustler is the story of three brothers Carlos Donnell and Troy who grew up in poverty on the streets of Balti Maryland in a single parent home After the death of her husband Paula Gould lost control of her frustrated and troubled son Carlos Carlos began to rebel about the age of thirteen he was thrown out of the public school system and introduced to a life of crime by some of the delinuent neighborhood adolesce.

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